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Last Updated: 2014.03.19
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At the end of each battle, RPG Maker VX Ace by default shows text saying that the party has gained so-and-so EXP while this person leveled up and your party happened to find these drops. This script changes that text into something more visual for your players to see. Active battle members will be seen gaining EXP, any kind of level up changes, and a list of the items obtained through drops.

After winning a battle, EXP gains are displayed per actor. This is because EXP can vary depending on actor traits and party splitting EXP from scripts such as the Party System.

Actors also get quotes to say for various parts of the aftermath. This personalizes them a bit more instead of just having random blurbs saying how much EXP was acquired and whatnot.

To personalize the quotes, insert these tags in either the actor noteboxes or the class noteboxes. Actor quotes will take priority over class quotes which will take priority over the default quotes that can be set in the module.

<win quotes>
</win quotes>

Sets the win quote for the actor. The strings are continuous and can use text codes. Use \n for a line break. Type in what you want the actor to say for the particular win quote. Use [New Quote] in between the two tags to start up a new quote.

<level quotes>
</level quotes>

Sets the level up quote for the actor. The strings are continuous and can use text codes. Use \n for a line break. Type in what you want the actor to say for the particular win quote. Use [New Quote] in between the two tags to start up a new quote.

<drops quotes>
</drops quotes>

Sets the drops quote for the actor. The strings are continuous and can use text codes. Use \n for a line break. Type in what you want the actor to say for the particular win quote. Use [New Quote] in between the two tags to start up a new quote.

Actors, when leveling up, will show stat changes and skills learned. If the amount of skills learned exceeds 8 skills in one go, the skill list becomes scrollable.

Gold and items will be shown in the victory spoils section. Items will be organized and grouped together, sorted by Item ID, then Weapon ID, then Armour ID. Gold will always be displayed first.

Other settings are found in the module such as a switch to skip the aftermath phase and a common event set to run after each battle. Read through the module carefully and adjust it as you see fit.

And that’s all, folks!

337 comments on “Victory Aftermath

  1. Nice work :) Is there any rule to who says quotes when? (Like is the after battle quote said by the person who killed the last enemy?)

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  3. It would be cool that if you make or someone does an add-on for a steal script if it would show a window of items stolen during battle at the end of the battle items grayed out if used after being stolen during the battle would be a cool feature.
    I love all your scripts <3

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  5. I would like it so that if the enemy dropped no spoils, including 0G, the spoils window would say something like “No Spoils Found” or something.

    How do I stop the 0G for enemy drops from showing up by default?

    • That’s exactly what I want to know, too. It’s just too strange having an empty spoils screen while the characters are saying something like “Hey, what’s this?” or “Looks like the enemy dropped something!”
      An option to skip the spoils screen when there are no spoils would be very much appreciated.

  6. I’m sorry I did not understand very well how the notetag works :/ In the notetag of the actor2, i write

    [New Quote]Testestestestestest

    But it doesn’t work. I know a made a mistake and i’m very confused but can you help me, giving an exemple ? :/
    Thanks you very much

  7. I have the trial version of vx ace installed with an english translation. I am having a problem getting this script working. Does it not work in the trial version or with the english translation?
    I inserted all your scripts in the order listed on this site except for the lunatic scripts and the battle goes great but then the battle is over the game freezes up and the program stops responding. I removed the aftermath script and the problem goes away. Any ideas?

  8. I tried launching the game.exe file directly and switching to windows xp combatability mode but no change. I even turned on the display console but it didn’t show anything at all. Would it help if I sent you my scripts data file?

    • Strange, I’m running your script file but not getting the errors at all. Though, I’m looking at the RGSS Console and it indicates you have a different version of Enemy Levels. Try redownloading that and see if that changes anything.

      • I re-downloaded enemy levels but it was still version 1.0 the latest listed on this site. I then re exported the vx ace scripts into vx and added just victory aftermath but get the same problem. Are there other resources it uses other than VICTORY_BGM, VICTORY_TICK, and LEVEL_SOUND that could be causing this problem if not there?

      • Those are the only resources used. I really can’t imagine anything else. Try playing around with the settings to see if it changes anything.

      • I got it working. I had read somewhere that all resources from rpg maker xp were compatible with vx ace so I copied the audio files referenced in the script from rpg maker xp. The problem occurred when trying to use the file field1.mid. I guess vx ace only plays ogg files.

      • So you can use midi files if you initialize them first. Thanks that’s good to know although since I don’t know how to initialize them it might be less trouble to just convert my audio files.

      • I would recommend that you stay away from midis in general anyway. Midis that ran through VX (not Ace) had to be converted mid-game through the VX audio codecs. I imagine it’s the same for VXA. By converting them yourself, you save this extra step and prevent any future problems that may occur to other players.

      • A website I just read also says that setting the initialize midi slows down the game by a few seconds also so I will just convert all my files and make it easier.

  9. Got another bug to report. :P

    It says that to define a victory quote you use (win quotes), but you actually need to put (win quote) without an s to get it to work.

  10. One of my favourite scripts made by yanfly.
    I like more the simple level up display, but this script is a good alternative and the funny quotes are great, (or were great in the VX versions at least)

  11. Please add the gold result in botton of the EXP Window, and give the choice of change the font color for the character name.

  12. I have a suggestion here: Making victory quotes dependent on a variable. So you can have specific quotes for specific battles, e.g. bosses.

  13. You can already do that. Use \\v[x] in a quote.

    Then script call:
    text = “blah blah blah”
    $game_variables[x] = text

    There you go.

    • Tried this. All my character keeps quoting is “\\v[1]” (I stored the quote in variable 1.)

      I triggered an event with a script call that read
      text = “…out of my mind!”
      $game_variables[1] = text

      All of Yanfly’s other scripts work fine on this project, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

      All hail Yanfly!

  14. I noticed a little ordering problem with this script. On level up, it shows changes in parameters before all the states are removed.

    Let’s say a char has 100 STR and gains 4 STR on level up, then it shows:
    100 > 104

    But if he has a state on him that boosts STR, let’s say to 150, then it shows:
    150 > 154
    And only once the aftermath ends it returns to 104.

    Just something I noticed while trying to figure out why the “erase effect” of the Lunatic States doesn’t work when the battle ends.

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  16. I have a suggestion for an add-on: Free Stats. That is, stat points to be distributed by yourself upon level-up. And maybe the possibility to turn off parts of this in case you don’t have any skills to be learned upon level-up at all. Or no item drops at all. Or even no experience/levels, who knows.

  17. I’m having trouble with this script as well. If I have only one actor in my party I get this error:
    Script ‘Victory Aftermath’ line 431: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘show_victory_display_exp’ for nil:NilClass

    This is after removing the Command Autobattle script which was creating this problem:
    Script ‘Victory Aftermath’ line 372: NoMethodError occurred.
    Undefined method ‘close_disable_autobattle_window’ for nil:NilClass

    Now this happens after every battle when there is only one actor but it happens at random times with more actors.

  18. For anyone mentioning they’re having “show_victory_display_exp” errors: This error does not happen to me with just the raw Victory Aftermath script nor does it happen with the full Yanfly Engine Ace. This is a problem NON-YEA scripts you are using. If you aren’t using any other scripts, then upload your Scripts.rvdata2 online for me to look at.

  19. Is there a way to disable the quotes while keeping the rest of the aftermath? I remember that the old VX script had that option.

  20. I just recently started using Yami’s scripts but I was getting these errors before that. I also went through the script list here and updated everything, but still no good.

  21. I’m gonna sound like a complete noob here but I have no idea how to upload anything. I don’t see an option for it anywhere. Do I need to register?

  22. I just tested your your scripts data file and couldn’t get the error to trigger. This means it’s more likely an issue with your game than my scripts.

  23. Hey,

    I just very occasionally get this error:

    Line: 467: NoMethod Error occurred
    undefined method ‘show_victory_spoils’ for #

    Very likely a script conflict, but due to the rarity it’s very hard for me to track down. So I thought I’d let you know just in case.

    • Oops! Seems everything after the hash went invisible. Guessing it’s to do with the brackets, it was: Scene_Map: 0x982 f8a8, in arrow brackets.

      • I get the same Error, line 467 for ‘show_victory_spoils’ and I get it on line 445 ‘show_victory_level_up’. I think it has something to the debug script if you are using that. When I press F8 more than once it seems to cause this. Yet if I fight the battle myself the errors never seem to occur (But that takes ages…). Are you using F8 to win battles? Would be helpful to know, thanks.

  24. Is there a way to disable the message box? (Or is it the only thing holding up the victory screen?) If not, then is there a way to change the face graphic?
    I will adapt of course if neither of the above are easy to add or have a workaround somehow.

    Anyways, I really like how useful it is to tell players their exp gain, stat gain, and victory spoils into a easy to view way.

  25. I put the comment on the actors to have a specific phrase each but say only the words of the script I put in comments why not say what the module phrases and the correct order to run the script?

  26. I’ve got a bug! It said: Script ‘Window_Message’ line 346: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method `upcase’ for nil:NilClass

  27. I love this script thing but there is one thing.

    When you get the G reward the sound of it is REALLY loud. How can I adjust the volume for that sound effect lower?

    • I’m going to assume the “G reward” is the experience tick sound since there’s no reward sound effects played at all.

      Go to the module of the script, edit the VICTORY_TICK sound. “Decision1”, 100, 150, the 100 is the volume. If you want it lower, make it 80 or something.

  28. Is there a way for don’t show the gold gained? My monsters don’t drop gold, only items… I change gold dropped to 0 in database, but the result window shows “0 Gold”… In my game the monsters don’t give money, and it’s unuseful to show the gold gained… what should I modify in the script? (sorry, english isn’t my primary language :P)

  29. I know the question about disabling quotes has been asked 3 times, but I havent seen anyone reply to it yet :(

  30. i have a question, n request probably.
    is it possible with this script to having a quote like they’re having conversation with party member? kind of like this:

    natalie : my arm getting bigger
    eric :no any guy want to date a girl with gorrilla arm
    natalie :what did you say?
    eric :nothing

    or if the related party member doesn’t present in party, the actor having quote conversation with other party member’s instead. like how we can call “team quote”.
    that’s will be realy exciting for me.

      • that make me thinking of making event to work similar to skit feature. lol
        this script is already great n favored, and will become more if upgraded.

  31. we use this


    for unique quote right? is it possible to call common event that contain conversation within this script ? like…..

    “say something” <—–can it be blank? ("blank")
    -call common event-
    [new quote]
    "say something else"


    • oops i dont know why it doesnt show up or just in my pc but this what i mean



      “say something” <—–can it be blank? ("blank")
      -call common event-
      [new quote]
      "say something else"

  32. Hello Yanfly! I know you are taking a little hiatus, but I didn’t know where else to ask.

    In the old “Victory Aftermath” script for Melody, there was an option to add a wait period before the victory aftermath screen popped up. Is there a way to add a wait to the current script? I’ve tried looking through it and even using common events to this effect, but nothing’s worked thus far. I really enjoyed that feature as I could make some nice graphical effects occur before the results screen popped up, allowing for victory poses and whatnot.

    I’m using Yanfly Ace in conjunction with Victor’s sideview system and Yami’s ATB at present.

    • That is actually an easy fix. In the overwrite method: self.process_victory section, after

      SceneManager.scene.abs_wait(100) <–or however many frames you want

      Depending on the side script you use, you may have to copy the command of the victory motion just above "play_battle_end_me" for it to work because it could be overrided by this one.

  33. Nice script but for some reason it does not give me the AP after battle from the AP System Script II by Fomar0153, is there a way I can get it to give me the ap after the battle.

  34. For some reason, \n is not working to add a line break, instead it blanks out the word that follows it. I am not using any scripts besides YEA that utilize actor or class note tags.

  35. Just a curious question, is it at all possible to eliminate the little “fade-in” effect that happens right when the BGM begins to play? Just because I have a ME and BGM that go really well together for the victory screen, but the fade-in effect for the BGM kind of throws it off. I know it’s not really a major issue; just curious.

  36. Sorry to bother you, but I am trying to get the line break to work. I have a few quotes that don’t fit onto just one line, but the \n line break doesn’t take the rest of the sentence to the next line, am I doing something wrong? I’m very new to this scripting thing but everything else has been going fine, your instructions are brillent, but I just can’t figure this out.

  37. If my game has no exp and only jp, what would I need to do to remove the exp gauge/percentage from the aftermath screen, and move up the jp gain message in its place?

    • simple fix
      VICTORY_EXP = “+%sEXP” # Text used to display EXP.


      VICTORY_EXP = “” # Text used to display EXP.

      and exp will not appear

      • Thanks, changed it. but removing the exp gauge and changing the position of jp gains is harder… there’s no handy option for that

  38. oh yh the gauge lol i’ll work on a updated script for you then that should remove all exp from the aftermath and repos the jp

  39. The code errors out when there’s only one person in the party, saying that show_victory_spoils is undefined.

    This isn’t an issue in my game, since I am not planning to have the player go solo, but it might be an issue.

  40. Maus, the show_victory_spoils is actually an error given by a conflict with Victor’s Animated Battle. I’ve been getting a similar issue except it doesn’t happen when i’m using 1 Actor, but rather when i inflict myself with a state that gives my Physical hits Death properties. Hopefully there’s a work around for this as i absolutly adore Victory Aftermath~

  41. Hi,

    Will it be possible to have an update one day ? I’m using your class system and in the victory aftermath it doesn’t announce when you unlock a new class :(

  42. Currently using this script but just one small problem. Level up seems to occur after the victory spoils (gold, items) window appears and thus the leveling window that displays earned new stats is blocked by the victory spoils window. Anyway to rearrange the order in which windows open up first? If anyone can help, thanks. :)

  43. I keep having an issue where using \n or \r doesn’t produce a line break, instead, it just munches the word immediately after it, and ignores any enter or alt-code based line breaks entirely.
    I tried pasting just the Aftermath code in a new project, and it’s still doing this.
    Anyone know if I’m just missing some syntax?

    “I’m sure you’re second-guessing\n
    that engagement about now.”
    “I’m sure you’re second-guessing engagement about now.”

  44. this script too is very good
    I would like you to help me
    where I can change the time it takes to display the window?
    because the window goes too fast and I break a battle script
    sorry for my bad English.

  45. I didn’t understand how to use de line break.

    I’ve put on notetags:

    blah, blah, blah! testing the notetag, testing, testing.\n

    And I get this:
    blah, blah, blah! testing the notetag, testi.

    I want “testing, testing” to show on a line under the first one. How can I do it?

    • I haven’t personally gotten around to playing with the quotes too much (too busy with other things), but try changing it to this:

      blah, blah, blah! testing the notetag,\n testing, testing.

      You may or may not need to remove the space and/or bump “testing, testing.” down to a new line in the notebox if you get an unnecessary space in front of the text.

      If I get around to testing this further before you give it a shot, I’ll let you know what I find out.

      • Hmm… Judging on my testing (and on the comments above), the line break code might actually be broken. More testing is required.

      • Well, in the Melody version for VX, which used common events to pull this off, I just used a conditional branch to say if a switch was turned on, then blank messages appeared.

        Because this version uses the actor/class noteboxes, however, I would have to experiment (and possibly mess with the script a bit) to figure out how to accomplish the same effect.

    • I’m getting an issue with the line break as well. Having a word right after \n will cause the word to disappear as if the entire word was a slash code. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with victory aftermath or the Ace Message system.

  46. I’m using it with Tsukihime’s Monster Hunter script and it gives me an error. I think it’s because it can’t read the faces that I assigned to the monsters in the database via note tags.

  47. Not sure if I or someone else mentioned it yet, but when the final skill used to end a battle inflicts instant death (such as a Death spell), the script crashes.

  48. ^ This also persists using Victor Engine Incapacitate States. If you inflict all enemies with a state that “kills” them, the victory aftermath script crashes.

  49. I have to second the call for an update to show when a class is unlocked. That would be a serious improvement to an already great script.

  50. Greetings. Thank you Yanfly for this great embellishment. It really adds a nice flavor to the game.

    I have an idea for alteration and request precise (noob) instruction how to accomplish please…

    When the level up gagues are filling would it be possible to play a drum roll instead of current sfx? Also if a character makes level up can the drum roll be followed by some sort of “tada!”?

    Also someone mentioned that buffed stats were showing with the changes. After battle buffs would fall and actual attributes would look different than shown in aftermath. As a possible workaround is it possible to show “STR+5” in stead of “STR 100->105” ?

    Thank you for reading. I am also looking for a crafting system. I tried Ice_Dragon and could not escape crash with error messages. I viewed another but shied away because not English. Looking for someone to partner me for accomplish a synthesis model crafting system. LEN_ANDOV@YAHOO.COM.

    Many Thanx. New here but planning to become regular. I wrote blackjack on a TRS-80 and campaigns for A/D+D. I’m familiar with the logic o programming but green with the language and syntax of scripting.


  51. I’ve read the comments, but so far no solution. Has anyone gotten the \n code to work (I can’t) or is it just broken? I guess I could just do tiny quotes, but it would be nice if this could get fixed.

    • Oh yeah, that’s an actual problem in the script. It was never changed or updated however, but Modern Algebra has a solution, and here it is:,46569.msg529754.html#msg529754
      Unimportant side note: Interestingly enough, I had already found a fix for it, and the fix was also from Modern Algebra. Except it was a script. :P I can’t actually find the link to it right now, but one of his scripts specifically affects ALL text boxes in the game, and it will allow you to use the \n line break with any text box anywhere, since the script replaces normal line breaks with that one.

  52. Just a small bug I’m encountering. While going through the victory aftermath menu after a battle, when the spoils screen pops up it won’t go away. I can see the “level up screen” faded in the background and it shows all the stat increases for my party, but the spoils screen is still visible on top of it. Is there any way to make the spoils screen disappear so that I JUST see the stat changes for my characters after they’ve leveled up? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  53. About the actor’s quote :
    Is it possible to make an actor’s quote only for the XP and LVLUP windows ? And don’t display any quote window at the drops screen ? :/

    • Oh and also another thing that I noticed – how can you modify the gauge’s height ? Your gauges are bigger than mines. Mines’ height are about ~50-60% of the HP/MP text….

  54. Hey, I have a question.
    Everytime my characters level up I get an error, saying
    “Script Victory Aftermath line 1173 error: Argument error occurred.
    too few arguments.”

    This would be line 1173:
    text = sprintf(fmt,

    I hope you can help me.

  55. I have a problem I have a script to set levels for armor and weapons but when I insert the victory aftermath script my weapons and armor no longer rises to the level that should I do?

  56. In the old Victory Aftermath script, not only did we have to option to select what face/name appeared in the box, we also had the option to display no items/gold found if the enemy didn’t drop anything. Is it possible you could try and switch back to that old format style? I’m left with limited options with this new Victory Aftermath. Don’t get me wrong, this is extremely useful for most RPGs, but in the old Victory Aftermath for regular VX, I was given more variety.

  57. Don’t mind my problem anymore. I figured it out. It seems that, because I’m developing my game in German, I messed up the translation of the default quotes somehow. I just re-copied and re-pasted the script and now it works fine.

    • Du kannst auch alternativ eigene “Quotes” für jeden Helden erstellen, dann musst du die Standardquotes nicht editieren. Nur als Tipp. Außerdem find ich es bisschen unpassend wenn alle Helden das selbe sagen xD

  58. “Just a small bug I’m encountering. While going through the victory aftermath menu after a battle, when the spoils screen pops up it won’t go away. I can see the “level up screen” faded in the background and it shows all the stat increases for my party, but the spoils screen is still visible on top of it. Is there any way to make the spoils screen disappear so that I JUST see the stat changes for my characters after they’ve leveled up? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!”

    I have the same exact problem, the screen won’t go away and the spoils block the information of the level up window. Can anyone please help me with this?

  59. Please Help me. I want to diasble quotes so no picture and message will pop up. The quotes are not compatible with my Battle UI. Do I delete a part of the script?

  60. I have something weird here… the quote which the character says is on top and not bottom for me… All the other stuff is working fine just the text what character say is on top and behind the exp, item, level up window…

    • Can Some one please help? Like maybe a script to re-locate the text box of those quotes… I have it right behind the first two box. Like the one that is like the title of what it display below and the 2nd box… Like the Victory Spoil, the quotes is behind the Victory spoil title and the items that you got.

  61. Can I have victory quotes especific to a character? So the quotes make more sense according to the actors attitude ingame. So my tough character says stuff like “Hell yeah!” and my mage says “This was an expected victory”.

    Setting especific by player ID would be nice :)

      • I can’t programa on RGSS3 but by looking at the code I see that you random a actor on the party and the random a phrase. What could be done is have as many arrays as there are actors and re-use the randomized actor ID to get a phrase from his phrases array….

        I wanna learn RGSS3 so bad to make my life easier with RPG Maker… do you use any IDE that makes it easier to program? and do you have any documentation for it?

        Many thanks :)

      • I took a look at the script silviocarrera, after playing with it again I noticed it does seem to already random which actor will show up to give the winning phrase, and you can set each actor to have their own winning phrase. You use the note tag box in the database to set their winning phase. When you look at the script, it tells you what to do under the Instructions section. If you have any questions about it, let me know.

      • I saw that you have “return if != [“”]” so where do I set the actor win quotes…? I looked where the default quotes were but wasn’t sure of how to add the actors quotes.

      • I mentioned it in my previous comment. You set their win quotes in their note tag box inside the database. If you open the script, and read the Instructions section, it tells you exactly how to do it. I would type out what you need to do, but the comments section likes to erase things that are said when using slashes, quotation marks, etc. but I’ll still try. Go into the database(where you make actors, their stats, their starting level, etc)
        When I say left arrow, that means shift comma, when I say right arrow that means shift period keys. And backslash will be the backslash key.
        Then at the bottom right you should see a Note box.
        Write inside there
        left arrow win quotes right arrow (except without the spaces.)
        (Now, go to the next line and enter what you want them to say)
        left arrow backslash win quotes right arrow (again, without the spaces)

      • oh ok now I got it! I didn’t know what the actors notebox in the database was.. or where it was. I never thought would be something done outside the coding area.

        Many thanks.

      • It’s no problem :)! I’m on here regularly, if you have more questions, ask away or pm me on :D

      • Hi I was wondering is there any way for me to not show the gold ammount at the end? I mean if it’s 0 then do not show it. I want that cause I decided that I won’t give the player money for beating enemies. He’ll get itens for craft and can sell those for cash too.

      • Oh and if the spoils screen wasn’t shown when there’s is no spoils at all, that would be great too :)

      • I just did a look over, and tried some things.. But failed at trying to create what you want. If it wasn’t so close to Christmas I would take a closer look, but for now, my hands a little tied up and won’t be able to do anything about it soon.

  62. I made some changes to this script as so it can show the unlocked classes (if used with YEA – Class System) and unlocked Skills (if used with YEA – Learn Skill Engine).

    All is optionnal, and you can switch on/off the new parts in the configuration.
    Note that for reasons of readability you cannot show learned skills (those added by vanilla system) AND unlocked skills (those added by YEA – Learn Skill Engine).

    Here is the script :
    If you want to use it with YEA – Learn Skill Engine, you must take an updated version :

  63. So I tried this script out, but the victory quotes don’t work. I get a NoMethodError on line 419:

    text += actor.victory_quotes(type)[rand(actor.victory_quotes(type).size)]

    It says “undefined method ‘size’ for nil:NilClass. Any ideas?

    • if you have custom character/class messages don’t use the \’ in the quote string, this is only used in ruby script for strings, the database strings can contain ‘ without any errors in the script. this happened to me too.

  64. Is it possible to addjust the stats – screen text automatically? I’m from Germany, so my stats are a bit more longer then ATK for Attack ^^
    The script is indeed very good. :)

  65. Error message I receive:
    Script ‘Victory Aftermath’ line 418: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘name’ for nil:NilClass
    Please e-mail me with a method of which to fix, since it seems to be unique. I love the script, and appreciate the time spent on it.

  66. In the VX version of this script, there was an option to specify seconds before showing the Victory Aftermath (so you could see the characters do their “victory pose” before the screen would show up). Is there any way of having that back?

  67. The spoils screen doesn’t go away on the level up screen when my characters level up. It overlays on top of the level up screen. Any ideas?

  68. Is there any way to randomize the individual parts of this script? For example, whichever party character is selected to say their victory speech, they are always used for the item drop speech as well. Is there no way to make the whole thing completely randomly selected?

  69. If anyone can help me I would be grateful. My problem is this, when I try to remove the initial quotes in the script I get a 107 error or a 407 error. It’s not a big problem to keep them, but they kind of go against the grain of my character’s “voices”.

    If someone could help me I would be appreciative.

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  71. Question. When I try to use this script, the win quote is there but for some reason it’s behind the whole exp results box at the end of the battle. Do you know what I can do to make it so that the win quotes appear at the bottom of the screens just like in your pictures? Please and thank you.

  72. Is there a way to modify this in any way so that, for example, a character will have a different quote or set of quotes at victory if their HP is low, or a specific other character is incapacitated? My game has a mother and her three children as party members, and I’d like for the mother to have quotes for when one of her kids is low on HP, or is incapacitated.

  73. Is there a way to change the textcolor of the text of quotes and the character name for the quotes and also for the little text above the spoils screen?

    • Silly me, already found it, it was right bevore my eyes…
      Now the only thing left is the text above the window, any ideas?
      Thanks in advance

  74. Hi, i having problems with that line:
    name = sprintf(fmt, name) if $game_party.battle_members.size > 1

    When i won a battle with more than 2 figthers every time i et an error. I change that and was fixes for me.

    name = sprintf(fmt, name) if $game_party.battle_members.size > 4

    I can fight with one to 4 figthers with no problems, hope i help someone.

  75. Excuse me but I seem to be having a problem and dont know if its this script or the battle rngine cause i hasnt checked in a whilie.
    If i make an enemy or actor force an action the game just crashes and shows an error mesage to do with a script. The above mentioned scripts are the only ones im using.

  76. I love this script! I did make one small modification: when I receive no gold or items, I don’t want the item screen popping up, with the characters telling me how great it is to have found all this loot :P so I modified your gain_drop_items method:

    # overwrite method: self.gain_drop_items
    def self.gain_drop_items
    drops = []
    $game_troop.make_drop_items.each do |item|
    $game_party.gain_item(item, 1)

    # only show the spoils if there ARE any spoils!
    if($game_troop.gold_total > 0 || drops.length > 0)
    SceneManager.scene.show_victory_spoils($game_troop.gold_total, drops)
    set_victory_text(@victory_actor, :drops)

  77. A wonderful script, as usual!

    I really do wish there was an option (or even script edit) to do away with the quotes, though.

  78. Is there really no way to implement a wait function, so we can see the poses from our actors for just 1 or 2 seconds? :(

  79. Hi! I realize this is sort of off-topic but I had to ask.
    Does building a well-established website like yours require a lot of work?
    I am completely new to running a blog however I do write in my diary on a daily basis.

    I’d like to start a blog so I can easily share my own experience and views online. Please let me know if you have any kind of ideas or tips for new aspiring bloggers. Thankyou!

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  81. Quite a few folks have asked about disabling the actor quotes, and there has been no reply thus far. Has anyone figured out how to do it? I tried commenting out all the code that apparently dealt with the quotes, but I am not a scriptor, and the result was that the aftermath screens were skipped entirely.

    Would really like some support on this. If the quotes are going to be there I can’t use this script, and there are no alternatives that achieve the same effect.

    Also, so there any way to get actual EXP numbers as a current/next display, rather than percentage?

  82. First, I want to say this script is amazing and thank you for making it. However I’ve hit a bit of a niche problem. I’m using this in conjunction with Bird Eater’s version of Moby’s Text SE script. With that script you can assign up to 7 text SE “voices” to messages, so long as you define what value (1-7) variable 5 is at first.

    So my problem is that Victory Aftermath doesn’t allow (or seem to allow) you to change the value of variable 5 before any actor’s quotes, thus resulting in them just using the voice of whatever preceded them.

    I have a thread opened up on rpgmakerweb asking others for help with a fix of some sort. I just now realized that it wouldn’t hurt to ask the man who made the script himself for a solution. ;)

    The thread:

    I would greatly appreciate your help on the matter, as it’s the last big game mechanic that I’m working on. And I would really hate it if I had to just use one “voice” for everything or no “voices” at all!

    ~ RetroSoldier

  83. To everyone having an issue with the quotes, I have discovered an easy solution. It isn’t the most attractive, but it fixes the issue quite handily. This is all I did:

    def self.set_victory_text(actor, type)
    #text = “” + sprintf(YEA::VICTORY_AFTERMATH::HEADER_TEXT,
    #text += actor.victory_quotes(type)[rand(actor.victory_quotes(type).size)]
    #$game_message.face_name = actor.face_name
    #$game_message.face_index = actor.face_index
    text = “”

    You don’t need to edit any of Yanfly’s stuff that creates the quotes, just the part where he tells the game to display them. Now it displays a blank string, and waits for you to press Okay to advance. You can put anything you want in the string, actually, like “Continue” or whatever.

    If you leave it blank, you have a full-sized message box at the bottom of the screen with nothing in it except the standard animated advancement arrow. Like I said, it isn’t attractive. Lot of screen space taken up for no reason. But this fix takes ten seconds and addresses the issue of concern.

  84. Actually guys and gals, I can do one better than that… Finally figured it out this morning. It’s actually alarmingly easy.

    For starters, go here and use Xypher’s updated script:

    Secondly, Ctrl+F to search for “no_quotes”. See where you have the option to change the swtich ID? KEEP IT AT 0!

    Lastly, click on Find Next again in the search box. It will bring you to a section titled “Swtich”. The very line underneath “def self.no_quotes” change the code from:
    “return false if”
    “return true if”

    And voila! The quotes AND the text box are gone! I’ve tested it in the Battle Test and in Play Test modes and it works perfectly fine for me. No hassling with switches or anything like that.

  85. in YEM Aftermath Victory for VX there was:
    ACTOR_QUOTES ={ # Actor 0 is the actor used for unlisted actors.
    # ActorID => Common Event ID
    0 => 20, # Common Victory Quotes
    1 => 21, # Ralph’s Victory Quotes
    2 => 22, # Ulrika’s Victory Quotes
    3 => 23, # Bennett’s Victory Quotes
    4 => 24, # Ylva’s Victory Quotes
    5 => 25, # Lawrence’s Victory Quotes
    6 => 26, # Oscar’s Victory Quotes
    7 => 27, # Vera’s Victory Quotes
    8 => 28, # Elmer’s Victory Quotes
    } # Do not remove this.
    That allow you to usecommon events for making even dialog trough the party characters at the end of the combat.
    Someone can help me to recreate this in YEA Victory Aftermath?

  86. Would it be possible to alter the stat screen to show an increase in TP? I’m using your script that increases TP above 100 and Pacman’s which has TP level up with the actors. Basically, is it possible to make the change in TP shown under the MP gain from level to level.

  87. Is there a way to disable quotes for certain actor(or actors)?
    Since the protagonist in my game is silent(therefore he won’t say anything).
    sorry for my bad English ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

  88. im a noob sorry but it say i need to add a few things for it to work with my game it says “script ‘modules’line 275;name error occurred undefined method ‘ load_database’ for class ‘module’

  89. Is it possible to have the character sprites show instead of the faces? I use the Party System script to add more members to the party, and their faces get cut off during the victory scene when there’s more than 4 members.

  90. I found a fix for the victory aftermath *pause* problem I was having over a year ago. This will give you a pause before the results screen pops up, allowing you to have your characters strike victory poses and whatnot. I’m using Yami’s Battle Symphony along with Yanfly’s scripts.

    Find this part of the script:
    return skip_aftermath if Switch.skip_aftermath

    For me this begins on line 383.

    Beneath “play_battle_end_me”, add this:


    The number in the parentheses is the number of frames you want it to wait. If you have long battle poses like me, you’ll want this to be big, obviously.

    If you’re using Yami’s battle poses and need the sprites to actually USE their battle poses, you’ll need to place the victory aftermath script ABOVE Yami’s Battle Symphony, otherwise they won’t strike their victory poses.

    Hopefully this will help someone else–I noticed it hadn’t been answered yet.

    I haven’t tested it in every instance, and my game is rather light on add on scripts, so I’m not sure if there’ll be any conflicts.

  91. Hi, Im just wondering how i can make certain sound effects play for specific actors at the end of a battle. Ive tried conditional branches in the troop events. I figure a common event but the instructions in the script are not very detailed in regards to common events. Says 0 = disable. ok so what is enable? It does not clarify. ive tried true, 1, on, =>, =<, differnt variations, ive tried the common event id in the place of 0. Nothing seems to work and i have been looking for hours to figure out how to get that to work. I read through the posts… and nobody talks of it. I will keep trying different things until i get it and i will get it ;) but enough people post. Maybe somebody knows how to use the basics of common eventing in the victory aftermath script. I have no errors in any of my scripts. I am pretty good at understanding scripts. I use tankentais sideview battle system like a pro and i hear people have trouble with that one. i can parallax map excellent maps and etc. So i am not a complete newbie to RPG VXA. If anybody can help me please holla.

  92. Is there a way to not have quotes, only the Exp levelUp and items widows.
    I thing yes, but not sure if the option for go to next windows is tied to quotes or is 100% safe removing that part

  93. Hey there!

    I’m using your Scripts and first of all I want to thank you for all this good work!
    I love your Scripts! Espacially that most/many of them are compatible to many other scripts. None of them generates Errors like when i used other menu or battle scripts in the past. Till now…
    I’m using your Victory Aftermath script and it works finde, but when I try to costumize the victory quotes for specific actors, it generates Errors.
    I used the notetags in the actors database like its explained and this works also goof for me, but when I delete the default quotes in the win quotes section of the script, it randomly generates an error that sais, in Line 416 is something wrong.
    I just delete the things between the [ ] (such as ‘”We won! What an exciting fight!”‘,)
    and left (:win => [ # Occurs as initial victory quote. ],# Do not remove this.
    I do this, because I have an Actor whos unfortunately speechless, so it isn’t very logical, that he speaks after Fight ;)
    The only way to fix it, is to make an “…” quote, but then it’s randomly said by the other actors as well and thats weird.
    So is there a way to delete the quotes in this section so that there are only that ones are put out, that i left in the actors database?
    I hope so…
    Thaks for every answer

  94. I’m having a problem using the SKIP_AFTERMATH_SWITCH, I put there the value of the switch I chose to control this (0010: at the database) but it simply doesn’t work… What am I doing wrong? I turn it off and on and aftermath always appears…

  95. First things first:
    I LOVE your scripts.
    I started recently my first RPG Maker project and made before some plans on features i’d like to have … and you had nearly everything i needed. I am so happy.

    But a little request i have although. I use your Class System and Parameter Bonus Growth, and i want the change of the stats be done by the Bonus Growth. … so far no problem … but … with the LvL-Up the aftermath shows no stat-change.

    Maybe it would be possible to make “Parameter Bonus Growth” and “Victory Aftermath” compatible?

    [ and in the end: i am sry for my bad english – i am german and sometimes its hard to learn and remember english ^^ ]

    • Go to line 917. It must look like this :

      draw_text(dx, dy, 24, line_height, “→”, 1)

      Basically, put an arrow between the quotation marks.

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  97. Hey I have a slight problem with the script. For some reason i get a + and – sign next to my exp bar during the aftermath phase. and i noticed that its actually deducting my experience and when i get any currency it takes it away from my total amount as well. Any idea as to why and how i can fix it? :/

  98. This usuallƴ has the opposite effect however as it makes уou come acrօss
    aѕ desperate or he thinks that you are trying to impress him.
    Relatiօnships don’t work on estimations and logic”. This made him expect you to beg him to want you again.

  99. I keep receiving this error
    “Scrip ‘Victory Aftermath’ line 997: SyntaxError occured.
    unexpected keyword end, expecting $end
    end # Window_VictoryLevelUp”
    I have no clue what any of this stuff means XD the only other scripts i am using are all YEA scripts. Help greatly appreciated!

  100. I happen to like this script. But I don’t want to use any drop quotes in my game. Is there a way to disable ONLY the drop quotes without setting off some error?

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  103. It appear that I’ve encountered a minor bug…
    Whenever you level up there’ll be shown your old and your new stats. Between the old and new stats there should be an arrow but instead it just shows ]”. It’s a small problem but still kinda annoying. Any idea what could’ve caused it? I’ve tried removing all of my other scripts, even other Yanfly scripts, but nothing changed. Any idea how this can be fixed?

    • That’s jsut a small issue with fonts, its registered as a font but the game isn’t reading it properly, it fixes itself after a little bit, at least it did for me

  104. Can anyone pls help me?
    I like this script, but have a problem with showing the actors picture…
    I have a class-selection and after a name-selection made with events,
    so i had to create 8 selectable characters as first character… That are characternumbers 021-028, but after i fought, the window with the exp bar has the picture of the first actors (001:Eric)…
    where can i customize that?(or is there a way?)
    Would be really bad for me deleting this nice script, because of the main character and one of the future fellowship to have a wrong picture shown…
    I really hope someone can help me fixing that problem

  105. I’m havng a small issue, i cant seem to get my character’s to have all the quotes, my main character’s quotes for winngi nthe fight work just fine, but the rest of them seem to fall back on the default ones, idk if im doing somethign wrong with the notetags or what, i never used any of the notetags before this script so…

    Here’s what im putting in the notes section of my mane Character:

    That… wasn’t too hard.
    [new quote]
    That was a bit close.
    [new quote]
    Never was a fan of fighting..

    Sweet, free stuff!
    [new quote]
    Oooo… shiny…
    [new quote]
    This could be useful.

    So this is what it’s like to have\n muscle.
    [new quote]
    Getting stronger by the day.
    [new quote]
    Level up… just like a game.

    am i ordering it wrong or something? cuz like i said, the win quotes are workign jsut fine, but it doesnt seem to be detecting the others

    • (win quotes)
      That… wasn’t too hard.
      [new quote]
      That was a bit close.
      [new quote]
      Never was a fan of fighting..
      (/win quotes)
      (drop quotes)
      Sweet, free stuff!
      [new quote]
      Oooo… shiny…
      [new quote]
      This could be useful.
      (/drop quotes)
      (level quotes)
      So this is what it’s like to have\n muscle.
      [new quote]
      Getting stronger by the day.
      [new quote]
      Level up… just like a game.
      (/level quotes)
      had to repost this part, replace all “()” with “”

  106. Tiny point of trivia that some people might find interesting…

    This script uses game_party.random_target to determine who delivers the win quote. Random_target is based on the stat TGR, so characters with high TGR are more likely to drop their win quotes and characters with low TGR are less likely. I noticed that only one of my characters was delivering her quotes 99% of the time and thought that was odd… only after much investigation did I realise I had accidentally given most of the party a tiny TGR stat. I noticed the win quotes before I even realised the monsters were picking on that character!

  107. this script is awesome no problems with it but im using side view and i want my victory to come first then it goes to the exp screen n gold n all that but soon as i kill the last target it goes straight to that exp screen. is there a way to make the exp screen lag abit but not pause everything for a sec or 2? i want a ff7 victory thing where evey1 jumps for joy for victory then the exp screen comes.

  108. I’m not using the english Keyboard so, how i can fix this? Other than parameters, where is the part of script where to change ]” in -> ?

      • I’ve done this and I still get the Bracket. I’ll get the → but I’ll also get the ]. But I can’t find the ] anywhere to delete it.

      • #————————————————————————–
        # draw_arrows
        def draw_arrows
        dx = contents.width / 2 – 12
        dy = 0
        for i in 0..8
        draw_text(dx, dy, 22, line_height, “→”, 1)
        dy += line_height

  109. My brother suggested I might like this web site.
    He used to be entirely right. This post actually made my day.
    You cann’t consider just how so much time I had spent
    for this info! Thanks!

  110. I’m having a strange issue with this script where when a party member levels up, the arrow is displayed as something other than an arrow. If they level up multiple times, it shows as old parameters ]” new parameters. If they level up just once it becomes []>.

    that part of the script looks like this:
    draw_text(dx, dy, 24, line_height, “>”, 1)

      • Mine is English and I’m having the same issue. I’ve put an arrow in quotes, “→” but the level up screen shows “]→” with both the arrow and the bracket.

    • To fix it, you simply need to create a new string variable, say char_arrow = “>”
      The code should then be edited to look like this: draw_text(dx, dy, 24, line_height, char_arrow, 1)

  111. Before I use this script I was wondering if it’s set up so that specific actors say specific line’s i.e If I have a moody actor and a happy actor I would want them to make comments specific to their personality after a battle, not my moody actor saying something like “Yay we won!” instead of the happy character saying it.
    I hope my question made sense lol

  112. Would like to use this script but there seems to be a problem with it when it comes to removing actors in battle (and as I have some ‘Summon-type’ skills in my game, this is a big issue).

    Game seems to crash if I have an actor in the battle, and remove it, then proceed to win the battle; This also occurs if the actor is added, then removed later.

    Seems to be a common problem in Yanfly’s scripts. The game hangs if you remove party members from the battle then finish it. Had the same issue with Visual Battlers (had to swap it out for a different SBS script in the end)..

    Anybody know of any fix for this bug?

  113. Hi,
    This script is working well for me so far but I have a question.

    Whenever a battle is won, it shows all the actor’s faces and the exp they gained.
    The parties in my game have more than four characters fighting, so when it shows the exp gained it just shows parts of their faces and you can’t read the exp very well.
    Is there a way to remove the actor faces or to have it scroll?

  114. Is it possible to form an add-on for this which has interplay with the Learn Skills script as well? e.g. instead of just ‘New skills!’ popping up, it could announce when new skills are available to be learned (such as reaching their level restriction.)

  115. I have a need for an alteration for the Level-up script: In some levels, unstead of granting spells, I grant the ability to learn new spells, so instead of “[Character] learns 2nd Level Spells,” I want the script to say “[Character] can not learn 2nd Level Spells.” Any assistance on how to do that will be greatly apprecaited. Thanks in advance.

  116. Okay, so this script is all neat and stuff minus one thing. spent literally 2 hours trying to find out how to properly use line breaks. Am I doing something wrong? I usually use text to display name at the top, and the message a line or two below it (example):


    This is a test.

    and it just seemed like \n wasn’t doing a thing here to make breaks. Tried everything lol.

  117. This is pretty cool, but the first slot on the loot screen for Money gained does feel a bit empty and awkward. I threw this pic together in Photoshop, would there be a way to make it say this ingame?


    Basically set a money icon and vocab for the money you find after the battle.

  118. Hi! I would also like to know how to remove the display for gold. I already figured how to remove the icon and number, but that still leaves a blank spot at the beginning of the spoils list, which looks kind of weird. If anyone has any idea how to do that I would be an happy man!

  119. I’m having the same issue as some of the others with a “]” appearing in my level-up menu. This occurs even when i plug the script into a brand new project. Does anyone have a step-by-step for fixing any font issues that may be causing this, or could explain to me what exactly is happening? I understand how the arrow is drawn, but my problem is that I’m getting the bracket AND the arrow.

    • I had the same problem and was going crazy trying to figure it out. And have a English version of windows and RPG Maker (US, not British or Canadian) I searched google, these comments and everywhere to no avail. Then I decided to do some tinkering. The ] you were seeing was actually not a ] but the box that appears when you have a character that the chosen font doesn’t support.

      I pasted the whole script into Notepad and set the font to the same one used in game to see if I could find any of those undefined characters.. still nothing.

      So my next step was just to comment out that line… it didn’t break anything. It left a space between the numbers without the square. That meant the problem was on that line. So I tinkered further, trying to get an error by removing each bit at at a time.

      When I removed the quotes around “→” and just had it →, it threw me an error.. finally I found the exact part that has the issue. Then I tried just single quotes ‘→’ and behold, it freaking worked!

      So here’s the fix to line 917:

      draw_text(dx, dy, 24, line_height, ‘ → ‘, 1)

      I used spaces on the sides of the arrow just to pretty it up a tad.

    • It is an invisible character that is in place which will arrow and “.
      Just press delete before the arrow and that’s it.

      Google translater. Since Spanish.

  120. I fixed that by simply changing the symbol in this line in the script:
    822 draw_text(dx, dy, 24, line_height, “>”, 1)
    You just have to make sure your keyboard is in english (US), I’m from Canada and it still showed “]” when I was in english (Canada).

  121. Hey guys I see what happened with the ] “. Just delete the “→” segment and retype it. Retype the quotations and the arrow or whatever you want to use, it worked for me.

  122. Hey, nice script :) I have a small problem.

    When my player levels up, it’s supposed to say LUK 5 > 10 or something right?

    This is weird… For some reason it says 6И or something like that, do you know how I can fix this?

  123. Hey guys! I’m a little new at this, so if anyone could tell me how do I disable (turn off) the win,level and drop quotes I would be very pleased.

    P.S: Yanfly keep up the awsome work, don’t get me wrong by this post but I just don’t like the quotes.

  124. Hi everyone! Is there a way to turn off the quotes? I read the code and it seems like you can do it but i don’t know how. Please, anyone? :o

    By the way, thanks for yout awesome work Yanfly.

  125. I got a problem in the Victory Spoil screen.
    Next to the amount of Gold my Party gets, it shows Icon Number 361 (I´m using the “Biggest iconset EVER!” from RPG Maker Vx Ressource planet) but I want to change it to the Gold Icon 205. I cant find the place in the script where to change this icon.

  126. Dear Yanfly,

    Is there a way to set victory quotes for individual actors? Basically, have one character use different victory quotes than its other party members. I would like to do this to show the different personalities of each character because all four of them are very different.

    • You have to make note tags for each actor, put and go down a line put the quote down, for each new one put in [new quote] and at the end put and you do that for when they gain levels and drops as well, its explained in the screenshots and even in the script.

      • Thank you Redmage1000. I thought I had to add the tags inside the coding but I didn’t look close enough to see that I had to type the information in the notes section of the actor. I appreciate your help.

  127. Hey YanFly, I just noticed a strange thing… There is no bug, but more like a glitch or something… this.
    During leveling up, your screenshot showed with an arrow… but my screen shows like this;
    Wonder what caused this glitch? o.o
    Let me know, thanks!

    By the way, love MOST of your scripts! =’D

  128. After the items and gold pop up, the exp gained and level up stats show up behind it like the items and gold screen goes dim but its still there covering it

  129. So I have been experiencing a problem with the victory aftermath at line 448. When I finish a battle I recieve the message that there is an unidentified method ‘show_victory_level_up” for #. When I go into the code here is the piece of code under question

    def self.gain_exp
    $game_party.all_members.each do |actor|
    temp_actor = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump(actor))
    next if actor.level == temp_actor.level
    SceneManager.scene.show_victory_level_up(actor, temp_actor)
    set_victory_text(actor, :level)

    The weird part is it does not crash after every fight. I have yet to figure out what causes it to sometimes crash and sometimes not crash.

    Any help would be much appreciated. The other scripts I have are all Yanfly scripts with the battle engine, ATB system, Status Bar, and the Class systems

  130. Like the script, nice and easy to set up :)

    Was wondering though if there’s a way to have certain dialogue be active when only certain members are in the group?

    Such as A says to B

    A: Are you okay, B?

    B: Doing good, thanks!

    • That would be nice to have that one too! :D
      With the special conditions, such as “IF B’s HP is too low, trigger that dialogue”!

      • Line 151 on the script? If so then that has nothing to do with changing the gold icon :)

        I’m interested in this too so could I trouble to maybe be a bit more in depth?

      • Line 151 on the Yanfly script *Adjust Limits*, not line 151 on *this script*. It will say “Gold Icon” and the number after is the index number of the icon it will use for gold.

        If you don’t have the script adjust limits in your project, then this script shouldn’t have an icon for gold at all. Instead, it will display whatever is typed in the “Currency Unit” box in the database.

  131. Is there a chance to combine the Materia-System from Victor Sant and this Script?
    I still got the notetags from the Materia-System () at my enemys but I don’t get any AP now after a fight.

  132. Hi hi hi… First, that script is nice. Was working perfectly back a long time, but now, just rediving in RPG making, for some obscure reason… “\n” doesn’t want to line break in my Hero quote… I try quit a few thing but found nothing working… Help would be apreciate.
    -Using RPG Maker VX Ace on Steam

  133. The win quote window is also displaying the default ‘%’s was victorious! before the header text. I have tried everything to fix it.

    The only thing I have been able to do is go into Vocab and remove the text from between the quotes. This removes the text but leaves an empty line before the header text.

  134. Hello. I wanted to know if there is a possible compatibility with the “Active/Passive Skills learning by equipment” system (using “AP” as experience to learn skills). Because your script is working well but remove the amount of AP given after the battle (skills will never be learned).
    Script is call : “SEM-EquipmentSkills” and it’s used with the Equip menu.

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  136. For some reason, the character who says their quote on the treasure / loot drops page is always the same as the one who gets to say the victory quote, no matter what. Is there a way to ensure I never get the same character to speak twice in a row (unless they happen to level up)? Thank you.

  137. Can i make this compatibile with the Yami’s Guardian Summon?
    I would really love to use both script in my project!
    When a guardian wins a battle the victory aftermath starts and shows the exp gained. If i try to start another battle i get this error:
    undefined method for nil nilclass

  138. everything seems to go wrong when i tried to make work the \n function.
    now all quotes are showing up, all in one! even with the new quote tag! what the heck??

  139. Question: Is it possible to show in the loot window after a battle any item(s) that have been stolen in a given color?
    Or perhaps adding this to the script as an option?

  140. Is there a way to make this a Script-called event? Like, even if you run of a battle or end it by other means it runs the Victory Aftermath?

  141. Hi! I know this is an old script but, but nice work Yanfly! I just wish to know something: Is there a way to remove the level up window? I use a stats distribuition and skill tree system in my game, so characters don’t get higher stats and new skills by directly by leveling up, making the level up window useless in my game. If anyone knows any way of doing that, I would be grateful too!

  142. I’m having a error
    Script ‘Victory Aftermath’ line 470: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method `show_victory_spoils’ for #
    It’s occuring on line 470 SceneManager.scene.show_victory_spoils($game_troop.gold_total, drops)
    any help is appreciated.

    • Edit: Found the part of the script where the problem is. draw_arrows, draw_text(dx, dy, 24, line_height, “Би”, 1). Change Би to a right-pointing arrow to fix it.

  143. Hey I currently am using a script that has a very dull but already scripted victory (outside of regular RPG maker) that is called by common events.

    Is there anyway to call the Aftermath script from a common event?

  144. There’s an incompatibility with Galv’s Bust Image. When I place your script above his, the actor’s face in the quote window only doesn’t appear, but everything else works perfectly. If I remove his script, the actor’s face appears normally. But If I place his script above yours, I get an error about unindefined bitmap something at 118 line on his script.
    Line with said error: @bust.bitmap.dispose if !@bust.bitmap.nil?
    Link to his script:

  145. I’ve got a question with this script. I notice when you have more than 4 party members and have both active and reserve members share EXP equally, the reserve members activate their respective level-up parts (the quotes and all) when everyone levels up. Is it possible to make it just the active members only when they all level up together?

  146. Somebody help me, I don’t know why but the victory quotes appear on top (not at the bottom like images above) under the “*’s team is victorious!”

    How can I move it to the bottom ._.

  147. Hm, an oddity. In my game, stats aren’t really provided by the database, but instead provided by the game through script-methods (a combination of “Sixth’s” Custom Parameters script with “Hime’s” Parameter Bonuses.
    On the level up screen, however, it seems to still largely draw the data from the database, ignoring the “real” values at the time.

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