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Last Updated: 2012.01.05
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The Ace Item Menu offers more item categorization control and a better layout that simulatenously provides information regarding the items to the player, while keeping a good amount of the item list visible on screen at once. The script can also be customized to rearrange commands and categories.

The Ace Item Menu rearranges the layout of the item scene to categorize items on the left, show detailed item information in the upper right, and lists items on the bottom.

Selecting “Item” will reveal a new list. This list contains categories that can be added, removed, and rearranged. The “Field” category will list menu-usable items while the “Battle” category will list battle-usable items. “Special” and “Ingredient” are two custom categories I’ve added as examples, which I will explain later. Note that above, you’ll see the effects caused by the item, which include HP Recovery, MP Recovery, TP Recovery, TP Gain, what states are applied, and what states are removed.

“Weapons” will reveal a list of all the weapon types and display those types in the specified item list below. Highlighted weapons will be shown in the status window and display what kinds of parameter bonuses when equipped.

“Armours” will not only categorize armours by their armour types but also their armour slot types for easier searching. This works with Ace Equip Engine‘s new and custom armour types. Like weapons, highlighted armours will display what kinds of parameter bonuses when equipped.

Categorizing an item is simple. Add the category to the module’s category list, and then add this notetag to the item’s notebox.

<category: string>

Places this object into the item category for “string”. Whenever the selected category is highlighted in the Ace Item Menu command window, this object will be included and shown in the item window.

The item status display can reveal a different image, too, instead of a zoomed in pixelated one (of course, the pixelated one has its charms, too). Insert this notetag into an item’s notebox:

<image: string>

Uses a picture from Graphics\Pictures\ of your RPG Maker VX Ace Project’s directory with the filename of “string” (without the extension) as the image picture shown in the Ace Item Menu.

Advanced users can insert their own custom commands into the Item Command Window through the script’s module. Adjust the COMMANDS array and the CUSTOM_ITEM_COMMANDS hash to add in a unique command. Here’s a list of the currently supported scripts that work with this custom command setting:

And that’s all, folks!

95 comments on “Ace Item Menu

  1. Looks awesome Yanfly! Wonder if you’d do a version for in-battle so that items are ‘sorted’ into tabbed menus. Like Healing items under Healing, Damage under a damage tab, etc.

      • legality note. (yes an old post)
        if you are making this game for personal use and enjoyment you can use pic from anywhere but if you intend to sell it, then copyright laws come into play. so if you take a image from final fantasy or any other game / book / movie and so on you can get into some nasty legal problems.
        just make sure to get all the info, and i highly recommend consulting a lawyer before you go live with a commercial game to avoid being sued.

        this said, lost of places on the internet have content under CC and PD licencing that you can use for free. again educate your self about the laws in your area and or contact a lawyer even a game that you distribute for free with copyrighted material might land you in hot water.

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  3. Could the same layout be applied for skill menu as well? Showing images and parameters as well as description, mp costs and such?

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  5. Have you thought about a slot-based inventory, so you can only carry, say, 32 items at once and every item decreases it, so 5 potions would mean you can only carry 27 more items. That kind of inventory, and then be able to increse this limit through switches or items? I think that’d be pretty cool.

  6. I don’t know if you’ll agree to help me here but I’d like to edit this script by deleting the sub-categories (for instance, deleting the weapon types under the Weapons category) because I’d like all items and equipment to show right away.
    I’m not very knowledgeable in scripting, but maybe you can tell me what lines I have to delete or edit in order to get these results.

    • I’m trying to figure this one out too. It looks like I need to edit lines 477-481, but I have no idea where to even look for what to change them to.

  7. Do you plan on doing a Limited Inventory script? One that limits stack sizes and/or number of item slots? These have been rare for VX and one that is compatible with your Item Menu would certainly be nice.

    • While great, the Ace item menu is menu overkill. You have Key items in the default category and again the items category.

      Each weapon is separated too. It’s a bit much. And “Training weapons?” There are way to many sub-categories. Is it possible to hide a few of these? Or should they be removed from the script to suite the user?

  8. I wish there was a demo compilation for all these scripts xP
    It’s just that I work on my project on a different computer so I can’t use the internet at the same time to look at screenshots and etc >_<

  9. Is there a way to hide an item from a sub-category? For example, I have a key item
    that needs to be useable from the menu, since it’s used in conjunction with the “Select Item” event. This item appears in both “Key Items” AND “Usable from Menu”
    categories and I’d like to remove the item from the “Usable from Menu” category.
    I would suggest a simple tag in the item notes or something like that.
    I’m sorry that I relly on you, script writters, so much! But I do most of my systems using events, so I never actually studied scripting!
    Thank you!

  10. I also would like to see the ability for the sub-categories removed. I love the way information is presented in this script, but the sub-categories don’t fit my game too well.

    I’ve tried editing the script a few times by myself, but to no avail. Can someone help me remove sub-categories from this script? Thanks ahead of time!

  11. Is there some way to move the :key_item off of the item list, and move it up to the main menu? I’ve made my key items Quests, and it seems a little odd to look for my quests under an item command. Any advice on how to move it from this menu to the main menu would be greatly appreciated. :)

  12. It all works fine, but when I want to put another picture aside from the pixelated one, it just… doesn’t work.
    I get this from the game:

    Script ‘Cache’ line 106: RGSSError Ocurred
    failed to create bitmap.

    I’ve never touched anything with ‘Cache’, and I only get this error when I put:
    on the item. I have the file at Graphics/Pictures, is a .bmp file named Potion. I also tried with that same picture, just on .png format. I don’t have any other item with the same “string”.

    • Problem solved… It was an issue with the format of the image. I just renamed a .gif image to .bmp and .png, and that’s not a way to change an image format =P
      I solved the error editing the image with Paint, and saving it to the corresponding format.

  13. Is there any way I can completely bypass the the category listing and go straight to, for example, “show all”?

  14. You have to delete Sub Categories that you don’t need in – Item Type Settings – (Delete the line of Sub Categories, for example [ :battle, “Battle”], # Shows Battle-usable items. ) Leave only [ :all, “All”], # Shows all usable items.

  15. i would like to change the “pixel” item pictures to new pictures , but where must i post the syntax ” “? can please everyone give me an example? i try over one hour to change the “old” picture >.< sry i´m a script noob =P

  16. Hey is there anyway possible to change the colour of the name of the item? for example, in many mmorpg’s the name of the item is coloured based in how powerfull the item is. White for normal, yellow for good, blue for very good and purple for great, for example.. i want this and im using this script, but i reeally suck at scripting, could someone help me please?

  17. Is there a way to make the item menu show xparams and sparams effects of an item? I’ve gotten it sufficiently modified to draw the empty boxes (modified to 4 per row) and show the names for the parameters (well, also need to modify the number of lines in the item description box), but I can’t figure out how to actually grab xparam/sparam values (Item Features). I kind of want it since all weapons modify the hit rate, so it’ll be useful to display the +% hit rate on the item instead of having to put it in the item description. Also, sorry for posting the comment on the wrong page earlier.
    # draw_item_stats
    def draw_item_stats
    return unless @item.is_a?(RPG::Weapon) || @item.is_a?(RPG::Armor)
    dx = 96; dy = 0
    dw = (contents.width – 96) / 4
    for i in 0…8
    draw_equip_param(i, dx, dy, dw)
    dx = (dx >= (96 + (3 * dw))) ? 96 : dx + dw
    dy += line_height if dx == 96
    # EX1 Params
    for property in YEA::STATUS::PROPERTIES_COLUMN1
    draw_ex_equip_param(property, dx, dy, dw, 1)
    dx = (dx >= (96 + (3 * dw))) ? 96 : dx + dw
    dy += line_height if dx == 96
    # EX2 Params
    for property in YEA::STATUS::PROPERTIES_COLUMN2
    draw_ex_equip_param(property, dx, dy, dw, 2)
    dx = (dx >= (96 + (3 * dw))) ? 96 : dx + dw
    dy += line_height if dx == 96
    # EX3 Params
    for property in YEA::STATUS::PROPERTIES_COLUMN3
    draw_ex_equip_param(property, dx, dy, dw, 3)
    dx = (dx >= (96 + (3 * dw))) ? 96 : dx + dw
    dy += line_height if dx == 96

    # draw_ex_equip_param
    def draw_ex_equip_param(property, dx, dy, dw, which)
    draw_background_box(dx, dy, dw)
    text = property[1]
    draw_text(dx+4, dy, dw-8, line_height, text)
    draw_ex_param(property[0], dx, dy, dw)

    # draw_ex_param
    def draw_ex_param(identifier, dx, dy, dw)
    param_id = 0
    case identifier
    when :hit
    param_id = 0
    #value = @item.xparams[param_id] #Will crash the game.
    #change_color(param_change_color(value), value != 0)
    #text =
    #text = “+” + text if value > 0
    #draw_text(dx+4, dy, dw-8, line_height, text, 2)
    #return text

  18. Just one question. I have made some changes to the item costum categorys.
    I for instance have boots, amulets, capes, rings etc. How can i make my hero whear these new types of armor? I have sed them all to the basic cloth tab. My hero is a warrior and can wear al sorts of armor available but i still cant equip these items?

  19. Hi, all of your scripts are wonderful but somewhere I’ve picked up a bug where when I have an “add item” event, the event adds 99 of that item to my inventory. Same goes for armor, equipment and the like. Gold works fine.

    Is there a way around this?

  20. Hi,
    sorry my english is not so good. I installed Ace Core and this Ace Core Item Menu but when i test the game and go to the Item Panel it shows me this Error.

    Script ‘Ace Core Item Menu’ line 1044 No MethodError
    undefined method ‘height’ for nil:nil class

    How can i fix this?

  21. Does anybody know how to get those numbers green? when im comparing gear to equipped gear, the new value is just a dull semi transparent orange, how do you set it to say green if better and red if not as good as the current equip for each attribute??

  22. Is it possible to add categories to the menu ingame with a script command?
    If I have 1 party member who uses swords there should be only “swords” in the weapon menu. If I get another party member later on in the game who uses bows I want to add the category “bows” to the menu. Cause i don’t want the player to get a spoiler which weapons future party members gonna use. Is this possible?

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  24. Is it at all possible to have certain Armors listed under the Item menu, instead of the Armor menu? I want them listed under
    Items > Runes
    and not
    Armor > Runes

    I’m trying to use this with Runic Enchantment, but it won’t display my ‘Runes’ [which are really armors] under the items category. Any way to do this?

  25. Love your script but I was wondering if I could make a request. Perhaps you could make is so categories only show if the player has that type of item in their inventory?
    Either way, thanks in advance.

    • This wouldn’t be too bad if it were possible to omit types you don’t currently possess. I don’t need to see empty tabs of Whips, Halberds, and Polehammers when I don’t have any, or even have a character who uses them yet.

      Then there’s Galv’s Battle Pets, each pet is assigned an Armor ID in the database, and each Actor gets Traits set as to whether or not a given Pet Type is equippable… so all those pets each get an empty tab under Armor. What’s worse, since the Pet only uses the Armor ID for its base stats, and is not in itself an actual armor, even if you have the pet the tab remains empty, since you don’t have the Armor it is drawing stats from.

      I could live with all the categories if the ones you didn’t have didn’t show up.

  26. I tried making an image for the items but it seems too big or too small for it to show like the icons do, any estimate on a good Picture size so it shows up well?

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  28. I was hoping someone found out a way to equip armor and weapons using only this menu system. The larger icon pics are a great idea but you have to go back into the old vanilla equipment menu with its tiny icons to equip anything.

  29. thanks for all your awesome scripts yanfly, i was wondering if there is a way to show skill listed in equipments… for example i have several accessories that grant skills and i would like to know if i can make the skill show in the inventory, i know i can put the skill name in the description of the item but i would like it to be shown with the rest of the stats, like HP, TP, applies, removes etc.

  30. This is a very good script and easy to use. but I have one issue.
    how do I remove database’s categories? I mean, I want to show only Training, Legendary, and All ones, not ‘general armour’, ‘light armour’, ‘magic armour’ and so on, because to me, there are too much categories, there, thus, kinda annoying.

    I appreciate any positive suggestion.


    • problem solved! :D
      I just need to remove some lines like,

      151 [ :types, “WPNTYPES”], # Lists all of the individual weapon types.
      160 [ :slots, “ARMSLOTS”], # Lists all of the individual armour slots.
      161 [ :types, “ARMTYPES”], # Lists all of the individual armours types.

      I was such a sloppy slime. I apologise.

  31. Hi! As sirtitas stated above the download link and, if possible, could you use an other upload place. Dropbox can’t handle too much traffic which is sad.

    You could try pastepin as it’s a very common place for “code for download”
    well anyways it looks awesome and I hope we can download it soon.

      • Yup lol, I’ve commented out every subcategory except “All” in each section, so now essentially it goes “Do you want to open the Item menu? y/n” then “Are you SURE you want to open the Item menu? y/n?” I just wanna look at all my stuff without a needless confirmation window getting in the way

  32. I added the script and it seems to work fine until I move over items that have the types “HP Damage” and “HP Drain” then I get this error:
    Script ‘Item Menu’ line 865: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘icon_index’ for nil:NilClass
    Not sure how to fix it or if maybe I did something wrong? Any advice would be helpful.

  33. How would I apply names for categories in the notetags? I understand based on the images you provided that the notetags aren’t case sensitive, but I have in mind “Low Tier”, “Mid Tier”, and “High Tier” weapon categories. Would “string” in the notetag be replaced with “low tier”, or “low_tier”?

    • The original image IS pixelated, you just cant tell because its so small, within the details shown above, it tells you how to replace the “pixelated” image with a new one. please read all instructions before hand

  34. Yanfly, your scripts are awesome. Have you ever considered adding a module onto this script that allows us to better manage icon sets? Instead of having a massive IconSet.png file (.\Graphics\System\IconSet.png) create a way to handle multiple icon files. We can already set a fancy image for an item, why not be able to set the small icon image as well :)

    Just a thought!

    • I believe iconsets are hardcoded into VXAce, i don’t think that would be possible without changing alot of things around, and in doing so, it could cause alot of compatibility errors with almost all scripts. I don’t know how to script, honestly, but i do have a deep understanding as to how it works.

  35. to remove the categories and jump directly to the items just comment these lines

    1057 @category_window.set_handler(:item, method(:open_types))
    1058 @category_window.set_handler(:weapon, method(:open_types))
    1059 @category_window.set_handler(:armor, method(:open_types))


    Sorry for my english :p

  36. This is an awesome script! Although I would like to customize it a bit and I wondered if anybody could give me a few pointers. I have basic ruby knowledge (I did the “Learn Ruby the Hard Way” thing and a few chapters of “Ruby Monk”) but in no way am I a full-fledged scripter. Anyway, I have been trying to wrap my head around this problem for a few hours but am a bit stumped (I’ll still keep looking into it by myself nonetheless, but any help would be appreciated).

    So the game I intend to make will be much more simple item-wise then other games. I will only use in-battle items, key items and 3 equipment slots: weapon, bodygear and accessories. So I would have liked to redefine commands and sub-commands:
    – Consumables (Goes straight to battle items list, no subcommand)
    – Equipment (Subcommands: Weapons (all of them), Bodygear, Accessories)
    – Key Items (Goes straight to key items, as per the script – no modification needed here)

    Thanks a lot in advance for anything!

  37. How to add applies icons to items ? “” Thank you in advance :D

  38. How do I change what this script calls stats? I renamed MP to PP, and I’d like that to remain consistent.

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