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Last Updated: 2014.03.22
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A missing feature from RPG Maker XP. Status effects had animations replaying on them constantly to indicate that a user was affected by a state. Only the state with the highest priority and possesses an animation will be played.

Place these tags inside of a state’s notebox.

<state ani: x>

Causes the status effect to play battle animation x repeatedly on the battler if the battler is affected by this state and if this state is the highest priority state with an animation.

And that’s all folks!

38 comments on “State Animations

  1. Something that just came to my mind when I looked at the screen: Is it possible to have HP/MP degeneration based on some variable? For example on the level of the character that poisoned the enemy? In my opinion that would be much more convenient, because with fixed damage, poison is more effectiv on normal monsters than on boss monsters, but the downside is simply that the fixed damage stays the same even with rising levels. Having poison deal damage depending on your level would solve that problem. :)

    • Patrick, you can use Lunatic States for that, like in Yanfly Engine Melody. I don’t have full Ace or YEA’s Lunatic States open to be particularly helpful, but the state_origin method is very useful for that kind of thing (see LSP Punishment for use of it, I think? Maybe…).

      • Thank you, Craze! But the option to include the level into the formula seems to be missing. I have to admit I don’t fully understand Lunatic stuff yet and will have to make some tests maybe. But it’s possible to copy another stat and replace the respective stat with “level” or “lvl” or whatever abbreviation is used?

    • Lunatic stuff mostly just allows you to insert script commands at convenient locations… it’s kind of like being allowed to insert any topping ANYWHERE into your burger (so we can make quintuple bun burgers with no toppings; the best kind!) ;)

      As for the Poison state you’re talking about, you can always also try using multiple poison states… or better yet, have the same skill apply secondary &/or tertiary Poison states… and by setting immunities you can have alternate Poison types for alternate enemy types. I think this is a more convenient method than using a variable like Level, given that most RPGs allow for grinding which makes it harder to balance a Level-based damage formula.

    • You can pretty much have Degen based on anything. The Lunatic Scripts already provide methods based on other stats so study the code regarding that and change it to what you need it to be.
      Remember actor.level can only derive from the actors levels since enemies do not have levels yet.

  2. @leech: Thank you. :) I will have a look at it again with regard to your allegory. :D But a level-based formula would, at least for me, not be that difficult, seeing that all my stats would go up linearly, just like the level.

    @Adalwulf: Not yet. :) I really hope enemy levels are coming. Otherwise, well, I could have “imaginary” levels for each monster in the database and give them individual poison skills based on their imaginary level.

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  4. I have a question. In the case of the enemy being under more than one state that inflicts slip damage, will it just slam the damage together at teh end of the turn? Or would it for instance show poison then 100 damage, show burn then 50 damage. Vice Versa, if a healing state was to be applied with the same values, would it just display the difference of 50 damage or would it show 100 for poison and 50 for heal?

  5. I apologize in advance if I missed it or if this is the wrong place to ask, but I was wondering if any of your scripts make it so when an actor is attacked if you could show a different face-image? I know that if an actor is poisoned, this script allows the “poison” icon to show on their picture, but I’m talking about something like if the enemy attacks character A, when the damage is done the picture flashes and maybe the image changes to one of pain. Also, if HP is below a certain point the image could change, or if the actor was dead (X_X).


  6. Is there a way to display all states at once, or in a cycling pattern, rather than simply the one state with highest priority? I’d like to be able to have my players’ enemies show all the states affecting them. I suppose this might be done with Enemy_Target_Info, but I was looking for a more obvious option without additional menus being necessary.

  7. Any chance of an update for this to work with Victor Engine Actor Battlers/Animated Battle? It doesn’t work.

  8. could someone plz make a modification so that the animations cycle through the states if a battler has more than one? i would even pay a small bit for it :)

  9. this script is cool but it doesn’t completely work. The animations on your party seem to turn off if they get attacked again sometimes.

  10. Not sure if it’s a bug or not, but if a skill is used that has the same animation cells as the state animation, the state animation will cease. Anyone know of a fix for this?

    • A way around it is to make a copy of the graphics in the animation folder (eg, for poison, copy the state1 file), then make your state use animation from that copied file instead of the original.

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  12. I may be doing something wrong, but I can’t get this to work. Like, at all.
    So, say my poison-state animation is animation 040. In the poison state’s notebox, I type (state ani: 40), right? (but with greater-than/less-than brackets instead of parentheses). This is what I’ve done for each of my game’s states, and I can’t get a single one of them to show up either in battletest or playtest.
    Right now, I’m only using other Yanfly scripts, including the Visual Battler script. I would have thought all of Yanfly’s scripts were compatible, but is the Visual Battler script somehow interfering with the State Animations script? I notice the screenshot above isn’t a visual/sideview battle.

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    • You can create your own shorter, looping, animation for each state you wish to have an animation in the Animation setting/creating window. They will appear more natural than those pre-made animations that doesn’t loop.

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