Combat Log Display

Last Updated: 2012.01.24
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Sometimes text appears way too fast in the battle system or sometimes players may miss what kind of information was delivered on-screen. For times like that, being able to access the combat log would be important. The combat log records all of the text that appears in the battle log window at the top. The player can access the combat log display any time during action selection phase. Sometimes, players can even review over the combat log to try and figure out any kinds of patterns enemies may even have.

This script is plug and play.

And that’s all, folks!

21 comments on “Combat Log Display

  1. BUG:
    When using this script with YSA-CATB & LunaticAddon scripts, the command windows don’t display well upon exit of the CombatDisplayLog. Would Yami have to update his CATB or would you have to update your CombatDisplayLog?

    Also, If I have BattleCommandList script with CombatDisplayLog (I removed all scripts besides AceBattleEngine) and I exit the CombatDisplayLog window, I get an undefined method error for ‘visible’ at line 451 for CombatDisplayLog.

  2. I also get the 2nd bug Seiryuki has, I put a ! in front of $imported[“YEA-BattleCommandList”] on line 450 in Combat Log Display to fix it, not sure if there was a smarter way or anything though.

    Assuming : The bug is because if you were to have “use_confirm_window” line 224 in Battle Command List as false, it never creates what line 451 of Combat Display Log is looking for.

  3. Battle Log messages seem to display values 5x greater than the actual damage displayed (four hits of around 25 damage appear between 100 and 130 on the battle log).

  4. I’m having some problems with this script, it seems to soft crash on a random basis when I exit the log window, music still plays and the game is running as far as I can tell, but I’m not able to do anything in the battle menu and the cursor doesn’t reappear. Any ideas what could be causing this?

  5. Hi, I just put in this script, but I can’t seem to get it to work. I have the FTB script and the party system script. Could either of those be preventing me from using this one?

  6. Nice! Thank you for your scripts!
    But I’d like to keep the logs after the battle ended… or at least give the player the option to keep it or not, and then, have a script call to show the saved logs.
    I would be great to save the logs of the epic battles of the games ^^

  7. A foolish question. Would there be a way to make the log present throughout? Like, so if needed/wanted the battles could be entirely text-based, or at least have the log present the whole battle rather than selecting to open it?

  8. Awesome script as always, thanks so much for that. Got 1 question though:
    Is there a way to set my combat log with the fight and escape option like in the picture? Right now i need to select a move first and after that itll give me the options to execute the skill or check the combat log. It still works great but it just seems a bit out of place there. Any suggestions?
    Yanfly core engine and battle engine are also being used.

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