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Visual Battlers Introduction

Last Updated: 2012.07.24
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Visual Battlers is a very simple script that shows actors in battle using their default character sets. The actions and movements are alike Final Fantasy 1, only move forward and backward when start and finish actions. The script can be used with or without Ace Battle Engine. This is a good base script to create graphical changes to your games. Remember to put this BELOW all Yanfly Scripts.


PARTY_DIRECTION  This option is to set the coordinates and what direction the 
                 actors are facing.
BASE_X           This sets the X coordinate of the battlers.
BASE_Y           This sets the Y coordinate of the battlers.
MOD_X            This sets the distance between the battlers in the X coordinate.
MOD_Y            This sets the distance between the battlers in the Y coordinate.



To change the direction of the battlers in-game.  Make sure to set this in the map before any battle occurs. You only need to set it once. Put the code below in a script call:

$game_system.party_direction = n

— And that’s all, folks! —

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  2. Sorry to bother you Yanfly,it is posible to change the distance between actors? The are very close…
    Thanks you very much Yanfly! You are the best.
    Here is a little screenshot of your battle system,along with Cwinter ATB and Victor Sant Direct Command,it is very compatible.
    Excuse me for my bad English and greetings from Argentina.

  3. Fantastic Script, you guys! A simple touch to enhance the battle scene!~

    Curious though… when someone dies in battle, their character still remains on the field. Just wanted to check if I was missing something to change that.

    Thanks again, guys! :)

  4. Awesome script!

    As the poster above, I’m curious about why characters remain on the field after they’ve died. That’s probably the only thing I don’t like about this script.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the good work. =)

    • That is a small bug in the script, I do not think that has been in the plans of the authors that the dead characters remain in the battlefield …
      Thanks you very much for the script Yanfly,Yami,Kread Ex and Archeia Nessiah.

  5. Love the script BTW, but I was wondering if you can make some spells not trigger the forward motion? I would prefer for only aggressive spells to cause it, while friendly spells keep the caster in place.

  6. I’d like to know if the ‘Death Common Event’ would have any special commands for this (in the common event, i’ve tried transparency) or if there would be
    an add-on to set it to a graphic, much like efeberk’s, but instead of a single file,
    you could set it to the ‘Damage’ RTP sprites like actor5_3 for Rick or something.

    @Archeia Nessiah: Have you finished a script for that? A transparency like the monster collapse would be great…

      • efeberk edited Jet’s battle script, but his version required a custom character sprite upon death. I was wondering if you/yami could script an add-on (to visual battlers)
        where upon the characters death, they either change to a graphic or become transparent, instead of staying in the same position with the sprite in the stepping animation. Or is there something I have missed? If a feature similar already exists that is compatible with this script? Again I have already tried the Death Common Event script and ended up with no results.

        Sorry, if I wasn’t clear before. I feel like i’m repeating myself though.

      • Ok thanks you. I understand it’s a simple add-on, I will try the symphony battle system again. Though last time i tried i got an error with the frame-rate and the ‘jump’ for the attack.

  7. Maybe he is talking about a feature that changes the character of the actors when they are dead or affected by a state…

    • Yes thank you, a little more simple explaination. A better example would be like the
      Kaduki battle system from VX, but maybe just colors during a state would be a good jumping off point.Thanks Marcos ^.^

  8. I honestly must be derping about this or something but I can’t find out how to make the Battle Processing: UP like it is in the picture. All I want to do if get my character to face upward due to VX Ace’s monster system to match better. Unless i’m not supposed to add “$game_system.party_direction = n” to the troop script call but rather somewhere else…

    • She named that troop UP so it would be Battle Processing: UP *lol*
      All you need is configure the direction at the header or use $game_system.party_direction = n in script call (before use Battle Processing)

    • You can also go into the script itself and set which direction you want the default battle system to be in.

      This starts at line 115 in my script:

      PARTY_DIRECTION = 6 # This direction is opposite from actual direction.


      # Index => [base_x, base_y, mod_x, mod_y],

      2 => [ 250, 290, 40, 0], #UP

      4 => [ 150, 280, 20, -20], #LEFT

      3 => [ 460, 280, 30, -10], #RIGHT

      6 => [ 430, 230, 30, 20], #DEFAULT RIGHT

      8 => [ 260, 230, 40, 0], #DOWN

      } # Do not remove this.

      So just set your direction to 2 and your battles will all be in the UP direction. Hope that helps.

  9. I get this error when ever I go into a battle after I installed this script:

    “Script ‘Sprite_Battler’ line 80: TypeError occurred.

    no implicit conversation from nil to integer”

  10. Great script, only lacking something to see a KO’d battler.
    Maybe rotating the sprite 90 degrees, lowering it to what would be its ground level, and making it stop moving?

    • Okay, nevermind, I made it myself. I’m just going to post it right here in this reply, it’s that alright? I guess if it’s not right it can be removed.

      In the script, under “Game_BattleCharacter”, you have to add
      def step_anime=(step_anime)
      @step_anime = step_anime
      probably under the setup_actor def would be a good idea.
      and then, inside “Spriteset_Battle”, find “def update_actors” and add this just inside it, over “if @current_party…”:
      for actor in $game_party.battle_members
      if $game_party.battle_members[actor.index].death_state?
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_sprite.angle = -90
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_base.step_anime = false
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_sprite.angle = 0
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_base.step_anime = true
      It’s just something I made by trial and error, and there might be better, more efficient ways to do this (and this just rotates the dead character and makes it stop moving anyway), but at least it’s there.
      I hope I’m not angering anyone by having made this quick and dirty code hack.

    • … Damn… This was supposed to be a reply to Tolang’s reply to Acheia’s reply.
      I mean, it’s nice not to have giant reply pyramids, but not being able to connect replies up to a certain point is… Frustrating.

    • I made it. You have to add what I posted here first: (just a few comments above), and then change

      if $game_party.battle_members[actor.index].death_state?
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_sprite.angle = -90
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_base.step_anime = false
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_sprite.angle = 0
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_base.step_anime = true


      if $game_party.battle_members[actor.index].death_state?
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_sprite.angle = -90
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_base.step_anime = false
      elsif @actor_sprites[actor.index].battler.moving?
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_sprite.angle = 0
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_base.step_anime = true
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_sprite.angle = 0
      @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_base.step_anime = false

      This includes the whole “drop dead” thing I made in first place, you can remove it if you don’t need it (just remove the first “if” and its contents)
      Hope this helps!

      • Sorry to bother you Barreytor,can you please upload your moddified version of the script? I cant get it to work,excuse me for my bad English and greetings from Argentina.
        PD: No creo que Yanfly,Kread Ex,Archeia y Yami se enojen,al contrario… Le estas dando una mano para que ellos puedan continuar con sus vidas,debe ser muy dificial escuchar las sugerencias de todas las personas que quieren mejoras en el script.

      • Hey Barreytor!

        Thanks for the quick edit!

        By any chance, could you edit it the script so that when the characters a inflicted with sleep state, the characters will stand still with a “Zzz” bubble over its head?

        (If the bubble, isn’t possible could you just make it stand still?)

        I mean it really bothers me that the characters still move as if they were awake when they’re actually asleep. =\

  11. @Marcos(Megablackdragon31)
    I’m not really helping that much. I only happened to wander around here at the right time, and wanted to try to add these small changes in the script.
    Heck, I don’t really know about RGSS3 scripting, I’m just throwing stuff at a wall and see what sticks. I didn’t know how to upload it as a file, so I put it as a paste in one of those pasting sites:
    I even added a variable to choose whether you want them moving while they’re still or not.
    PD: Habría respondido directamente a tu respuesta, pero no resulta posible.
    Espero que te sirva, saludos desde España.

    • For some reason that doesn’t copy well when I try to paste it on a .txt or in the RPG Maker. Could you make a .txt or .rb file and upload it to an upload host (like Mediafire, for example)? Thanks in advance.

      • Nevermind, I used wordpad and it worked. :)

        Btw, I think I found a bug (but I don’t know if it’s fron yours modification or from the original script): when a character dies and an ally uses an item or spell to revive them, it doesn’t display the animation asociated with that spell or item.

      • Funciona muy bien,muchas gracias! Por fin encuentro alguien con quien hablar en castellano… Feliz año nuevo y buena suerte con sus futuros projectos.
        Maese Mateo: That is strange… The resurrection animations are working for me,maybe i should upload it in pastebin,just in case.

      • Hi Mateo, A very long time has passed, but I have same issue like you,
        the revives animation didn’t work at my dead character, but I tried to make
        revives animation on my potion and the animation works fine for live character.
        After I do some research about this, the problem is not from the animation, but
        it’s look like the system can’t detect the target when the target is dead, because I change the animation into flashy screen and the flash screen works nice but not the graphic animation. Hopefully you know what I mean..
        And it’s not a bug from VisualBattlerEngine nor Barreyto Script,I tried to remove all Yanfly Scripts and leave only YanflyBattleEngine, and it turns out that this animation problem is already there. I don’t know if it’s happen only in my case..
        But I want to know if you have found out how to solve this issue, maybe you can hepl me.. Thanks

    • Hey, Barreytor, i kinda need ur help, ik u pretty much dont know much about the scrpiting with RGSS3 but i was wondering if there was a way to change the battle direction to match that of facing upward, like when ur walkign on the map pointing up, i have some 4 legged characters in my game and im needing them to face this direction so their legs arnt up in the air looking all derpy when they die, if you could help, thanks =3

  12. Hey I am sort of a noob at scripting since i just got rpg maker vx ace like 3 days ago but i was wondering if there is a way to make my characters weapon do an animation when i slash an enemy

  13. does not work, an error appears:
    Script ‘Sprite_Battler’ line 82: TypeError occurred.
    the implicit conversion to integer nil
    Help me please.

  14. I put $game_system.party_direction = 2 in the script call but nothing has changed (actors are still on the right) I also tried setting conditions to turn no. 0

    How do I fix this?

  15. im sorry to be a bother but would some one be able to help me? im not realy sure how to change the direction of the party. i wanted them facing up.

  16. Any way to make is to that when the actor moves backward (move_backward) he continues facing the enemy (after moving forward and performing the action)? Right now, when the actor moves back to his original “spot”, he faces away from the enemy for a few frames. It would be great if he could always face the enemy, and would just walk backward.


  17. Hello.

    I know that a couple of comments above, some one made an addition to the script that showed the “KO’d” characters as unmoving and facing upwards. Normally when a character dies using this script, nothing happens. I tried to add this to the script on its own but ending up just making it worse.

    Can someone post the script with this addition in possibly? Thank you kindly.

  18. Is is possible to have different images rather then the actual characters sprites instead such as the face image instead or a custom image in the graphics folder?

  19. Instead of “return false if dead? or !exist” at Line 359, I’d like to modify it so that if dead? it calls a new method that I plan to create, but if !exist it returns false. I plan to just create a method that will rotate the actor’s sprite by 90 degrees when they’re dead. I can handle that. I’m just not sure how to make it call the script here. Any help, please?

  20. The script looks nice but it badly needs taking damage, downed party member sprites & victory animations. Another nitpick would be that it would be nice if we could also specify weapon animations for the characters.
    Perhaps you could add an array with the member ID and the charactersheet/picture to use for these conditions?

    • It’s supposed to be a VERY SIMPLE SCRIPT, as the description says, for you to work on for any further customization. And the victory animation is in there IIRC since it’s just like FF6 with the turning dance. If you wanted more then go check the other 12+ sideview battle scripts out there that already exist. Or Battle Engine Symphony which directly supports YF scripts.

      • Good to know that we have permission to modify this script and add on to it. I was thinking about making this the guts to the battle system I am planning, and since there is now no need to reinvent the wheel I will work from here.

        Proper credit for coding the base of anything I do will be given, of course.

  21. Is there a way to make the actor image a picture rather than an animated sprite?
    for example: pokemon battles show large images of the battlers rather than small sprites. Many thanks!

    • The Yanfly Battle Engine essentially does this by default. Unless you mean that you want the actor’s portrait to show up in the “field of battle” rather than in the Status Window. In that case, you’ll probably want a different script altogether–if you’re aiming for a Pokemon look, anyway. Given the system, though, I’m having a hard time visualizing any way to make such a thing look even half-decent with VX Ace.

      The functionality of this script is to emulate the system of the original Final Fantasy (which it does perfectly). If you want something “fancier,” then you’ll need to go with Victor’s scripts to accommodate that. One way or another, you’re likely going to end up having to draw your own sprites if you want a portrait of your characters viewed from the back (a la Pokemon).

      • Yes, I know, I love the YEA and its functionalities but my idea was that in the script where it shows the sprite, you could just format it to show a picture. The Victor Script is exactly the view I am referring to, but Im not sure its functional with the Yanfly scripts I use. I suppose Ill test it out.

        Thank you

    • Are you sure they won’t work together? As long as they don’t overwrite the same things, a lot of scripts are compatible or easily made that way.

      • Yea, Ive tried and it says that Victor engine is required cuz it pulls alot of its code from Victor engine

    • The Victor Engine works just fine with Yanfly’s Engine and Yanfly’s Battle Engine. Most of Victor’s scripts require the Victor Engine… but that’s okay, because Victor’s Engine is very basic and changes very little. It certainly won’t get in the way of most of Yanfly’s scripts.

      • You didn’t get curious at any point in the past 10~ days and try to throw the Victor Basic Module into your project to see what happens?

        Most of Victor’s scripts require the Victor Basic Module. I haven’t ran into one yet that didn’t require it, so as a general rule if you’re using one of Victor’s scripts, you’ll have to have the Victor Basic Module or they won’t work.

        If you want to use Script A and Script B, but Script B tells you that it requires Script C, why would you assume that the problem is an incompatibility between Script A and Script B or between Script A and Script C? Generally speaking, if Script B tells you it won’t work without Script C, it usually means that you need to download Script C. You may find out later that Script A and Script B won’t work together, but unless you get the Script C that Script B requires, you won’t get that far.

  22. Hey, how might I make certain enemies not move forward when they perform an action? Like if you have a tree enemy, is there some kind of comment that will make them always stationary?

  23. Excuse me Yanfly and everyone. I’m fairly new to RPG Maker VX Ace and I was wondering does this script that shows battlers also show the character faces and hp bars on the battle screen? If not can someone direct me to a script that does?

    Sorry to sound like such a newb. I just figured I’d ask.

  24. Yanfly!
    Where is your Animated enemies?
    Where you can give each enemy a animation in the animation database!
    I miss that on ACE!

  25. Hey Yanfly, I noticed that you didn’t answer Pixel Brady’s question so I’ll ask again. Is it possible to let the monsters have a stepping cycle just like your heroes? I would like to use sprites for both sides but I looks strange if the characters are moving but the monsters stay still. Everything else is exactly like I wanted it, by the way so thanks already. Would really appreciate an answer, though.

    • If you read the description, it emulates very early FFs (1-6 to be exact). Where only the characters are moving and monsters are static. If you want them to move then look for Rhyme’s Animated Enemies or use Battle Engine Symphony.

      • Oh alright, I see. Sorry, I guess I should have read more closely although I didn’t play FF so I would have had no Idea.
        Thank you very much for your reply!

  26. I’m having problems with the script at line 611. Where it says Script ‘Spriteset_Battle’ line 611:Name Error occurred. Undefined method ‘update_actors’ for class ‘Spriteset_Battle’

    • I was somehow able to fix the problem. But now I have another problem that says : SystemStackError occurred. Stack level too deep.

  27. I would like the heroes to not be in stepping animation when idle (Not their turn, or simply only do their step animation when moving forward/backward during/after an attack). Can someone help me with that?

  28. I’m trying to make the players appear as in the behind view but in the script I can’t get them to move, so I’m certain I’m doing something wrong, what would that be? o_o

  29. Thank you so much for this script! I have a small problem that hasn’t been mentioned yet. At the start of the battle I got this error

    So, I removed the Battle Command List script. Things were working but then I got this error

    The only scripts I’m using are YanFlys. However, the only script I’m not using is Melosx’s script which allows me to use RMXP sprites in VX ace. I use those char sets as my visual battler here in ace. I get the error 50% of the time. Sometimes the battle will work perfectly and then sometimes I get this error…Any ideas anyone?

  30. Sorry I’m A beginner, but I keep getting this error message “Script sprite battler line 80 type error occured no implicit conversion from nil to integer” can you tell me what this means and how to fix it?

  31. Thank you Yanfly for another amazing script.
    I used to use Victors script but kept having issues with character placement and such. I recently made a thread on RPG Maker VX Ace Forums about an add on for this script and I thought if I mentioned it you outright, it might actually be implemented.
    Basically, is it possible to take the icons set for weapons and have them appear for your default attack? That way, depending on what you have equipped, the attack would appear different, It would add further detail to battle and general depth to a game.

    This is a link to the thread I posted

    Thanks for your time

  32. Hi I like the idea of implementing Barreytor’s changes into the original script to rotate fallen characters 90 degrees, however up until now I’ve only ever used Jet’s battlers which have the flexibility to change the graphic if needed for other inflicted states. Is there a way to combine the two or at least tweak it a little to change the sprite set used for a state?

    • Google “Paint.Net download”. It’s a program that’s excellent at working with PNG files, and resizing monsters only takes a few clicks. It’s best to save the resized monsters in your game folder (in Battlers), but you could just overwrite the RSP files if you wanted. With you can resize and edit any PNG in the game, including Tilesets, Battlebacks, and so on. You can also flip the Rats so they face the party, instead of having their backs to the party.

  33. Hey,
    since the “ACTORS_WALK_WHEN_STILL” got removed I don’t know how to approach this problem myself. Although the script description says that characters “only move forward and backward when start and finish actions” mine don’t. My characters keep walking in place, even when waiting :/

  34. I am running in to the same problem that a few others have encountered but I haven’t seen an answer for.

    I can not get resurrection animations to work.

    I have tried setting the animation to screen. Having it set to One Ally (Dead) or All Allies (Dead) did not fix the problem.

    I have tried Marcos script, pasted earlier in the thread. That, also, did not work.

    I removed other scripts, that did not help. I have posted the scripts, their authors, and the order at the bottom of this post.

    I prefer to use this script as it is simple and perfectly captures the feel I want.

    Any ideas?

    Info Page
    Crafting System – Both Mr. Bubble
    Victory Aftermath
    Ace Shop Options
    Menu Cursor – Yanfly
    State Animations
    Battle View
    Enemy HP Bars – V.M of D.T

  35. Would it be possible to add an option to highlight the actor when its their turn or play a looping animation over them, just to make it more visually appealing.

  36. Hey I was wondering if this had some commands that I could use to make sprite enemies attack like my party and if there was any kind of code that can make the characters look like their actually using a weapon: swinging motion, shooting arrows with bows, bullets with guns, etc? I remember doing this with another Battle Script a few years, but it had some issues that I couldn’t fix.

  37. I keep on getting an error with game interperater :/

    Script’Game_Interpreter’ line 90:NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method for ‘List’ for nil:NilClass.

    I am using other yanfly scripts :/

    • more specifically im using the following scripts from Yanfly:
      Core, Battle, Log, Party, Element Popup, States, Skill Restriction, Party Addon, Weapon attack replace, status menu, menu engine, aftermath, JP, and Adjust Limits.

  38. I have encountered a bug with Visual Battlers: Script ‘Yanfly Engine Ace – Visual Battlers v1.0’ line 296: TypeError occurred. Nil can’t be coerced into Fixnum.
    The scripts I have are: Yanfly Engine Ace – Battle Engine Add-On: Enemy HP Bars v1.10, Yanfly Engine Ace – Visual Battlers v1.01, Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Message System v1.05, Yanfly Engine Ace – Party System v1.08, Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Battle Engine v1.22 and Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Core Engine v1.09.
    Also, if I am posting this in the wrong place, may someone inform me?

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  40. Excuse me. This is the first time I’ve had a problem with any scripts I’ve gotten from this site. For some reason, the characters aren’t appearing in battle. Is there anything specific I have to do?

    If it helps, I’m using the High Fantasy Resource Pack I.

    • Nevermind, I fixed it. The script that comes with the pack was causing the players not to appear in battle.

      • Now I’m having an issue with the ‘ACTORS_WALK_WHEN_STILL’. I have it set to false but the party members are still ‘walking’ when they’re idle/it’s not their turn.

  41. Hey guys.. where/how do I change enemy’s placement in the databse>troops tab. I have created a switch, where I have made switch 009 ”change enemy” make two slimes change position with $game_system..etc etc. But it has not changed the enemy position. Help!


  42. i have a problem when my sprite has to attack i get a error saying: undefined method ‘moving?’ for #
    i’m bad with scrips so i dont know what to do

  43. Hey there!
    Wonderful script, but I am having an issue, related to the sprite I guess.
    It seems that my party is walking on the spot, and not standing still, any idea how to fix this?

  44. In mode PARTY_DIRECTION = 2
    PARTY_LOCATION_FORMULA_X = “base_x + mod_x * (0.5+index – $game_party.members.size.to_f/2)”
    will center your team.
    Not tested in other mode (because not tried to do it)
    Not tested if you modify number of members during a battle

  45. Hello, Im using YanFly Ace party system and I Have 8 party members in my party at one point for a boss fight. My problem is they all line up into 1 line! is there a way I can sort them in 2 lines of 4?

  46. I think there’s something wrong with this script. I set it up as instructed. I type in 2 for my characters in the bottom & the enemy on top. But it goes on the default right. Then I type in 3 (which also goes right). It takes my characters up. I want my characters down. But this script is too damn tricky. Help please?

  47. I need to find a way to change a characters sprite during battle. Is this possible? I set it up as a common event attached to a skill, but it doesn’t change it until I leave battle.

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  49. Okay, so I got this script working fine…but please excuse what is about to sound very noob-ish. I have tried playing around with values but simply can’t pinpoint exactly what I’m looking in the script. Do you know how I would be able to create a slightly larger difference/gap in space in between the character sprites? When I have a full party of 4 it is very squished looking. Thanks for any help on this matter; I will continue to experiment in the meantime.

  50. Hello, I have a bit of trouble because I created an event where the image of the hero (char + face) is changed by a certain time or shift, however, with this battle system, ONLY the face is changed, getting the charset same as the original.

    What should I do? some kind of “transformation” of hero? (but this would change the formation of the group – Solution 2?); delete my idea, or can be changed in the script? (how).

    I need this help! =)

  51. I have a question…at the very top, the HP and MP bars are displayed with the characters picture as a background. How do you do that?

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    • It goes under Materials in the Script Editor (F11). But if you’re asking this, I’d first recommend looking at some basic vx ace scripting tutorials so you have a better understanding of exactly what is happening. After all, when you’re done, you want to be able to say that you made a game, not that you simply compiled the work of others.

  53. In Yanfly’s screen shot it shows the party members portraits at the bottom of the screen in battle yet it is not doing that for me. Does anyone know the fix to this?

  54. So im getting an error when i try to start up my game..

    Script ‘Battle System’ line1:NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘party_direction=’ for nil:NilClass

    Can anyone help? I’m pretty new to VX Ace. >_<

    • If it’s line 1 then make sure the very first symbol is directly against the edge of the script area. Sometimes copying scripts leaves the entire thing indented towards the right, I’ve had this error before. If not then try doing something to the party direciton.

  55. I’ve been using Galv’s Actor Duel script as a mini-game and it works great, but i recently installed Yanfly’s Visual Battlers script so that my game had a slight FF feeling, and every time the script call for the Actor Duel is activated, the game crashes due to conflict. Is there a way to temporarily disable a battle system, or set it to be false for the duration of the mini-game?

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  57. Ehmm, i got one problem, issue, dont know.
    Well i have this thief, so he dual wields, but when he hits, he makes the 2 animations, and after the animations the damage is shown, but i want the damage to be shown after each animation.
    If you know how to configure this, the help will be appreciated
    Thanks :D

  58. Hey Yanfly I’m using the terrain and region effects script by neon black. You’re script and his are not compatible because this message keeps coming up:

    Scrip ‘Game_Map’ line 202: NoMethodError occurred:
    undefined method ‘width’ for nil:Nilclass

    Any ideas how to solve this?
    Thank you

    • did you solve your problem ? and if you did what you did. I Have the same problem when I try to test a battle.
      thanks for your attention

  59. Whenever I load a battle the battle background is different to the one I specified in the troops tab, how can I fix this? Am I missing something? Please help!

    • Hi chloe, do you mean battleback?
      It looks like you’ve mistaken about changing the battleback.
      You can change battleback in game via event command tab 3 map section, not from troops tab. The battleback in troops tab is only for an example.
      For example you want to change the battleback for a boss battle, do it via event command before initiate the battle processing for the boss fight.
      For a different map you can always change it via event command before transfer player to the map destination.
      Try to mess with it and you understand quickly.
      Hopefully this helps, and sorry if I’m not good at explaining.

  60. Guys! I have a problem! I tried everything! Putting it below every yanfly script, putting it above every yanfly script… yet I always get this one message:

    “script ‘Sprite_Battler’ line 80: TypeError occured.
    No implicit conversion from nil to interger”

    It seems to happen in connection with the party system script. I have a 5 person party. Whenever I put middle character and the character right from it out of the party and go into a battle, I get this error! Help!

    My yanfly scripts are the core engine, the party system, the party command, the battle system, the message system, the anti fail system, the enemy hp bar, the free turn battle, the element popups, the stop movement scripts and, of course, visual battlers! Little help?

    • Wait, i noticed something: When I go into the battle with the full team, first, defeat the enemy, and then change the party the way i said i did, it doesn’t happen anymore. But still, it’s annoying. Help?

    • I noticed something again. If I never went into a battle before (1 character), add actors (the other 4 characters) and the immediately remove them from the party (using the party system outside of battle), I still get the same error. it has to do something with the party system.

    • I looked through the party system script. the error that is causing this problem is, i think, located between line 444 of the party system script and 456. I think so because it’s the only place with Sprite_Battler, where RPG maker says the error is.

      # ■ Spriteset_Battle

      class Spriteset_Battle

      # overwrite method: create_actors
      def create_actors
      total = $game_party.max_battle_members
      @actor_sprites = { }

      end # Spriteset_Battle

      I’m not a scripter, but can anyone here see if somethings wrong here, or if something around here may conflict with the visual battlers script?

    • It’s easy. You go into RPG maker, open the script editor, go down to the “>Materials” section, use your right mouse button, click insert (If there’s no space), copy the script and paste in in there. I also recommend giving the script a name. That helps in terms of overview.

  61. Is there any way to make enemies smaller? because if you see the size of the actors compared to the enemies, they are a lot bigger.

    • or photoshop, i use photoshop personaly, but you need to use and image editing program to actually change their size/direction XP

  62. I need some help. I’m using Five actors in a battle but it doesn’t look right with all five of them in a straight line. I’m trying to have three actors in front and two behind them…How do I go about doing that?

  63. Hey can someone help me :/ All was working fine and now I get this message when I try a battle
    Scrip ‘Game_Map’ line 202: NoMethodError occurred:
    undefined method ‘width’ for nil:Nilclass

  64. Does anyone know the call for changing the direction of the sprite battler during combat? im using Barreytor’s modification and i need them to face “up” when they die as if their lying on their side. i was thinking it was gonna be something like “@actor_sprites[actor.index].character_sprite.dir = 1” but its not, anyone know???

      • alright, it seems like it works for the most part, but its not updating their direction, the sprite still looks like their facing to the left while they lie down, i probably just dont know what number to use to get them to face the direction >_<

      • and just to add on, i looked in the party direction and set it to 2 (which is supposed to be up) and it didnt work >_<

  65. alright, i fixed it all by myself ^w^ IM LEARNING
    ther error was here, between lines 643 and 646 (which changed to 647)
    i added a line making it like this:
    643 if $game_party.battle_members[actor.index].death_state?
    644 @actor_sprites[actor.index].character_sprite.angle = YEA::VISUAL_BATTLERS::DEAD_ANGLE

    644 is the line i added, it looks like u forgot to add it, cuz now when i die, the direction actually changes, so maybe add that into ur mod so it changes the direction properly XP its mostly a quick fix for my own game, but im sure it could be used

      • Should have tested it. Turns out it’s the “if this” either didn’t work or something. Removed it and updated the paste, it should work now.

  66. Hello there yanfly. I love this script!:P
    There is one thing i was wondering though.. Is there a way to put a shadow under
    the sprites in battle for a little more realistic effect??
    Thank you in advance:)

  67. Hi, great script, is there a way to change the actor’s sprites mid-battle? I’ve tried using the Event Command “Change Actor Graphic”, but the sprites remain the same until after the battle.

  68. Is there any way to animate the enemies as well? It’s a little awkward to see animated players fighting stagnant enemy sprites.

  69. I’ve found a bit of an issue with this script that occurs when – in a party of more than one character – if I remove one character I receive an error that says:

    “Script ‘Sprite_Battler’ line 80: TypeError occurred.

    no implicit conversion from nil to integer”

    I noticed others with this error, and put this script at the bottom of all others, but still receive the error.
    Any ideas why?

  70. Thanks for the Script first Yanfly. I wanted to ask anyone if they knew the coordinates for placing the main character battlers on the left side facing right instead of facing left… Can anyone help?

  71. For the guys who gehts the strange Error:

    Script ‘Sprite_Battler’ line 80: TypeError occurred.

    no implicit conversion from nil to integer

    just change in “Visual Battlers” this line:
    total = $game_party.max_battle_members

    to this line:
    total = $game_party.battle_members.size

    It tries to draw more players for the battle then you actually have in your battle-formation


    You have 10 Chars and 5 could fight. Then remove 2 from your battle-formation so that actually 3 Chars would only in battle.

    But because you could fight with 5 he tries to draw 2 chars which aren’t there

  72. So I decided to use this script. But I’m having a hard time changing the player’s position. They stay on the right no matter what I do. Here’s what I’m trying to do.

    O O

    So where in the script can I adjust it? And how do I go about it?

    • Please disregard the O’s. I was trying to make an example of what I’m trying to do and they won’t let me edit my post. But yeah, I’m trying to get the players in the down position facing the enemies.

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  74. Is there a way to make the enemy also use the default character set and use the forward motion when attacking? This would be useful when having actors fight other human characters in the game. Thanks!

  75. Hi I am having an issue with the character placements. I’m new to dealing with scripts so I don’t to mess around too much. My top characters are appearing on the walls or trees of the battle background.

    What values should I put in or change to get them appearing on the floor properly?

    I think there’s an image above that shows the issue.

  76. Hello, may I know whether you can do party row? Like front row and behind row to press the damaged so the back row won’t have many damaged like in the front

  77. Hello there, I’ve been using this script alot but for my new project i need to know if there is a way to have more than 4 active members in a battle i need to know how to do that since i’ve only used plug&play scripts till now. I want to know how i can have my whole party (10 actors) in my battle.

    Thanks ahead.

  78. Hey everyone! I can’t figure out how to make the battle system view from behind the actors.The picture at the top that shows $game_system.party_direction = n. I’m not sure where I need to put this and I don’t know what “Battle Processing: UP” is/how to input it. I’m an RPG Maker noob so it is probably something very simple.

  79. Hey man. I can’t figure out how to move my actors down closer to the menu so it doesn’t look like they are walking on the walls or floating in mid air. I’m using the Yanfly Visual Battlers. You can change the coordinates within the script, but I am failing to change the coordinates successfully.

  80. Hey, nice script :) I have a small problem.

    When my player levels up, it’s supposed to say LUK 5 > 10 or something right?

    This is weird… For some reason it says 6И or something like that, do you know how I can fix this?

  81. Hi everybody, Im new in this world, I gotta say this script is awesome! but I have one problem, I cant see my charaters :/ no error message just I cant see my characters. Thanks in advance

  82. Thank you for this brilliant script. I’ve been putting it to good use for years, and it’s perfect for recreating that old FF vibe.

    My question is this: how can you change an actor’s battler sprite in battle? I’ve tried through skills/common events to have skills that alter an actor in battle by changing the sprite but it doesn’t update in battle. Is there a fix to this or an alternate course of action?

    (Ex: If I want a skill that changes an actors’ appearance to a frog in battle or has an actor switch costumes. Right now, nothing happens.)

    Thanks again.

    • Use custom skills and a custom state. Add a script to your game, look into coding custom skills (I haven’t messed with RPGM in about two years so don’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s simple). Then, before you write the damage formula, set a.state(n) (or something to that effect) (a is the attacker; b is the target; c – z are usable as local variables) where n is your frog state, and modify the state so that it changes the actor into a frog. It’s a bit convoluted, but it’s flexible, and it’s best practice to break things down into several parts so that things can be modified as needed without having to redo everything.

    • I doubt the actor updates the attacking actor sprite during a skill use, but it will update the sprite upon the application of a state. That’s almost certainly what’s happening here.

  83. Is it possible to had weapon graphics to the battlers’ animation?
    Like showing the weapon when the charecter attacks?

  84. I’m have a NoMethodError on line 138 whenever I try to test this script. The popup says

    “Script ‘Yanfly Visual Battlers’ line 138: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘SETUP_actor’ for #”

    I’ve tried reinstalling multiple times, but nothing fixes it. Any ideas?

  85. Hello. Can someone give me the exact coordinates to make my characters appear up from down rather than facing to the left from the right?

  86. I followed directions exactly by copy n pasting script into materials, in order from ace eng, to ace battle eng, to visual battlers, and i still see nothing.

  87. Hello…Is this compitable with Ace Battle Engine? I want to use this script for a game where you can have up to 8 actors in your party..

    Please don’t mind my bad english…

  88. Amazing script, i love it!
    However, i have a problem; in certain battles, i have a battler that pops out from party and then return in turn 3. When the actor return, it gaves me a error of undefined method (due to the actor is destroyed and so their methods). I’m not an expert in rgss3, so there is any way to call the inicialization of the visual battler in middle of the battle?

  89. Um when i used these scripts and playtested a battle it gives the error could not find eric_battler know how to fix this?

  90. I’m having a problem with my battlers. I wanted to move them down just a bit, but now they are under the player panel and no matter what i do, they wont go back to their old spots, can someone please help me with this?

  91. For those who want to have multiple rows, you have to use a modulo. For example :

    6 => [ 460, 275, 30, 25], #DEFAULT RIGHT

    PARTY_LOCATION_FORMULA_X = “base_x + (index%2)*mod_x*2”
    PARTY_LOCATION_FORMULA_Y = “base_y + index * mod_y – (index%2)*mod_y”

  92. Ok I’m trying to use the visual battler system but it doesn’t seem to want to work in my game. I already have the core and the battle engine. I also am using your menu script. Also I’m using Yami Basic and all of the Yami guardian scrip what do I have to do to get this to work in my project?

  93. Hello! I wonder if you guys intend to add more functions to the script, because I have a few wishes:

    * Add shadow, just in chars
    * Allow edit the position of each hero individually
    * Centralize when only own a hero (think the above option fixes this)
    * And move to the target enemy, running or jumping … and also jump when they win the battle

    thank you!

  94. Would it be possible to hide the actor sprites but sustain other features? I like it how the enemies also move down and up as they cast, and I’d like to have this feature, but without the actor sprites (so that it would be first-person view.)

    • Not unless you draw the animations yourself; they don’t exist in the default assets–they’re just still images. Doing some simple, Nes-style animations shouldn’t be difficult, though you’d then have to code the changing of the sprites. That would be really fun. If you’ll draw the animations, I’ll write the code.

      • I’ve wanted to this as well. I’ve already drawn some of the animations. If you have the code, I’d love to try it out! :)

  95. Hi! I love the script, but I’ve recently purchased Effectus to eliminate lag, and the sprites are now no longer showing up on the screen. Sometimes, they will even show up in the upper left corner of the screen. Any chance anyone knows how to get around this?

    • As a matter of fact, yes! It sounds like your sprites are in the way upper left corner, which means that you’ll need to edit the starting location for the direction you are having them face. Check out lines 53-68 to change it. Hope tat helps!

      • Hey Lewis! Thanks for the response. I’m trying to get the positioning right, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Effectus is still not allowing the characters to draw. Sometimes I get an error in Effectus about not being able to Fixnum or from the Visual Battlers: Line 974, “can’t convert NilClass into Bitmap.”

        Any suggestions?

      • Hm… No clue. I know very little about scripting :/ Is it possible you have a conflicting script? You could also try redownloading it. Maybe you accidentally deleted something without noticing. Those are my best guesses. Hope that helps

      • I’ll have to keep digging then. Everything works fine until I put the Effectus Script back in. And Effectus is a Performance Enhancing script that costs $20. Eliminating lag is important – especially when I spent money on it.

  96. Hi there everybody! I was wanting to use custom animations that are based on the Final Fantasy games, but all the ones that target the player show up away from the battle sprites. I assumed it must have just been the animations, but I decided to test it on some enemies. They worked fine targeting enemies, but not the battle sprites.. Please, can somebody help me out? Thank you in advance!

  97. I’ve found a problem when implementing the KO’d characters addition (where they appear lying down and idle) with this script. It works great until I use my Flee skill (which uses the Special Event- Escape). Is the Escape special flag compatible with the KO sideways addition?


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  100. I’ve tried to use this method to get my characters onto the screen (obviusly), but My characters end up on the wrong side.
    PARTY_DIRECTION = 6 # This direction is opposite from actual direction. I edited the following script areas:

    # Index => [base_x, base_y, mod_x, mod_y],
    2 => [ 250, 290, 40, 0], #UP
    4 => [ 150, 280, 20, -20], #LEFT
    3 => [ 460, 280, 30, -10], #RIGHT
    6 => [ 460, 230, 20, 20], #DEFAULT RIGHT
    8 => [ 260, 230, 40, 0], #DOWN
    } # Do not remove this.

    location = ($game_system.party_direction ||
    @actor.origin_x = @actor.screen_x
    @actor.origin_y = @actor.screen_y
    @actor.create_move_to(screen_x, screen_y, 1)

    but i don’t know where i’m messing up. Can I have a helping hand with this?

  101. Hello beautiful folks at Yanfly, I’m having a problem and receiving this error when entering any battle calling the script to set the party’s direction:

    —“Script ‘Sprite_Battler’ line 80: TypeError Occurred.

    —no implicit conversion from nil to integer”

    The specified line reads as follows:

    —self.x = @battler.screen_x

    Lines 81 and 82 are the same but with the Y and Z coordinates of course.
    Any idea as to why this error is occurring?

  102. Hello,

    I just tried to download this script through your Dropbox link but it says that the file no longer exists there. Is there another way to download this script?


  103. Is there any way to make a death effect for actors? If there is, please do, if not difficult. I would be immensely grateful.

  104. First of all let me say thank you to the scripters for all of your hard work, and thank you for making this free to all of us. :)

    I have a few questions. 1. How do I remove the actor graphic from the battle menu? Under the intro comments in the section “Visual Battle Status Menu” it states that instead of having just plain menus with actor stats, it now has the actor graphics. But I don’t want those. I’ve looked through the script but I’m no expert, so I’m not seeing where I can change this.

    2.Is there any way to highlight the actor sprite when their menu is up (since I don’t plan on having the actor graphic)?

    3. Is there a way to show a victory dance/spin, FF style?

    4. How do I change the message “(Actor)’s party was victorious!” ? I’d like to get rid of that and change the position and background of the other part of the message (what money, items, exp, etc was earned or found).

    Thank you so much in advance!

  105. Hey this entry is way overdue but I thought I might ask anyway, Is there a way to get the animation overhaul on the battle core like you did in the VX ver. for ace? The overhaul I’m talking about is, the one that actors use the 8 Dir. and the various poses like victory and casting during battle. How do I go about obtaining something like that?

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