Passive States

Last Updated: 2011.12.14
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This script allows for actors, classes, weapons, armours, and enemies to have passives that are based off of states. Passive states will be active at all times and are immune to restrictions and will only disappear if the battler dies. Once the battler revives, the passives will return.

Passives can be applied to actors, classes, weapons, armours, and enemies.

<passive state: x>
<passive state: x, x>

This will cause state x to be always on (unless the battler is dead). To have multiple passives, insert multiples of this notetag.

And that’s all, folks!

31 comments on “Passive States

  1. Omg… what a waste of time… another script i made a very similar one u.u i think i should look your site more often to avoid making scripts like yours ‘-‘

    • I actually recommend that people make similar functioning scripts. What one person may make will not necessarily be compatible with others. If either one of ours doesn’t work for an individual, there’s an alternative.

      • Yeah, i’m surely not dropping the idea, but it should be better if at the start more different scripts comes out, and later different versions of the same script.
        At last this one wasn’t too hard XD

        But from now i will avoid making scripts with similar functions as other already exhisting scripts, and let these to be done later ^^

    • If anything, working on a similar script allows you to reference another’s work if you get stuck. It’s great for practice, and like YF said, future compatibility.

    • maybe you should make a game with your version of the script. it would be better than scrapping it and using someone else’s

  2. Is it intended that I get a message at the end of every battle turn telling me that the equipped passive state wears off, while it actually stays on? I’m confused.

  3. Yanfly, Is it possible that this script will be updated to have the ability to apply passive states when an actor has a specific skill?

  4. Is there going to be some add-on for the menu where you can switch these on and off with AP or anything like that? You know, like the abilities in Final Fantasy IX or the badges in Paper Mario.

  5. For 640 x 480 resolution, how can I set up “General/parameters and properties” they just look so small :(

  6. How would I edit the script to make a Passive Trait check Resist?

    For example, if I want a piece of armor to always make the user confused, but allow an accessory that gives immunity to confusion to work?


  7. What would I have to do to get this to work with states being applied via skills? I don’t want to use the other scripts because, well, those authors are lame compared to Yanfly!

  8. I’m trying to get this to work with an untargetable state, which stems from one of HIME’s scripts. The passive state is applying the desired state, but the untargetable functionality isn’t following through. Possible halp?

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