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Last Updated: 2014.05.01
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The default equipment system in RPG Maker VX is the standard equipment system seen in all of the previous iterations, which consists of weapon, shield, headgear, bodygear, and accessory. To break free of that norm, this script allows users access to giving actors and/or classes dynamic equipment setups (including having multiples of the same categories). In addition to having different equip slot setups, newer equipment types can be made to allow for more diversity in armour types.

A new layout has taken over the equip scene. The equip scene actually looks more like the skill scene now with its layout. The stat window has been shifted over to the lower right and extended to show MaxHP and MaxMP changes from equipment as well. This was one of the things that weren’t available with the default layout (which is funny because MaxHP and MaxMP bonuses for equipment can be altered through the database). The equipment slots have also been expanded and placed in the lower left corner. More than 5 slots can be donned and it’s up to the user how many are needed.

Customize different types of equip slots for everyone of your actors or classes. Actors with unique equipment slot setups will take priority over classes with unique equipment slot setups which will take priority over the default equipment slot setup.

<equip slots>
</equip slots>

This sets the actor’s default slots to whatever is listed in between the two notetags. An actor’s custom equip slots will take priority over a class’s custom equip slots, which will take priority over the default equip slots. Replace “string” with the proper equipment type name or when in doubt, use “equip type: x” with x as the equipment type.

With new equip slots, there needs to be new equip types. Newer equip types are handled in the module. Use <equip type: x> tags to change a piece of armour’s equip type.

<equip type: x>
<equip type: string>

For the newer equip types, replace x or string with the equip type ID or the name of the equip type respectively. This will set that armour to that particular equip type.

Add on more pieces of equipment to an actor’s starting gear using notetags. They’ll be equipped in the next available valid slot.

<starting gear: x>
<starting gear: x, x>

Adds armour x to the actor’s list of starting gear. This is used primarily for the newer pieces of gear that can’t be added through the starting set of equipment through the RPG Maker VX Ace editor by default. Insert multiple of these notetags to add more pieces of starting gear if so desired.

Fixing and sealing equip types are also possible for non-default equip types as long as you use these notetags. These notetags can be used for actors, classes, weapons, armours, and states.

<fixed equip: x>
<fixed equip: x, x>

This will fix the equip type x. Fixed equip slots mean that the equipment already on it are unable to be exchanged in or out by the player. This tag has been made so that equip types can be fixed for equip type 5 and above. Use multiple of these notetags to add more fixed equipment restrictions.

<sealed equip: x>
<sealed equip: x, x>

This will seal the equip type x. Sealed equip slots mean that no equipment can be equipped onto that equip type slot. This tag has been made so that equip types can be sealed for equip type 5 and above. Use multiple of these notetags to add more sealed equipment restrictions.

When evening, to equip new types of equipment onto actors, just use the regular event. The item will automatically be placed into the next available but valid slot.

Require certain equip types (like weapons) to require something to be equipped at all times. This can be done through the module.

Likewise, have certain types ignore the optimization function (like accessories).

And that’s all folks!

208 comments on “Ace Equip Engine

  1. looks good guess its not possible to allow an actor to gain more slots after reaching a certain level, learning a skill or a switch is activated?

    • Yes make a common event script that checks level requirements and have a conditional branch. Now you can go about doing this one of two ways; 1) have it just run as a parallel process at the beginning of the game, or 2) make items which add them via a script. Run the script say 5 [ “cloak”], true, true] and have then be false in the original script. Happy hacking ;)

  2. Whoo-hoo. Your equip scripts are always great. Being able to rename the equipment slots per actor (and this time, class as well) is something I always like to be able to do. Adding extra slots is handy too, but the renaming is the most important thing to me because it gives the characters more personality (not sure if that’s the right word for what I need).

  3. It would be nice to see how the weapon/armour affects things like accuracy(HIT), and maybe physical-attack evasion(EVA/EVD) and critical damage(CRI). The other abilities (magic evasion, etc.) can be noted in the description, but those I’ve listed I think seem to be more important to know when equipping for easier weapon/armour comparisons.

  4. Just some basic question: Is it even possible to have “greens”, like in many MMORPGs, that is equipment with random stats? Like or something like that? I could imagine that the database or something would not let you do stuff like this, so I am asking. Because these stats would be generated only once when generating the item and putting it into the player’s inventory. And then, what would happen if you receive the same item again? It would have to be listed separately in the inventory, although in the database it’s the same item number. :/

    • Those items are separate objects. The way RPG Maker (all of them) handles items is that they all draw information from one source. So by default, no, it’s not possible to do. I wouldn’t recommend having separate items for an RPG Maker game anyway.

  5. Well, then I have to make several items with the same name and different stats, so do you plan on making a script that allows an unlimited number of possible drops for YEA, too? :)

  6. What I would like to see here is an impact on possible equipment by already equipped items. The best example would be this: You are a warrior being able to equip either a one-handed sword and a shield or a two-handed axe and gloves. So when you equip a sword, you can wear shields or gloves, but when you equip an axe you are restricted to gloves. I think you could easily do that with a tag. So you put into the axe’s note box.

  7. Somehow the tag was not trasmitted. ô.o I meant you could do that with a tag “block equip type: shield” that you put into the axe’s note box. (It won’t transmit the brackets here, appearantly.)

  8. How can I achieve this?:
    Any weapon must be equipped to Slot#1 AND Fire Necklace must be equipped to Slot#5 in order to learn the Fire Attack skill.

    Multiple equipment requirements before a skill can be learned. The type of skill to be learned depends on e.g. the Fire Necklace, but there must be a weapon equipped.

    Thanks for any help.

    • Have the fire necklace teach the skill through a trait. Use Hide Menu Skills through a Hide Eval to hide the skill unless the other weapon is equipped.

      • “unless the other weapon is equipped”
        Can you give me an example of the piece of code for that line please?

        Also, do you know where I can learn similar pieces of code so I can think up other designs? Like a list that explains methods, objects, behaviours, etc. but pertaining to the RGSSx, not Ruby.

        Thanks for your help.

  9. I would like to do this:
    I have 3 Necklace slots. When the actor equips a Ruby Necklace to any of those slots, 2 more Necklace slots are added. When the Ruby Necklace is removed, the 2 slots are removed and any items equipped to them are also removed. Of course, if I have many Ruby Necklaces, I should be able to continue to equip and increase the Necklace slots.

    Any idea on how I can do that?

  10. Would there be a way to have a custom command switch the current character between dual-wielding and weapon/shield mode? I wouldn’t have any idea where to start with that.

  11. Something I had a problem with but found out after a bit of trying, perhaps it will help somebody else. :)


    The above doesn’t work.

    The below works though:


    It’s important that you don’t use spaces before the equipment name, else it won’t work and will just use the default equipment.

    Evil spaces. -_-

    Great script though! :)

    • Argh, the comment system ate my tags. :(

      Anyway, I’ll try again.


      The dots before the string are spaces. They can’t be there else the alternate equipment won’t work and will just use the default one.

  12. If hero is some class with X slots then you turn him into another class with more slots, an error happens when you try to change some equip of new slots.

    ” Script ‘Game_Actor’ line 206: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘object=’ for nil:NilClass ”

    even when you choose clear or optimize error happens, but in line 197

    anyway, great script.
    hope you can fix it (: thanks

  13. This may be a bug or perhaps I did something but when the equipment engine was added as is, it created a problem in the formation menu that made it not display the names of the equipment on the actors. It just lined the icons up on the one line next to each other. Any who though amazing scripts so far YF :)

  14. I was making a pet type animal battle buddy for in a game.
    However for some reason I get two weapon slots when I only really want one.
    I have weapon slots set this way.

    equip type: 0
    equip type: 11
    equip type: 8
    equip type: 9

    Now it will show me equipment slots for Weapon, Weapon, type11, type8, type9.
    I am really confused about the 2nd weapon button since its not needed at all.
    I would rather not add in a shield slot but I wold also not like to see two weapon slots and it slightly bothers me since its taking up the extra room.

    • Forget this problem. It had nothing to do with this script. I forgot I had put in the Asagi’s Gun License script into the project to see how it worked.
      I feel like a really big moron now T_T.

  15. You’ve limited it to equip type 5 and above, but how can I fix equipment types 1-4?
    For instance, how can I force a cursed weapon to fix itself so that it cannot be removed?
    (I’ll remove it through events… or can I through a script call?)

    • I believe they said that you can make a weapon unremovable under “types” in the code. As for the equipment types needing to be 5 or more… I don’t know whether or not this is the case normally(I’ll test it to check myself…), but if it is, I can’t realy think of a way to totally remove it without a weird “invisible” box being there that can still be opened. Good luck though.

    • Oh, my bad, two posts down D has said how this could be solved… And I now realize it’s been two years since you posted… Well, it’s you’re still having this issue, there you go! xD

  16. One of my character starts as a prisoner (a thief, eh). His default equipment type 5 (gloves) are “Handcuffs”. I made sure the handcuffs are a fixed equipment by adding “fix equip: 5” in the notetag.

    Now, somewhere in the story, the key to unlock the handcuffs is found and I want that key to unequip the handcuffs. (this is funny cause neither the handcuffs nor the key disappear from the player inventory. If someone equips the handcuffs later and sold the key, too late :-) )

    Anyway, I made an item called “key” that call a common event called “use key”. Now because the “gloves” are considered as a new equipment slot #5, I cannot make that the common event removed the equipped gloves. The default menu only allows “Weapon”, “Shield”, “Head”, “body” and “accessory”.

    Any idea how to remove “fix equip: 5” once the key is used ?

      • ah!
        in Yanfly Engine Ace – Party System v1.08, 1079 line
        change ‘if actor.equips.size <= 5' to ' if actor.equips.size <= 7' !
        '7' may be higher number
        if you're using custom equip type , should change this

      • and1

        solve to disappear equipment in party window
        when using custom equip ( accesory)

        1077 put ‘#’ front of ‘draw_text(dx, dy, contents.width – dx, line_height, text, 1)’
        it trash text “equip”

        1081 change to draw_item_name(item, dx, dy – 24 + line_height * i)
        put “- 24”, then you can see 7 equips.

  17. i know this is probably the most obvious question to some, but im new to the whole rpgmaker thing. how do you put the script in the game?

  18. Ok, so I have a quick question that might not have such a quick answer. I was looking to have 2 weapon slots; Main Hand and Off Hand. I would like the ability for any character that is allowed shields to equip shields into the Off Hand slot (thus I might make all shields Weapons in the editor?). I would like any character to equip “Light” weapons in either slot, but regular weapons only in the Main Hand slot unless they have unlocked an ability which would let them equip regular weapons in either, or both, slots. Does this make sense? I hope someone might have an idea what I might be able to do for this! :D Thanks in advance!

  19. Hi,

    I would like to use Formar extra slot script, I know there is a way to call his script with your script but I don’t know how to set up this :
    :custom1 => [ “Slots”, 0, 0, :command_name1],

    Can someone explain it to me please ?

  20. Hello, I have a request/question.

    Would you be able to add an extra option for Armour Class Items to add an equip slot to the Actor?

    Here is the thought that sparked that question. If your Acher equips a quiver to her “Back” armour equip slot, that item would give her the “Ammo” item equip slot, where you could then equip arrows to actually use her bow in a fight using a forced item using script. It would give players more customizable options than pretending you automatically have a quiver when you purchase arrows and just use them from your inventory.

    Thanks for listening!

    • sorry for double post,

      also I learned from your equip slots script that the weapon is set to 0 and dual wield replaces the 1 slot with another 0. would you be able to make a script where weapons have a note tag that returns the second 0 back to 1? The reason I ask is because of a post i made on rpgmaker forums asking about a Dual Wield Bug/Glitch. If an Actor is dual wielding, he is able to use a two handed weapon in one hand because the Seal Shield tag that the tutorials say to use to make a two handed weapon doesnt return the second 0 from dual wielding back to 1. Do you think there’s a way to accompolish this?

    • You can do that without this script, sort of… You would need a script that would force a bow to use arrows. But to answer your question, it’s very simple, on your “quivers” Features in the database, double click an empty space and go to the “Equip” tab and add whatever you want that piece of gear to unlock whichever equip spot.

      • it would work for a single actor, but for a general item, doing it like like would waste equip slot space and make it not look good.

        ex – a warrior with a two handed weapon doesnt need the Ammo slot unless he equips the bow and quiver, but just sealing and unsealing would just create too much slots for every character, especially if you also wanted bolts and bullets. thats three ammo type equip slots that would be greyed out through most of the game on a character until he chooses to use them.

        Maybe it would be better to ask if it could be possible to HIDE the slots until something happens, like equiping a sword with a note tag to unhide a made additional weapon slot (not giving it the actual dual wield slot tag) and hide the shield slot.

        0: Weapon
        0: Weapon ==> make hidden and automatically unequip whats there
        1: Shield ==> if class is ?Ninja maybe? hide this instead
        2: ……

        if equip a bow when equip { 0, 0, 2 .. #}
        return { 0, 1 .. # }
        seal 1 (shield) (but the bow item itself can do that)

        that way youre not dual wielding a bow and knife, and it works out with the quiver idea…
        if equip quiver
        unhide quiver ammo slot
        when remove
        hide quiver ammo slot and unequip anything there

        this way it saves space on the status screen and looks clean without being soooo long. you can even do other equip hiding things to with mages if you think about it

  21. Minor problem here, but… how do you get the menu to scroll through equipment types? Cause I set 10 equip types… they no show :P also, i did as i think the instructions said, but i cant get the characters starting equipment to have the new equip types…

    • Im using Ace Menu script as well as equip script, so mine may differ from yours, but mine scrolls fine when i go to equip and hit the change button. the cursor/highlight thing goes to the equip slots and im able to scroll down.

      • Odd… also, it seems that armor for the slots that dont show up cant be optimized, though i set the to be optimizable… i checked to make sure that the problem was that i couldnt see the equips cause i couldnt scroll , but the armor was till in the inventory after optimize… maybe i entered something wrong?

  22. I am using your script as well as another script “FP Inventory System” and “FP: Equip Levels” both by Tsukihime and their links are:
    but I am wondering what script call I can use to force the main pc to un-equip everything?
    as when I try to use the normal change equipment commands the equipment stay equipped.
    Any help will be greatful.

  23. Script ‘Yanfly Equip’ line 205: SyntexError Occurred
    unexpected keyword_true, expecting ‘]’
    8 => [ “Rune”, true true],
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

  24. Is it possible to only have weapons be swappable, rather than all types of equipment? I’ve been racking my brain over it for awhile now but since this script seems to call the full equipment screen I am just not sure if what I want to do is even possible.

    Thank you to anyone who can lead me in the right direction.

    • I love how on your blog, for some reason, people are retarded and always post in the wrong places. I am one of those people. Should have been on Command Equip, and there is a solution in the comments there.

      Now I need to figure out how to get weapons to drain a set amount of TP on switching…

      Thank you for all your scripts!

  25. I absolutely love this script! But i was curious to if you could create a dual wielding script that would be compatible with this one. I’ve found one on the master list of scripts, called “Dual Wield – Free Hands” by fomar0135. But it’s not compatible with this one :(

      • Oh, sorry i should’ve clarified. I’m searching for a script that would allow an actor to use both a shield and sword, or two swords! and so far, the only script i found (that works! but isn’t compatible with this script) is the “Dual Wield – Free hands” script by fomar0135. If you look up that script on the master list, you should get an idea of what i’m looking for.

  26. Ah, okay. So you want the actor to be able to dual wield, but without taking away the ability to use a shield?
    I’m pretty sure with this script you can adjust it to do what you want.

  27. This is an amazing script. It took me a couple of days to work out all the little bugs (but they were mostly my fault) but something I would like to know is…

    Can this be made comparable with Yanfly’s Class/Job System?

    By which I mean, I would VERY much like the ability to give some subclasses additional equipment slots. However, currently as it works (unless I am mistaken) is that a subclass with have NO impact whatsoever on what slots can or cannot be used.

    If this request is too much thanks anyway, I appreciate all the hard work youve gone to to help me make my game possible.

    ~Akashic Soldier

  28. You should add a Seal weapon type. As
    So it seals a weapon type on stats.
    Like: Monkey Grip. For 250 steps you can dual wield.
    Seals Spears, Two handers and etc.
    Would be nice for the upcoming update.

  29. I am getting an error just when I go to test a game now.
    Script Game actor Line 119: Nomethoderror occured.
    Undefined method ‘size’ for nil:nil:class
    Any ideas?

  30. my equip slots is
    DEFAULT_BASE_SLOTS = [ 0, 1, 2, 2, 2]
    so the output in the window would be :


    the spell is repeated 3 times

    how can I have it like this ?

    help plss :(

    • Hey May!

      I believe you base slots need to look like this.

      DEFAULT_BASE_SLOTS=[0, 1, 3]

      This is assume #3 is spell :)

      Hope this helps!

  31. Hi Yanfly!

    Amazing script, and so useful!

    I was curious though, do you plan on expanding this script’s use, so that when you equip items, more slots open up?

    For example, when you equip a tome, 3 equip slots (page slot) open up. What are your thoughts?

  32. Hi!

    I have a problem with the script. My equip slots are:
    0 => [ “Weapon”, false, true],
    1 => [ “Shield”, true, true],
    2 => [ “Hat”, true, true],
    3 => [ “Armour”, true, true],
    4 => [“Accessory”, true, false],
    5 => [“Gemstone”, true, false],
    6 => [“Cloak”, true, false],
    But when I have a cloak or a gemstone, I can’t equip it!
    Help please!

    • Sorry for such a delay in a reply, but did you set them as actual “item types” in the database? Not just note tags and the script.

      • I had the same problem as well

        what I did was to set the armor as the armor type In mye xemple it’s a shirt for torso so I set it to torso under the armor database

        and after that you go to actor databse ( heroes character ) and under properties ( over notebox ) you set any type of armor you wnat your character to use

        Of coruse doN,t forget the note tags under armour

  33. Can i make it like a “Right handed” and “left handed” equip or something?
    Cause I’m making a actor that only equip Guns(only right hand equip) and Swords(Only Left hand equip) in dual wield.

  34. If you set a second (or third, etc) slot of equipment to draw from weapons, will it attack as many times as there are weapons? If so, is it possible to make a tag that seals a skill using something other than a weapon?

  35. Can we add additional slots as events/items during the game? I’m using Kread-EX’s Actor Inventory script and would like a way to add on more item slots as the game goes on. Thank you for the great script!

  36. Very helpful, but it seems that if you fix equip an accessory and then try to remove it through an event, it errors. Something about line 621 of the script. Any ideas?

  37. Would there be a way to make the command window appear with the commands listed horizontally? For instance,
    Equip Optimize Clear instead of Equip

  38. Soooo, how do I create a new page in the items for i.e accessories and necklaces? Since they’re not armors nor weapons..?
    Fooled around with the scripts but failed =/

    • Accessories and necklaces would still be armor. You would use the notebox tags to set things to be necklaces or whatever. Accessories are one of the default armor types, though, so that should be easy.

      • Oh… Maybe I wasn’t specific enough. What I meant was I got everything working. No problems.
        But I would like to have necklaces and accessories in another category, as I don’t want them labeled as armours
        But if it’s a big hassle with creating new item categories I guess I could just leave them as default.

  39. I was wondering, is it possible to put a notetag that allows an armor or weapon to add an equipment slot? Like a socket to put in a power-up or something.

  40. There’s no way to equip, unequip, or check equipment in a Variable Conditional Branch using this script, so it doesn’t work with eventing at all. Is that something you could implement?

  41. I guess if you think that wouldn’t be possible you could say so.
    Because otherwise it’s not very Eventing Friendly.

  42. At first sorry for my bad Eng :(
    well, equip type didn’t work with the setting Armor type in database.
    whatever armor type (1,2,3,4…x) is set by custom.

    for example, equip type number 7 and armor type number 1 (0= notihng)
    it did work very well, but if I change the armortype to 2 or over then, it didn’t work,
    I can’t equip for a type 7

    • I might answer to This one

      the is from the script equip type you Put
      after that You go to the armor (in database) and set it to your armor type you use
      After that Go to your heros databse ( where you create your character) and Go to Far right under properties ( just over the Note box) and set the type of armor your character can use

  43. I have a tricky question which I am hoping that can be answered.
    I am using your equip engine script as well as Tsukihime’s equipment levels script.
    Now what I want is to be able to assign at least 2 different equipment types to
    the same equipment slot

    EG: Elemental Gauntlets (Gauntlets that allow spells) and Power Gauntlets (Gauntlets that increase stats when worn) assigned to the slot called Gauntlets.

    Is that possible with your script and if so how do I go about doing that?

  44. BUG Report:
    I found a strange bug based on a somehow corrupted event in my game.
    The bug is there as long as the equip script and that event are both in the game and happens as soon as the player enters the map with the event (the event is NOT autorun). This happens even if the equip script is the only script remaining.

    more details and a download link to the demo wit the corrupted event is here:

    The problem is solved for me by deleting the critical event, but I want to report it in case someone else gets similiar problems.

  45. So I was making some arm category and wanted the user to pick it up in a chest ad get the option to equip it. All is said and done, I noted the arm item with the equipment type and i added the base sot to the actor with the ability to equip arm items, but for some reason he just can’t equip the item, even though it shows up as armors, his equipment types are set, and so forth. I’m thinking its a flaw with te way I tagged it but could I get some help?

    ^that’s all what is in the item box, what do?

  46. Loved the script
    One problem though; is there any way to hide equipment slots? Like, the slot is available and functioning, but the player can’t see it.

  47. Hi there! One doubt (maybe a silly one)… I want to know if it’s possible to add more options in the Equip Menu. I mean: Change, Optimize, Clear All, “Custom Option”. I’d see an option like this in the line 242, but I didn’t managed how to make it work… Any help?

  48. I’m having trouble getting the script, since it comes across as trying to download a file. Is there some way the text file has been made available? I’m using FireFox btw.

  49. I’ve seen this question pop up a couple of times on this page, but it doesn’t seem to have gained any answers yet.

    I know you can equip extra armours using regular eventing, but is there any way to use an event to unequip the armour in a custom slot?

  50. I wanna show more information about the character in the equip scene, like x_params and s_params, what should I do with the script?

  51. I has a problem….
    I’m testing a game and when i go to switch items on my character….1) the list of weapons don’t even show up…

    2) When I switch to a different equip slot it crashes and gives me the error

    Script ‘Window_Base’ line 373: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘%’ for nil:NilClass

    I apologize in advance if this problem has nothing to do with the script and/or it is easy to fix…I is sorta a newb at dis…

    Other than that i love all your scripts ^3^

  52. I got a few problems here…

    1. I have an armor shop NPC. the stuff’s mechanism is fine. the problem is, when I try to buy the gear from the shop, it only shows ‘ -> x ‘ on the right shop window. It doesn’t specify whether it’s def, atk, mat, mdf, hp, mp, or etc. Is that supposed to be that way? or is it just me who’s having such problem?

    2. is it possible to change ‘weapon’ and ‘shield’ equip type name on equipment window in-game into ‘Right Hand’ and ‘Left Hand’? I’ve tried to change it and failed. I can’t seem to figured how to change the names.

    I appreciate any solving replies..


    and btw, I love your scripts, yanfly! I only use scripts created by you, so far.

  53. I’ve run into a problem… I currently have the default set to [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4] (weapon, shield, head, body, accessory, accessory) however I want certain classes to have an additional slot so I give the class the following in the note: (with both “equip slots” being inside triangular brackets)

    equip slots
    equip type 0
    equip type 1
    equip type 2
    equip type 3
    equip type 4
    equip type 4
    equip type 5
    /equip slots

    When I go in game however I have two weapon slots, two shield slots, two head slots, two body slots, four accessory slots and one crystal slot (5)… my other guys are good though.

    And idea what could be causing this?

    • @Sartha & bossolon.
      I had the same issue for awhile and through reading the entire script several times I found the fix.
      Bare with me because my script has changed with added custom equips so the line# will not be correct.
      But lines 451 to 457…
      if @equip_slots_on
      case line.upcase
      when /EQUIP TYPE[ ](\d+)/i, /EQUIP TYPE:[ ](\d+)/i
      id = $1.to_i
      @base_equip_slots.push(id) if [0, 1, 2, 3, 4].include?(id)
      @base_equip_slots.push(id) if YEA::EQUIP::TYPES.include?(id)
      when /WEAPON/i
      when /SHIELD/i
      when /HEAD/i
      when /BODY/i, /ARMOR/i, /ARMOUR/i
      when /ETC/i, /OTHER/i, /ACCESSOR/i

      When you find that block remove the numbers in the first base_equip line, I.E.:
      if @equip_slots_on
      case line.upcase
      when /EQUIP TYPE[ ](\d+)/i, /EQUIP TYPE:[ ](\d+)/i
      id = $1.to_i
      @base_equip_slots.push(id) if [].include?(id)
      @base_equip_slots.push(id) if YEA::EQUIP::TYPES.include?(id)
      etc.. etc..
      If you are using custom slots then you wont have the doubles anymore, just remember to put equip type 0 – 4 if you’re using weapons/armor/accessories.
      Hope that helps! I just found it today LOL.

  54. Hi, I think there is a bug. As soon as there is an note in the database, element rates can’t be adjusted. For example, I made a belt that reduces damage from fire, but nothing happens to the amount of fire damage done when I add an element rate feature.

  55. Why does the link no longer work for this? Was looking forward to adding some new armour types…Please let me know when it gets back up.

  56. The download link doesn’t work. The dropbox account is generating too much traffic.
    could you make a new download link please.

  57. The link has been down since April 11, 2014? Please repair the link if you can or give some feedback as to how to obtain another way. I’m getting frustrated with the default equip system so this would be crazy helpful :).

  58. this, along with many other pages, is redirected by Dropbox to an error 509 screen. Not sure how to or if you even can fix it, but I figured I’d let you know. Thanks

  59. I’m gonna sound like a right jackass here, but I couldn’t find a solution.
    I’m working on a game with only one character, and she can equip only four things – armour, a sword, a gun, and an ”amp” which functions like an accessory to boost magic.
    But I’m unable to find a way to equip only one of each weapon type. The armour and amp aren’t a problem, but the weapon types are.

    Currently, she could also equip two swords or two guns.
    I only want her to be able to use ONE sword and ONE gun, and not be able to have empty slots.
    Could someone please explain how I would go about this?

  60. I´d like to use the script. But there is the problem with the blocked direct download links. Is there another way to get it? A pastebin-link would be nice.

  61. can’t use two handed weapon. i want my barbarian to be able to equip both 2 one handed weapons or one 2 handed weapons…but at the same time i don’t want him to have bow weapon item slot while other actors such as my hunter to have a bow weapon slot and a two handed weapon slot! at the same time i don’t want both of them to have paladin’s sigil slot or any other accessory slots!

    • Hi! Actually, you don’t need a script for that.

      Just head to database > Terms > Make a new “Weapon Types”
      After that get to the Actor’s Tab and add a new “Features” which consist “Equip Weapon”. Select the new weapon type, you’ve just made, and you’re done.

      Ofc, do not forget to make a new weapon for that type or change the type any weapons that you already prepared for the Actor. Ofc, you can do that on Armors too. Just repeat the steps on Armor-types.

      Hopefully, this helps you and those who’re having trouble setting up the Actor’s Specific Equipments.


  62. Hi!
    I got a question regarding the script.

    I’ve set up the script as follows and even rename the slots. Eg:-
    Weapon > Arms
    Headgear > Helmet

    However, when I run the game and get to the equipment screen. Their original slot name that was renamed on “Term” are still intact, what’s more it confuses the slots.

    -and so on. Is this a bug? or I myself actually done wrong with scripting? If it was me who’s on fault, may I ask for guidance on how to fix it?

    My current settings are:-
    DEFAULT_BASE_SLOTS = [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 7]

    0 => [ “Weapon”, false, true],
    1 => [ “Shield”, true, true],
    2 => [ “Headgear”, true, true],
    3 => [ “Armor”, true, true],
    4 => [ “Body”, true, false],
    5 => [ “Foot”, true, true],
    6 => [ “Cloak”, true, true],
    7 => [ “Necklace”, true, false],
    8 => [“Accessory”, true, false],
    9 => [ “Special”, true, false],
    10 => [ “Off-Hand”, true, true],

  63. Hey me and my husband have a question? Is there any way that you can remove the MP Bar in the equip screen? We really don’t need it but we need the multiple equip slots?

  64. Script ‘Game_Actor’ line 146: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘is nil?’ for nil:NilClass

    This occurs when using an event to equip an additional item to a character that gained a slot for it through a class change. But this only occurs on characters who did not start the game with that slot assigned in the database.

    Specifically, if Selene changes her class to gain 1 Gemstone slot, then the Event tries to equip a Gemstone to that slot, it crashes. But if she has a Gemstone slot assigned to her in the database, the equip Event works fine. This however means that all characters must start with a Gemstone slot, which is unintended.

    • At least this is workaroundable by setting the initial class to one that does have a gemslot, then changing to a class without one before the game begins. Then when changing back to a class that does have one it doesn’t crash

  65. i hate to sound like the biggest noob ever, but is there any way i can send someone the file of my game so that they can find out whats up? im not good at scripting and i am not good at finding whats wrong.

  66. ok, quick question here: is there a way to not allow a player to equip duplicates of an item?

    For exmaple, I don’t want my players to equip 2 Rings of Strength, despite having 2 slots to equip rings onto.

  67. How do you remove a piece of equipment in the new slots (say necklace) using an event? RMVX ACE only lets you remove the default types.

  68. Does anybody know what this means??

    Script ‘battle equip; line 218: No Method Error Occured
    undefined method: ‘fixed_equip_type’ for # RPG::actor:0x9d8ed58

    Happens whenever i try to use the command in battle

  69. I need help.
    I have this as on note set for my main character:

    Here is my customized section in the script:
    # – General Equip Settings –
    # This adjusts the default equip configuration. While actors can have their
    # own unique equipment configurations, it’s recommended to not change too
    # much as things get really hairy when it comes to proper eventing.
    # ID Equip Type
    # — ————
    # 0 Weapon
    # 1 Shield
    # 2 Headgear
    # 3 Bodygear
    # 4 Accessory
    # 5 Cloack
    # 6 Handgear
    # 7 Footgear
    # 8 Belt
    # Whatever you set the below slots to, the dual wield setup will be exactly
    # identical except that the second slot will be changed to a weapon (0).
    # Adjust this array to set the default slots used for all of your actors
    # and classes if they do not have a custom equipment slot setup.
    DEFAULT_BASE_SLOTS = [ 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 7, 0,1]

    # This hash adjusts the new equip types (past 4+). Adjust them to match
    # their names properly. You can choose to allow certain types of equipment
    # be removable or not, or whether or not optimize will affect them.
    TYPES ={
    # TypeID => [“Type Name”, Removable?, Optimize?],
    0 => [ “Weapon”, false, true],
    1 => [ “Shield”, true, true],
    2 => [ “Headgear”, true, true],
    3 => [ “Bodygear”, true, true],
    4 => [“Accessory”, true, false],
    5 => [ “Cloak”, true, true],
    6 => [ “Handgear”, true, true],
    7 => [ “Footgear”, true, true],
    8 => [ “Belt”, true, false],
    } # Do not remove this.

    But here is my end result:

  70. Hello, I cant figure out why this is happening and I see that a couple other people have had similar issues without a fix.
    Can anyone tell me why this happens?
    I created several custom equip slots and places note tags in all respective places, now if I go into the equip menu I have all the custom equips specific to class but the Weapon, Shield, Armor, and Accessory slots are doubled.
    In the class screen it says:

    equip type: 0
    equip type: 1
    equip type: 2
    equip type: 3
    equip type: 11
    equip type: 11
    equip type: 11
    equip type: 11

    to reflect the addition of #11 Spellbook
    Has anyone found the solution to this issue, I would be grateful.
    Thank you.

  71. Hey, I haven’t seen anybody else with this error, but I ended up getting the stack error thing upon trying to play test, found the culprit, it was this script, I haven’t modified it in anyway, but freshly added it one more time to make sure, I don’t think it’s my script order either because I had switched it to many different places. Does this script clash with any others if anyone knows? Thanks in advance.

  72. I think you should add a note that in order to create multiples of the same category you have to edit thye DEFAULT_BASE_SLOTS:

    # – General Equip Settings –
    # This adjusts the default equip configuration. While actors can have their
    # own unique equipment configurations, it’s recommended to not change too
    # much as things get really hairy when it comes to proper eventing.
    # ID Equip Type
    # — ————
    # 0 Weapon
    # 1 Shield
    # 2 Headgear
    # 3 Bodygear
    # 4 Accessory
    # Whatever you set the below slots to, the dual wield setup will be exactly
    # identical except that the second slot will be changed to a weapon (0).
    # Adjust this array to set the default slots used for all of your actors
    # and classes if they do not have a custom equipment slot setup.
    DEFAULT_BASE_SLOTS = [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 4, 4]

    # This hash adjusts the new equip types (past 4+). Adjust them to match
    # their names properly. You can choose to allow certain types of equipment
    # be removable or not, or whether or not optimize will affect them.
    TYPES ={
    # TypeID => [“Type Name”, Removable?, Optimize?],
    0 => [ “Weapon”, false, true],
    1 => [ “Shield”, true, true],
    2 => [ “Headgear”, true, true],
    3 => [ “Bodygear”, true, true],
    4 => [“Accessory”, true, false],
    5 => [ “Cloak”, true, true],
    6 => [ “Necklace”, true, true],
    } # Do not remove this.

    Note the two 4s in the DEFAULT_BASE_SLOTS. This makes sure there are two slots of the same type (Accessory). If you name two different slots with the same name it doesn’t work even if you separately mention it in the armor notetag.
    (I got confused for days when I tried to make the fourth and fifth slot for accessory)

  73. Hi, I like this script very much. Is there a way to start with two weapons? I tried putting a number on the starting equipment but I only get different armors!

  74. Helloo, I am having some trouble with this script, and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I’ve managed to make sure all of the correct slots show up on the character, however I can’t seem to equip any of the accessories I have created. As far as I’m aware I have placed the correct note tag in the accessory’s entry ( where x is the corresponding ID number to the type I want it to go into) but for some reason, when I give my character the item in-game it shows up in my items, but it doesn’t show up when I try to equip it to my character in the correct slot. I have the Accessory’s armor type set to none (also have tried with this set to something else) and equip type is accessory. I have no idea what I am doing wrong here, and any help in the matter would be appreciated.

    • Nevermind, I managed to fix it. For anyone else that is wondering, you have to create a new category in the armor types in the database called “accessories” or something like that, and then make sure the actor/class can equip that armor type. Then it will work spiffingly

  75. Does anyone know how to make this work with The Class System?
    When ever I try to equip a new subclass the equipment slots remain locked to the primary class, I would like to be able to add in the subclass’s equip slot in addition too the Primary.

  76. I have an issue I believe hasn’t been reported here yet. I’ve set up several categories of armor, and in testing have given the player a few to start with. They begin equipped, but selecting auto-equip removes all but one of them. Those armors cannot then be re-equipped. The one that remains equipped functions normally (can be removed and re-equipped). I’ve set up all these categories in the same fashion, and I am very confused.

  77. I know this is a long time coming, but for anyone wondering. I finally figured out a way to make Two-Handed Weapons and Dual Wielding work together with this script. I thought I’d share this because I’ve been trying to figure this out for awhile.

    1. Make a new category in Armour call it whatever you want, I called mine “Off-Hand”

    2. Take a weapon that you plan to make 1-Hand for DW and create a replica in the Armour tab. (unfortunately it does not let you copy and past)

    3. If you have a 2-Handed weapon, put (X is whatever your custom slot is) Example: I did so when you equip a weapon designated as a 2-Handed weapon it’ll un-equip and seal the off-hand.

    4. If you want to make it like the game default Dual-Wield setup, in which it attacks twice. Go to the Off-hand replica in the armour tab and go to Features and set attack +1.

  78. I wanted to know if its possible to custom the parameter box, like:
    Where it shows HP, MP, ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI and LUK, I wanted to remove some of those parameters, like MDF and AGI for example. How I can do that?

  79. I keep getting this error message
    Script ‘Scene_Battle’ Line 599:NoMethodError occured.
    Undefined Method ‘last_target_index=’ for nil;NilClass
    Idk What to do..

  80. Hello. I found a small bug. When I navigate inside Equipment Menu, if I push in L or R buttons and I back in the main menu, my cursor moved in another character. Normally, these buttons are used to move from one character to another but inside the Equipment Menu, it’s not possible. I would like the cursor don’t move when I back in the main menu. Can you help me please ?

  81. Hey great script! I have a question. Is it possible to do a script call so an actor would lose all of armors from a specific type including the equipped one?

  82. Can anyone help me out im trying to add a new kind of Accesory I made a new Type of Armor called Wep Gem and another one called Arm Gem but I dont know how he manage to separate the Necklace from the accesories and make it another kind of item im really confuse cause the rpg dont let you do that x.x

  83. Hey! So I know you’ve probably moved on to bigger and better vistas what with MV out and everything, but I’ve got an Ace question in case anyone’s up for it…

    I have three weapon types: One-Handed, Two-Handed and Projectile.

    And using this wonderful script, I made it so that the player has two weapon equip slots: Melee (for the first two) and Ranged (for the last one). Ideally, a One-Handed weapon cannot be equipped in the Ranged slot and a Projectile cannot be equipped in the Melee, etc. My TypeIDs are 0 for Melee and 1 for Ranged. I have appropriately labeled which weapons are which in their noteboxes.

    When I test it in game, though, all 3 types can be equipped in the Melee slot and nothing but shields in the Ranged. Huh? Unless I’m mistaken, is it not possible to use these notetags on weapons? Am I overcomplicating things? Please, I’m inept.

  84. I think I found a glitch. If a character who dual wields can use a two handed weapon (I sealed the shield slot and it’s not marked for dual wield) with another weapon if the player equips it manually, and they already have two weapons equipped. The class itself isn’t set to dual wield, but all the weapons the class is allowed to use can be dual wielded, except for the one that’s supposed to be two handed. If the class itself is set to dual wield, then they can dual wield two handed weapons no problem.

  85. So, I’m using this script to make it so everyone can equip two accessories.
    But in shops, it only shows the first accessory equipped.
    Any simple way to fix this?

  86. Hi, tanks a lot for the work you’ve accomplished here ! Your scripts are wonderful and very clear, even for people like me who can’t deal with ruby code.
    But I have a problem : the current HP doesn’t refresh when i switch items. Let me explain :
    Current equipement : basic rod. Current HP : 150. The rod provides me 50 max HP.
    When i remove the rod from my equipement, i’m back to 100HP and 100MaxHP, which is normal. But when i equip the rod again, my current HP stay at 100.
    I just removed-equiped my weapon, and it’s like i took 50 damage !
    Is this possible to fix that by myself ? I just want the MHP-MMP stats to affect the current HP-MP too.
    Have a nice day !

  87. So… I equip quite a lot of equipment on a certain character so when I looked at the status of the character, the equipment shows up. Since I’ve equipped so many, the equipment displayed runs off the page. I there a way to fix this? (Hopefully I get a respond… since it’s 2017 already)

  88. So, I have an issue with changing the equipment. Because my game only involves one PC, being the character you play as throughout the entire game, I’m unsure of whether or not this line is supposed to be edited or not.

    draw_text(0, dy, dw, line_height, @actor.param(param_id).group, 2)

    Whenever I try to open the equipment window, the game crashes and says,

    Script ‘Vanfly Engine’ line 745: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘group’ for 130:Fixnum

    How do I fix this? I’ve already looked through the questions here in an attempt to figure this out, and nothing has shown itself to me.
    Thanks in advance

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