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Last Updated: 2011.12.22
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This script enables the usage of Active Chain Skills. When a skill with any potential chain skill occurs, potentially chainable skills will be listed on the side of the screen and if the player presses the right button to trigger that chain skill, the battler’s next action will lead into the next chain skill. Chain skills can only be used by actors and can be endlessly chained until either the actor runs out of skill cost resources or until the actor performs a chained skill without any skills to chain off of.

Here is a video of Active Chain Skills in action:

Any skill can chain into another. Set which buttons will chain which skills.

<chain skill L: x>
<chain skill R: x>
<chain skill X: x>
<chain skill Y: x>
<chain skill Z: x>

Makes the skill with these notetags to become potentially chainable. Replace x with the ID of the skill you want the button to cause the skill to chain. Note that if the actor has not learned the chain skill, the chain skill will not be listed. If the actor has learned the chain skill but lacks resources to use it, it will be greyed out.

You can set some skills to be only usable when chained from another active chain skill. This prevents those chainable skills to be used directly from the skill menu.

<chain only>

This makes the skill usable only if it’s used in a chain. This effect does not affect monsters. Chain only skills can still be unusable if the user does not meet the skill’s other requirements. This means that the skill will be disabled in the skill window when you try to actively use it from the window.

When a skill with potential chain skills is used, they will appear on the side listed. Note that only skills that the actor has learned will appear. Anything that the actor hasn’t learned (but is chainable) will not appear.

When the player presses the assigned button, that chain skill will be selected and used next. If the skill cannot be used (through either lack of MP, TP, or other situations), that skill will be greyed out. Selecting a skill will highlight that skill and grey out the others.

Chain skills can even chain into other skills if they have chain skill notetags. Therefore, if an actor has enough resources (MP and TP) and the chained skill can chain into other skills, an actor can theoretically chain endlessly. How far you want your actors to chain will depend on you.

And that’s all, folks!

58 comments on “Active Chain Skills

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      • Thanks, I saw it. I was feeling a bit stupid to say thanks because everyday I save every script, and every article to PDF; I’m supposed to know that there’s a Hide Menu Skills script.
        These scripts are coming at such a pace, plus I’m also looking out for certain features that I used in my VX project….I’m probably just too overwhelmed that I forgot about that script.

        Anyways, I really like this Active Chain Skills script. It kinda reminds me a bit of Zell’s Limit from FFVIII, which I really enjoyed performing, but, his combo system is time-based. But this system is great too and I have ideas on how to incorporate it into my game.

  2. Yanfly, do you plan on doing an Active Time Battle system? I’m wondering how it would affect your current battle scripts….and….I’m sort of looking out for one too.

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  4. You’re officially my hero. I was looking for a system similar to this.
    Now if only I could change MP to AP (aka the kind of AP that you need in order to act) or something, and then I’d be close to the setup I want to have…

  5. I’m missing a tag like “continuing chain” oder “chain mode only” or something which makes chainable skills only show up if the skill with this tag has been chained already. So you could make a skill called “Combo Magic” or something and use “Fire”, “Ice” and “Lightning” and then the respective chainable skills show up, which would NOT happen if you selected “Fire” insead of “Combo Magic” in the first place. Then “Fire” would be just a normal skill without chainable other skills. You know what I mean? :)

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  7. I wonder if this means a combo this long could happen:

    Foe uses Fire Bolt.

    Base elemental strike (changes into chain-activation skill by Skill Fusion w/ Fire Bolt presence) + Team Combo (reaction to base elemental strike) + Same Elemental Active Chain Skill #1 + Team Combo #2 (reaction to active chain skill #2) + Active Chain Skill #2 + Resonance Skill Fusion combining Team Combo and Active Chain Skill #2 + Active Chain Skill #3

    Of course, Active Chain Skill #2’s resonance skill fusion is able to activate active chain skill #3 by itself as well.

    The only thing is if Team Combos and Resonance Skill Fusion react to Active Chain Skills and override their presence completely, which would stop the Active Chain Skills from occurring.

    • Team combos are not possible. It’d be a single person thing. As for Fusions, try it and ask Kreid if doesn’t work.

      On the flip side, those kinds of combos can be pretty ridiculous to balance.

  8. Though it seems you’re no longer supporting this, can I safely assume that it’s impossible to NOT allow chains if the target dies? My question does not apply to aoe skills.

  9. Is it possible to chain and allow other teammates to join in?
    Like Character 1 uses a skill that links to Character 2 skill?

    I played around and got no results.

  10. Just wanted to let you know that it’s compatible with victor’s animated battle script but there’s only one bug that shows up if you continuously chain your enemies to death. It causes a ‘NoMethodError’ in line 3977 in victor’s script: “Undefined method ‘update icon’ for nil:NilClass”. It’d be great if you could make a patch! :D But awesome script though Yanfly! Loving it!

  11. This is amazing!
    Thanks so much for releasing this to the world!
    And I’m pretty sure the music is from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle?
    It goes better here! It made the vid even better!

  12. Hey I cannot seem to get this script to trigger for some reason. I have both the combat and core engines in and seemingly working but this just wont trigger.

  13. Hey, this is an awesome script. But just wondering, since I’m using this in conjunction with the Visual Battlers, is there a way to move the chain skills box and change its size so it doesn’t block the battlefield? I’m really only doing one chain skill per attack so it won’t be a list of five skills or anything, and I was just hoping I could make it less wide and move it up beneath the turn order bar in the top left or something. Thanks again..

  14. Estou tendo problema de compatibilidade com o ATB do victor.
    O problema, é que quando o ATB está cheio, o sistema acredita que não mais está havendo “Ação do heroi”, fazendo com que o menu (Ataque, Habilidade, Item, Defender, etc..) apareçam.

    O que devo fazer?


    I’m having compatibility issue with ATB victor.
    The problem is that when the ATB is full, the system believes there is no more “action hero”, causing the (Attack, Skill, Item, Defend, etc. ..) menu to appear.

    What should I do?

  15. Hey, nice script. I only have one question:
    Is there a way to implement some kind of maximum time for showing the input bar? I want the player to hurry in order to activate a chain skill. So if he’s too lame and doesn’t push the button in time, there is no chain skill. For example, the chain skill list shall only show up for 1 second.
    Anyone an idea?

  16. Hello, I’d like to know if it’s possible to set the chain to increase the cost of the skill with each element added to it, so let’s say you can chain a skill into itself, the skill costs 1mp and with each element, the cost doubles, the costs would go somewhat like this: 1>>2>>4>>8>>16>>32 and so on and so forth, I’d like to allow the user the choice of either chaining an insane amount of skills and quickly depleting their mp, or choosing to go for smaller chains, eventually taking some damage, but conserving their mp for following battles.

    Also, awesome work with your scripts, I’m seriously in love with them ^.^

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