Death Common Event

Last Updated: 2012.02.03
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This script causes the battle to run a common event upon a specific actor, class, or enemy dying and running the collapsing effect. The common event will run immediately upon death rather than waiting for the remainder of the action to finish.

<death event: x>

This causes the actor to run common event x upon death. The death event made for the actor will take priority over the death event made for the class.

And that’s all, folks!

45 comments on “Death Common Event

  1. I found one BUG!

    If you kill an enemy with a damage greater than the enemy MAX.HP the event ignore the comand to change status of the other monsters.

  2. Say, is there a way to do a script call in game to change the WIPE_OUT_EVENT = #? Since as the story progresses you might have different parties/actors and change it accordingly.

  3. Would it be possible that you add a percentage to run the common event. something like: .. This would be REALLY nice! But if not it’s not that bad .

  4. I apologize, I’m new to all this, is there a way to play a death event when killed by a specific enemy? I want to do something like “Is this as far as I come” when killed by Enemy A but I want “The poison overwhelmed me and I collapsed, my heart beating its last” when killed by enemy C

    • I believe this is for general deaths throughout the entire game.
      If you want a specific death for being killed by a specific enemy, you could probably do this without scripts in the Troops section of the Database.

  5. Is it possible for the game not to end on party wipe out? If there is, I am certainly having trouble figuring it out.

    • You can set without scripts that you can continue even if you lose the battle. I know you can do it for Call Encounter but you can try checking Troops too.

  6. Awkward issue with this script… It seems that the script outright ignores Mr Bubble’s Autolife and Guts Effect scripts. The common event will run and it cancels out Mr Bubble’s Lose Actor on Death script also…

    The actor’s death in battle is supposed to mimic the one from SMT: Strange Journey. Is this an easy fix, should I not use Mr Bubble’s scripts for the MC or not use the Common Event Death for the MC?

  7. youll probably think this a stupid question but in the not is it supposed to say or is x representing something like actor name or number and in the pic of the note for the slime creature it says death event 5 so hopefully you can straighten me out on this because i know installed the script properlyso when your not on hiatus please get back to me

  8. Is the party wipe event for every time a party wipes, or can you set that condition to the party wiping in a specific boss battle? I want the boss to say something after he kills the party.

  9. I have encountered this error using this script. . . it says
    [Script ‘Window_BattleStatus’ line 52: TypeError occured
    no implicit conversion from nil to integer]
    I’m using YES-BattleSymphony, YEA – Death Common Events ,YEA – Party System, YEA – Command Party. . I got this error in a new game also.
    I tried to remove the party member in the common event if it dies , any help please. .

  10. I installed this script and set the wipe out variable to be a common event.
    I set the common event to:
    1. Fade Screen Out
    2. Abort Battle
    3. Heal the Party
    4. Display a small message.
    5. Transfer player to a different map.
    6. Fade screen in.

    It seems to do all of this but transfer the player. Any tips as to why?


    • I get this too! I want my game to make you lose all gold and one level when you die, then take you back to your house, it does everything except the transfer! I’ve done this:
      Play ME
      Change Level
      Change Gold
      Abort Battle

      If anyone knows what im doing wrong, that would be helpful!

  11. not work…
    Remove Actor and…
    [Script ‘Window_BattleStatus’ line 52: TypeError occured
    no implicit conversion from nil to integer]

  12. I’m trying to lock the actors during battle if they are dead with the Party System script but I want them to be able to switch when they’re alive. Can anyone help me, please?

  13. So I put in the script, and when I run it, it has killed all my text windows, and the start/end battle status windows. Am I doing something wrong? I am using the Yanfly message system, so is there something I need to change in there?

    • Never mind, I think I figured out why it wasn’t working. I had done something in the common event that caused the windows to freak out…

  14. Uuuuuum. It’s not doing anything when my character dies. The Game Over screen still pops up. What do I do to fix this. I’m trying to use it with Falcao Pearl ABS. I’m wanting the game to respawn you to the nearest hospital.

  15. Hello, I’m new to RPG Maker VX Ace. So far I have been pretty pleased with the results of what I have been able to create using Yanfly’s scripts. Only thing I can’t seem to get to work is this. I want to figure out how to change my actor’s sprite in battle when they die, and have it change back to normal when they are revived. Right now, when they die in battle they are still just standing there, running in place. I have no idea what to do. I downloaded this script, created a death common event that would change the character’s sprite, but it changes the sprite OUTSIDE of battle and does not change back to normal when reviving the character. I am at a loss. :(

  16. You’re probably long gone Yanfly… but, I’m using all of your scripts and they’re amazing.

    but this one refuses to work, at all… I can’t get it to call any event on death… can’t get it to remove KO, cant get it to force an attack… with or without conditional branches… Can’t get it to do anything… Are there any known compatibility issues?

    I have

    in my Character note box, Common Event 004 is Remove Death, Recover HP, in that order. No worky. tried to just make it attack something or display a battle animation to see if it was me just not doing it right… and it didnt do that either.

  17. Be grateful to the nemesis who created the script. And you doesn’t have to REMOVE DEATH . Just simply put a Recover All command is more than enough.

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