Element Absorb

Last Updated: 2012.01.23
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Absorbing elements have been taken out of RPG Maker VX Ace despite being a possible feature in the past RPG Maker iterations. This script brings back the ability to absorb elemental rates by applying them as traits for actors, classes, weapons, armours, enemies, and states.

If a target is inherently strong against the element absorbed, then more will be absorbed. If the target is inherently weak to the element absorbed, then less will be absorbed. The rate of which absorption takes effect is dependent on the target’s natural affinity to the element.

These notetags can be added to Actors, Classes, Weapons, Armours, Enemies, and/or States.

<element absorb: x>
<element absorb: x, x>

Grants a trait to absorb element x and heal the battler.

And that’s all, folks!

36 comments on “Element Absorb

  1. I hope you decide to do something similar to the Element Affinities from YEM (S, A, B, C, D, E) where weapons, armours, items, skills affect the levels.

  2. I set the element absorb in the actor/class notebox, but when the enemy hits the actor, instead of absorbing the damage, it shows up as “immune”.

  3. If you set the target’s resistance to the element it absorbs, it’ll affect how much absorption is done. It’s a part of the script that’s already there (it wasn’t working until I realised that I made my monster absorb normal attacks, but had set its resistance to physical. The database doesn’t allow you to set an enemy’s resistance to normal attack).

  4. What do the second absorb x, x mean exactly?
    I’m confused what I’m supposed to put there.
    For example if I have fire set as 1 on my element list, then it would look like:

    So what does the do?

    • I’ve been wondering this same thing. I know it’s years later, but I’m actually just now getting into RPGMVXA and this is something I’ve really been trying to figure out. I already have the Core and Battle engines as well as a few others.
      Is anyone still paying attention to this that can answer this one please?

  5. Okay I’m confused. I know where to put the note tags but where do I find the numbers to set the elements to absorb. Is it from the states in the database? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question. I’m new to using scripts.

  6. Hello! This is one awesome script, combined with the Element Repel-one it can get some heavy SMT-setups going. That said, would it be possible to make it so that Absorption uses a different sound effect than normal healing like most newer Shin Megami Tensei-titles have that funny BWEOO-sound instead of normal heal sound?

  7. I have this script installed but still cannot figure out to use it. I am trying to make it where certain monsters in game heal when you hit them with their own element. How do I actually do it?

    • Now I’m not one who made this script, but I can still try to help you out. (Having used this script lots.) All you have to do is to copy the above notetag into the enemy’s notebox and change “x” into the number of the element from the database.

      Let’s say you have an ice enemy that you want to drain ice-attacks, ice-element is #4 in the “Terms”-page, so you’d just put the notetag to the enemy’s notebox, change that “x” to 4 and presto! Hit it with an ice-elemental attack and it heals instead. Hope this helped!

    • I finally got the script added, added the engine and I’m curious what the means, I understand that the 1st line is the element being absorbed as by default element 8 is Wind in the database, but what’s with the part? is it degree or for the purpose of absorbing multiple elements without placing 5 times in one note box? I’m still playing with this script but so far it doesn’t absorb the element. I have the Yanfly engine and the Element Absorb, is there another script needed to add into it?

  8. Can I make it so a target is damaged by a skill that would heal?
    I want undead characters to be hurt by Holy healing skills and such.

  9. Alguem poderia me ajudar porque eu não estou conseguindo usar este script??

    Could someone help me because I can’t use this script??

  10. I have to wonder if there’s a method for bypassing both absorbtion and reflection. o3o Not a biggy, but would be cool.

  11. I have an item that absorbs an element (Earth) and a state that negates it (Floating).
    When I have Floating on someone that wears that item (Gaia Gear), the floating status DOUBLES the healing received but I thought it’d go to 0?

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