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Yanfly Engine 6 – Iconview Module

Last Updated: 2011.09.17
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When there are too many icons, it’s hard to figure out which icon has what ID and even tougher to manage them all. This script provides a tool to provide ease at retrieving icon ID’s and managing Y6 related icons.


It is highly recommended that you place this script at the bottom of your script list but above the Main script.


To access the Iconview scene, you must run your game under Test Mode. Usually when you run your game through RPG Maker VX, it will automatically be in test mode. Upon reaching the title screen, there should be a new option under New Game, Continue, and Shutdown called “Iconview” and from there, you can browse and find icon ID’s to your liking.

Icon Module Library

Scroll down into the module within the script. There will exist various hashes for you to modify the icon ID’s of. These icons will replace anything a Yanfly Engine 6 script will use.

Sample Iconset

These icons contain rips from commercial games so please refrain from using this set if you decide to use it within your game. I will not be responsible for any kind of lawsuits you may incur.

Credits: Guild Wars, League of Legends

And that’s all, folks!

This script will be updated periodically to incorporate icons used for other Yanfly Engine 6 scripts.

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