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Yanfly Engine 6 – Debug Menu Extension

Last Updated: 2011.11.01
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This is a direct import from Yanfly Engine Melody. The difference here is, I’ve included the Input module that was required for one feature in Yanfly Engine Melody’s version. I felt it was too much of a good tool to be excluded at the cost of not wanting to use the input script. And so, here it is.

This script, in by no means, is meant for player use. This script offers an extended debug menu that is more accessible and cleaner to use than what the default debug menu has to offer. The goal of this script is to ensure that the users receive proper and detailed information regarding their games during test play.

Debug Shortcuts

Alt   + F5-F9 – Common Event Debug Shortcut
Ctrl  + F5-F9 – Common Event Debug Shortcut
Shift + F5-F9 – Common Event Debug Shortcut
F9 on the map – Open Debug Menu.

To adjust these shortcuts, modify them in the module.

F10 anywhere – Opens up the Debug Entry Window.
Here, you may enter in a piece of code and the script itself will run it using the current scene as its host. So long as the code doesn’t contain any syntax errors, it’ll run right immediately. Idea by OriginalWij.


I call switches “flags” myself honestly, but they’re the same. The switches windows have been updated and colour-coded. Yellow text means a switch is on. White text means the switch is off. Grey text means the switch isn’t used and off. Red text means for some reason, the unused switch is on.


Similar to the switches screen, things here are colour coded under the same concept. Yellow means the variable is in use. White means it isn’t. Grey means used and at default value of 0. Red means it’s unused but for some reason, has a value other than 0. Also, the number input is far superior to the default debug number input. Here, you can adjust individual digits by themselves whereas for the default, you can increase in only increments of 1 or 10, making the goal to reach 9,999,999 cupcakes a very long trip.


Get around to the maps you want instantly. Also select where you want to land. Also shows the X and Y coordinates of where the cursor is if that is any help for eventing something.


Calls a battle from the menu. Good for not needing to create various NPC’s just to test out a battle. Lists the battle ID number and the name you’ve given them in the database.

Common Events

Calls a common event from the debug menu. Works for the events you don’t want to bind to the debug short-cuts. Also good for testing common events without needing to interact with an NPC for it.


Changes the amount of items available on hand. Reduces the need to create NPC’s to give and remove items.


Same as items. Reduces the need to use NPC’s to give and take weapons for testing purposes.


Same as items and weapons. Reduces the need to create and use NPC’s for the sake of giving and taking armours.

And that’s all, folks!

To adjust these shortcuts, modify them in the module.

4 comments on “Debug Menu

  1. I also have to note that this is arguably one of the most useful scripts you’ve ever written (seconded by the iconviewer). Not bashing on anything else, but this style script has eliminated so much useless eventing to give and take and change this that and the other… I love the hell out of your debug menu. And so, I thank you.

  2. Both this script and the YEM version suffer from a strange (albeit trivial bug) where accessing the Battle Debug Menu (regardless of whether you choose to generate a battle or not) causes set encounters (Game Interpreter command_301) to summon a troop ID 1 higher (+= 1) than whatever you have set in your Map Event. I looked at the script, but I’ve no idea what’s wrong with it :(

    • I forgot to mention this above, sorry…

      The bug IS present in your unadulterated demo v 1.00m (2010.08.16), it’s not a compatibility issue with any of my custom scripts.

      The effect only seems to occur once (e.g. troop ID shifts up 1 (+= 1) ONCE and only once).

      • Thanks for letting me know!

        o 2011.11.01 – Fixed strange bug which caused pre-set encounters to shift up by 1 troop value after using the debug battle menu.

        Updated version can be downloaded at the top.

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