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Last Updated: 2012.01.04
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This script provides the ability to expand the targeting scope for skills and items. This script provides the ability to up the number of maximum hits past 9, expand the targeting range to target different types of groups, and  give more control over random targeting.


Sadly, there’s not much that can be shown screenshots to demonstrate what this script can do. However, these notetags should be able to give you an idea. These notetags go into skills and items to change their targeting scope:

<total hits: x>

Sets the total hits performed to x. This value can exceed 9, the limit RPG Maker VX Ace imposes.

<targets: everybody>

Sets the targeting scope to hit all alive actors and all alive enemies.

<targets: target all foes>

Sets the targeting scope to hit the selected target foe first and then the remaining foes.

<targets: target x random foes>

Sets the targeting scope to hit the selected target foe first and then hit x random foes.

<targets: x random foes>

Sets the targeting scope to random. This will hit x random foes.

<targets: all but user>

Targets all allies except for the user.

<targets: target all allies>

Sets the targeting scope to hit the selected target ally first and then the remaining allies.

<targets: target x random allies>

Sets the targeting scope to hit the selected target ally first and then hit x random allies.

<targets: x random allies>

Sets the targeting scope to random. This will hit x random allies.

And that’s all, folks!

55 comments on “Target Manager

  1. This guy just reads minds. Don’t suppose there’s a way to select 2+ enemies/allies? I’ve noticed no game ever seems to have it.

  2. This was just superb! <3 Are there any easy way to make something hit every actor / enemy that got a certain state on themselves? Making it more useful to have support-characters giving debuffs that attracts aoe-spells and such for example ^^

    • Set the scope on all allies, and put in the DAMAGE FORMULA (not notebox, damage forumla) “b.state?(X) ? WHAT HAPPENS IF SO : WHAT HAPPENS ELSE”
      The X between the parentheses should be the number of the state in the states list.
      No script needed ;-)

    • I will look forward to that then! ^^ Im just ecstatic about all these awesome scripts that Yanfly and all the other super-scripters make and let us code-less people use as well, so for each new script i read about, i just feel more of the walls confining what kind of game i can make crumbles into dust! :D

      • For me, it’s the other way around: I once had a plan what kind of game I wanted to make, then Yanfly started making new scripts and now I’m not sure at all which of the many, many features I want to use in the end. :D

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  4. I have a problem with this script. Attacks with 4 random objectives do not attack 4 randomly, but rather do other things, it is very strange.

  5. A suggestion: there could be an option to target up to X random enemies (and not strictly X enemies). This is just like some skills in SMT games (like Berserk and such).

  6. hm, couldn’t seem to fashion a way to target all allies regardless of being dead or alive

    would make for a very nice “ultimate healing” spell

    • El Capitan,
      Mind you, I have not yet tested these scripts due to lack of time spent in my testing phase, but I had a similar idea. If you use Yanfly’s “Follow-up Skills” script and give the 2nd ability a 100% chance of taking effect, you could essentially have a single skill that calls both effects. One wave, the first skill, would be a raise all. The second skill, and wave of effect would be a heal all. You could make it so that all characters who have access to the ultimate healing skill already know the skill, but hide it permanently from all menus using the (I forget the name, but I think it is Hide skills) script also written by our friend Yanfly here. Um… I hope my rambling helps you! ^.^

      • @Steele: One problem with that:

        If the first Skill is 100% Raise and you target a party member that’s alive, the Skill won’t target that Ally. If all allies are alive, then the skill won’t trigger…and neither will the follow-up 100% Heal. However…

        …if the first Skill is 100% Heal, it won’t target the dead allies–only the ones that are alive. Doing it this way might be a better workaround since the follow-up will trigger and revive the dead allies regardless.

        Although this works great when targeting all allies, this doesn’t work so well if this was a single-target healing spell. The 100% Heal would target a live ally (not the ally you want to target), and then the 100% Raise would target either the ally you want to raise or some other dead ally…

  7. When I set a skill to “targets: all but user”, the user is still affected by the skill, even when the initial scope in the editor is set to None.

  8. After a little more testing, it appears that it does work, but not with skills that cost or restore TP.

    The skill I have raises the party’s TP to 100% (obviously I don’t want the user affected by this or it would be an endless loop of full TP bars). But when it is used, the user does not lose the TP it took to use the skill.

    I have tested with skills that restore HP to party members and MP, and they work fine. Patch?

  9. This is so cool fix! Thanks yanfly.
    I have requests about this script.
    I am glad if it reads to the reference grade of update.

    *I would like to make it blink white and to make intelligible for a player the enemy specified in area.
    *I would like to make the skill to which an enemy’s position is moved.
    However, if it moves too much, in order to come out from a screen, I think that it is difficult.
    And I would like to set up the monster which cannot move positions, such as a boss.

    have a nice day =)

  10. I’m wondering something with

    Would it be possible to make it so the skill only hit the target once and hit the two random enemies once each?

  11. Download is down. I know it’s not your fault, and you probably know already, but I had to say it just in case.

    ps: these scripts are freaking amazing.

    • For anyone wondering, the download link to Github on the homepage is fully functional, so this doesn’t really matter.

  12. Howdy,
    I want a Necromancer to be able to ressurect all dead allies and make them go berserk, can anyone help me out and tell me how to do this?

  13. I am using Crystal Engine’s Extra Stats script, can I base the number of hits an actor lands with the Attack skill on their DEX (dexterity)?

  14. I would like to do a request about this script.

    I would like to be able to target everybody in the field, but only the one I selected and not the others.

    For example, telling to the Attack Skill that I can hit anyone.

  15. There is a way to use this targeting a random enemy or ally? Execute the attack and a single random target, foe or friend, is affected by the skill.

  16. This doesn’t seem to work with Yami’s CATB.
    No matter what the scope is, hen you select the skill nothing happens. It brings you back to the skill select screen.

  17. Awesome script! But I think there’s a bug… For the “Hits all but user” scope, it seems to ignore thee state rates.

    I made a skill that inflicts paralysis and hits everyone but user, then I inflicted a state on an ally that sets State Rate for Paralysis to 0%, but then it just ignores it. (resist works tho but I dont want to remove the paralysis if the actor already paralyzed).

    Please fix this issue, thanks!

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