Lunatic Parameters

Last Updated: 2012.01.27
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Lunatic mode effects have always been a core part of Yanfly Engine scripts. They exist to provide more effects for those who want more power and control for their items, skills, status effects, etc., but the users must be able to add them in themselves.

Lunatic Parameters allows parameters to get custom temporary gains during battle. These parameter bonuses are applied through custom lunatic traits given to actors, classes, weapons, equips, enemies, and states. Once again, keep in mind that these gains are applied only in battle.

Lunatic Parameters are applied similarly through a “traits” system. All of the Lunatic Parameter tags applied from the actors, classes, weapons, armours, enemies, and state notetags are compiled together using the following notetag:

<custom param: string>

Replace param with one of the following: MAXHP, MAXMP, ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI, LUK, or ALL
*Note: ALL only applies to ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI, and LUK

These lunatic parameters are calculated and applied after all other parameter calculations are made. This means, that lunatic parameter effects are added on after the parameter base, parameter bonuses, parameter rates, and parameter buffs are applied.

Should you choose to use multiple lunatic traits for a single stat on one item, you may use these notetags in place of the ones shown above.

<custom param>
</custom param>

All of the string information in between those two notetags will be stored the same way as the notetags shown before those. There is no difference between using either.


  • Empower Package
    • Low HP/MP/TP, High HP/MP/TP, Actor Present, Actor Absent, Class Present, Class Absent, Enemy Present, Enemy Absent, Gender Power

Use these effects wisely.

And that’s all, folks!

6 comments on “Lunatic Parameters

  1. Err… Yanfly,
    I think it’s a bug.
    When I attack, use a skill, etc., etc. an enemy, the
    enemy is not damaged, but instead a random party
    member is damaged.

    A picture: (The bug is VERY ANNOYING)

    This bug happens when I install this particular script. O_o

    I use almost all of your scripts, and if I install “foreign scripts”, I make sure they are
    not changing the battle system.

  2. I know it says the bottom is for Advanced Users, but would you be able to tell me how to make it so a parameter changes the resistance to a state?
    I would like to make it so that 095 the lower your MP is, the higher chance you have of bleeding. Having 0 MP would make you 4 times more likely to gain the “Bleeding” state, which is state number 095.

  3. anyway I can make these changes to parameters before Battles… as permanent changes to the parameters(im trying to redefine parameter curves for levels above 99, the calculation made in adjust limits seems to be linear, I wish to change that using this )

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