Input Combo Skills

Last Updated: 2011.12.26
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This script enables the usage of Input Combo Skills. When an Input Combo Skill is activated by an actor, a list of the potential input attacks appears on the side of the screen. The player then presses the various buttons listed in the window and attacks will occur in a combo fashion. If a particular attack combination is met, a special attack will occur.

Here is a video of Input Combo Skills in action.

When a combo skill is used, the actor can freely use combo attacks until either the max combo is met or until a set time period for the combo skill is over. Use these notetags to designate which buttons will perform which attacks during a combo skill:

<combo skill L: x>
<combo skill R: x>
<combo skill X: x>
<combo skill Y: x>
<combo skill Z: x>

Makes the skill with these notetags to become potentially comboable. Replace x with the ID of the skill you want the button to cause the skill to combo. The combo skill will be usable even if the user has not learned the skill. However, if the user is unable to use the skill due to a lack of resources, then the skill will be greyed out. The skill can be inputted, but if the user lacks the resources, it will not perform and the skill combo will break.

<combo max: x>

Sets the maximum number of inputs the player can use for this skill. If this tag is not present, it will use the default number of maximum inputs that’s pre-defined by the module.

If a special input combination is met, the combo will cease further inputs and the special attack will be performed at the end of the series of combo attacks. The special skill is only usable if the actor has access to the skill through either having learned it or provided by a piece of equipment.

<combo special string: x>

If the player inputs a sequence that matches the string (any combination of L, R, X, Y, Z), then the special skill x will be performed. If a combination is met, then the combo chain will end prematurely even if there are more inputs left. If the user does not know skill x, then the special combo skill x will not be performed.

You may set some skills to be only usable if used and activated from a combo.

<combo only>

This makes a skill only usable in a combo and cannot be directly used from a skill menu. This effect does not affect monsters. Combo skills will still be unusable if the user does not meet the skill’s other requirements (such as a lack of MP or TP).

And that’s all, folks!

121 comments on “Input Combo Skills

  1. While this script doesn’t interfere with Active Chain Skills, it will most likely be unable to used in conjunction with Active Chain Skills. I will not provide support for any errors that may occur from this, nor will I be responsible for any damage doing this may cause your game.

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  3. Make 5 custom equip slots, make X, Y, Z, L, and R unique to each slot and attach skills and you now have an Endless Frontier type skill system :V

  4. This is AWESOME! I played a mainstream commercial game that had a feature like this, and I always wanted to add it to my VX games but there wasn’t a feature for it.

  5. That’s great. No awesome. But i think it would be more interresting if the combos max variable was relative to the actor(excuse my bad english) All i want to say is that for example Ralp at level 5 has 3 as max combos. so levelling up would provide more inputs for ralph’s combos. so each actors (if they are alsousing the combos gameplay) can have their own combo variable(Just like Legaïa 2 if you know it) I evented the same system whith Yem and it was not bad at all.

    • This is actually possible to do with the following:
      , where X would be the initial combo count, then Y would be the divisor (e.g. “Every Y levels, their combo count goes up by 1”). You could use other character attributes as well – anything you can reference in a battle damage formula should be usable.

  6. Hello? Good evening?
    Although the skill inputted when the battle of an enemy becomes impossible in the middle of a combo although it is here serves as a motion -> wide swing …
    Can’t an attack or skill be interrupted at another target?
    I felt that there was no MP in undue importance.
    How is it?
    Although it is a digression, is it operating also with the side view?
    I am sorry.

    • I haven’t tested it with any sideview scripts yet so I can’t answer that one. The way this script is programmed is that it only uses the default base script methods so there should be no problems.

      If an enemy dies in the middle of an input combo, the combo targets the next enemy if that’s what you’re asking. It can also change the scope and target another enemy if the scope is wider (from single to all).

  7. May I ask how it interacts with different keyboard layouts? I live in Belgium, which means I use an Azerty keyboard, but I realize most of the world uses Qwerty. If I use any of the different keys, will it autoadjust for this? I’m assuming no, which means I’ll just have to make a choice or forego the use of those keys entirely.

  8. Sorry for double posting, but I have another question/suggestion to make that would probably make a lot of sense to many developers and would make this excellent system even better.
    Is it somehow possible to change the skills that are bound to the keys after initiation? Like, if I would have a menu system where you could customize what W, A, S & D perform individually when executed. To compare it to your example, you would swap out “Left Hook” for “Backstab” in a menu before battle. This would of course also influence the combo skills.

  9. Hi! I’ve encountered a problem when using the script with a long input time (120 frames for MINIMUM_TIME and TIME_PER_INPUT) and a long sequence (15 as max input). Namely, the enemies fell after a few attacks, but the input sequence continued until I used up the 15 inputs. Could you fix it that if the enemies fall, input combo ends? Thank you.

  10. Is it possible to make it so that different characters have a different setup of skills? Say Erik has axe-related attacks/skills and Natalie has fist-related attacks/skills?

  11. Another question. Say I had a skill that (If I were to follow your example) activates with two Left Hooks (Left Hook, Left Hook = Punish Blow), and another that activates with three Left Hooks (Left Hook, Left Hook, Left Hook = Armageddon Fist).

    I know you said that: “If a special input combination is met, the combo will cease further inputs and the special attack will be performed at the end of the series of combo attacks.” May I make a feature request to support that?

    Also, is it possible to make it so alternate combinations of the same thing lead to the same combo attack? So (Right Hook, Left Hook, Low Kick) and (Low Kick, Right Hook, Left Hook) both lead to the same skill without having to input every possible combination into the skill?

    I know I’m asking a lot, so I understand if you won’t be able to fulfill these requests. ^^”

  12. Firstly, thanks a lot. It seems one of the best combo systems i’ve ever seen in rpgvx.
    However, i’m worried about that whether or not a character can use combo input, or combo skills that just putting notetags in it, even his/her level stat is not that high to learn those combo inputs/skills

  13. Good script, but its missing some key functionality. Allowing skills the player hasn’t learned to (not) show up in the list, and closing/not opening input once a character cannot chain or has no skills to chain with (either because they don’t exist, or the those skills are unavailable because of cooldowns or TP/MP requirements) would be welcome additions here.

  14. Sorry for the noob question but i dont get how to start the input combo.. I tried adding the combo max and the combo skill L and R but when i used the skill it didnt start the combo. So i wonder how to start the combo

  15. Just set up a skill with the following tags… (nevermind the [ and ], in the RMVXA engine, I am using the correct tags).

    [combo max: 8]
    [combo skill L: 307]
    [combo skill R: 308]
    [combo skill X: 309]
    [combo skill Y: 310]
    [combo skill Z: 311]
    [combo special LLL: 317]
    [combo special LRL: 318]
    [combo special LLRX: 319]

    The combo initiation skill above is set to “1 Random Enemy” and does not inflict damage, as I only want the actual button press combos to deal damage. However, when I execute the skill in battle, it does nothing, and no combo window comes up. What am I doing wrong?

    • maybe you forgot to make an initiator skill, it’s like this:

      [combo max: 8]
      [combo skill L: 307]
      [combo skill R: 308]
      [combo skill X: 309]
      [combo skill Y: 310]
      [combo skill Z: 311]
      [combo special LLL: 317]
      [combo special LRL: 318]
      [combo special LLRX: 319]

      ^you put all that to the skill that you want to be the initiator skill

      [combo only]

      ^and you put that on the combo skill. for example, you need to put that on skill 317.

      just remember that the combo skill must be learned by the actor or nothing happens

  16. Uhm, yeah dude, that’s exactly what I said. That’s how the initiator skill is set up. The character has learned all of the skills needed for each button press, as well as one of the finisher skills. Still, nothing happens when I execute the skill.

    I have to assume that it’s incompatible with VE Animated Battle or VE Actor Battlers, although there’s no errors showing up other than the skill not working as intended.

  17. Incompatible… argh. So that makes two different Blitz scripts that do not work with the sideview systems. Atelier’s doesn’t work either.

  18. hey, Im new at this but is there a way to turn the combo input on and off depending on who is using the skill? For example, you set the combo input to ATTACK, which automatically is called when you select Attack from the Battle Menu. But, if someone OTHER than a particular Actor selects attack, its a normal attack. Is that possible?

  19. Hallo.

    Is it somehow possible, to make the script work, if more than one special-skill shares the same key-combination? that an actor knows more than one of these skills is in my game absolutly impossible. I have the special-skills connected to the weapons. Because of this, there is one weapon and only one learned special-skill at the same time. But the script simply don’t activates the special-skill at the end of a combo, if the same key-sequence is used for multiple skills.

    • use YanFly’s weapon attack script so that each weapon can have their own attack if ur using attack as combo initializer

      else use the battle commands script and change battle commands depending on weapon

      or make your weapon add its own combo initializer skill via weapon traits

      You can also make your special skill require a specific weapon type but this way, no two special skills should share the same weapon type…

      The basic idea is you use a different combo initializer per special-skill/combo finisher if you want to have the same key sequences… I think this will be fine for you since the finisher is tied to the weapon anyway so he only has one finisher at a given time…

  20. How will I make default combo skill so that when a combo is done and I haven’t met any special combo, then a default finishing blow will be used. Is that possible?

  21. Can somebody tell me how to make it so I can do more than one combo in a turn. If a combo is initiated with just 2 attacks and I have enough room for another combo, I dont want it to end my turn. I want it to keep going until I have reached the max amount of hits.

  22. I have tried of all of things, but nothing works, my combo button don’t show in the battle, don’t matter how many times i attack my enemy, someone can help me? I’ve already tried to make a initiator skill, but no success.

  23. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to edit the script so that inputs will stop once all of the actor’s resources have been depleted? I’ve been building a game where TP are action points that actors eventually earn more of to do longer combos. I’d really like to be able have inputs end after a character uses up their allotted points but with how the system is now, the player is able to enter their max inputs regardless of resources.

  24. I have a problem, when i put i cant do a combo, why ? when i dont put i can do a combo, but the combo specials stars and then i enter the combo and the combo special starts again.

  25. Hi there.

    I have a few noob questions: I freaked out with that script but when I try to use it, attack command doesnt work properly and it starts the combo system. Also, the “guard” or “defense” command also starts the combo system, so I’m afraid about that :S. In the other hand, I’ve been trying a lot about using different skills to make different combos on the different classes, but it always show to me the same skills on the first combo skills.

    So… can anybody outthere explain to me some “how to” or tutorial or so? Yeh, I’m very very noob but I want to run that f*king script on my game :D:D

    Thx a lot

  26. Hello.
    I don’t know much about scripting so please bear my noob-ish questions.

    So, i plugged in the script and I tried it on Battle Test and it works great.
    But whenever I create a battle encounter in-game it says this:
    Script ‘Input Combo Skills’ line 653: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method `visible’ for nil:NilClass

    So am I missing something here?

  27. Im not really sure how this script even works. Is there a demo game I can take a look at? Im following the instructions but when I try a battle the attack happens like a normal attack. No combo menu shows or anything

  28. Hello.
    I get some sort of an error it, it tells me “SystemStackError occured. stack level too deep” can someone tell me why I get this error?

  29. Hi! I was wondering how to make a specific skill only useable when combination of button is pressed, basically like blitz in final fantasy 3 where buttons has to be pressed before a skill is used… I read the combo special but thats only when during inputting a combination of skills only when its useable… blitz move is totally different… its a skill being used and no other combos involve.. thanks in advance

  30. Evotank had a good question. It doesnt show on the script how to make one skill be used by certain amount of button pressed. the example below placed all in one skills notetag means it will execute skills 307-311 when those buttons are pressed.

    [combo skill L: 307]
    [combo skill R: 308]
    [combo skill X: 309]
    [combo skill Y: 310]
    [combo skill Z: 311]

    now I also tried these below:

    [combo skill L: 307]
    [combo skill R: 307]
    [combo skill X: 307]
    [combo skill Y: 307]
    [combo skill Z: 307]

    I tried that out and it executed the skill 307 five times doing damage 5 times. Its not doing what I wanted it to do. Basically, I want skill 307 execute only once when buttons LRXYZ has been pressed, if not pressed in correct order then it should skip that actors turn just like what Evotank had mention for skill “BLITZ” from final fantasy 6.

  31. hi first of all thanks for your scriptm theyr’e really usefull and easy tu use. However, im owndering if theres a way to change the place where the battle comands are displayed, (i’d like to put them on the right side of the screen) this would be very usefull for the chained skills too. Thanks a lot

  32. Hello everyone,

    I just noted that this script is blocking the ATB system from Fomar to refill after a combo input, making me forced to alt F4 the game as the char wont attack anymore. Does someone knows how to contour this bug?

    • Just an update: actually the ATB system is not crashing with the input combo script, what happens is that the stamina goes negative and it takes a long time for the char to attack again after a combo.
      But what i want to do now is: how can i make a skill hits multiple times like it did in the video? Is it a different battle script?

  33. omfg im just in love with that bgm in the demo vid lol. I cant get it to work on battle engine symphony but i would love to know that bgm it sounded so intense lol.

  34. I really want to change the input sound for the commands. I’ll probably find it in the script, but I wanted to suggest that as a customization.
    Anyway, thanks for all the great scripts!

  35. I got this to work with one character, but am unable to get this working for more then one character. is there a way to have multiple characters using this script in a party?

    • Ok so I managed to get it working by making the second character unarmed using the barehanded script. has anyone been able to get this working with an armed character?

      • I have figured out my own issue, I had to make a new weapon set and give only that new character access to those weapons. from there i added the set skill note tag to the new weapons which activated the combo input stuff.

  36. I have a question. Is it possible to edit the pop up to adjust what keys are shown in the combo system. IE instead of showing QWASD what if I wanted to change it to LRXYB (which is how I would map out the controls on a 360 controller)

  37. This is a great script, and I can’t wait to use it, but I’m having some problems. This is
    the notetag I put on my initiator skill. Don’t worry, I am using the on the sides of the notetags.

    combo max: 5

    combo skill Q: 182
    combo skill W: 183
    combo skill A: 184
    combo skill S: 185
    combo skill D: 186

    combo special QQQSD: 200

    But when I use the skill, it shows the animation I selected in the database, than it tells me it failed.

    It’s a special skill, it costs 50 MP, my character has enough MP to use it, he does know both the initiator skill and the combo special, and I’m using no non-yanfly scripts. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    P.S., I’m also using battle test, if that changes anything.

    • You need to put LRXYZ instead of QWASD in the tags. The tags use the ‘button name’ rather than the ‘key name’. So, it’d be like:

      combo skill L: 182
      combo skill R: 183

      combo special LLLYZ: 200…

      You get the picture. :P

      • The combo isn’t initiating for me, although I have the tags correct. It seems a lot of other people are going unanswered, too.

  38. I cant make it work pls help me i putted the script then save it, after that i putted the notetags checked them 3 times still not working pls post a demo for us noobs.

    • The most common error I believe people have is where they place the tags. ALL of the tags except [combo only] go under the Initiator skill that starts your combo. For all special/combo skills; you only put [combo only] in their noteboxes.


      combo skill L: 2
      combo skill R: 3
      combo skill X: 4
      combo skill Y: 5
      combo skill Z: 6
      combo special XYZ: 7

      ^^^These go in the Notebox of your Initiator/Start skil.

      On Skill 7’s notebox you put:

      combo only

      And that’s it. (NOTE: All tags require the greater/less than symbols of course)

  39. Probably found a bug :
    While using your Ace Battle System along wich Formar’s ATB Add-On,
    After completing the skill combo, ATB gagues seems to be frozen.

  40. Hey there, i really like this Script and mostly any other of your works. But i have a question or request.

    I want my RPG to be really Combo Based, so that every Skill with a higher level shall only be avaiable with the right input-combo. No Problem with your Script.
    But … I would like to change the input skills while in the game, so that the character can chose out of 10 or so skills, with which 5 of them he wants to fight.
    It would be wonderful, if their would be a script call or another way i could use, to make that possible.

    In addition it would be necessary to change the “special combo” by script call. I hope you have some time to think about it. ^^

    [ and again sry for my english – i am not an english native, so i hope you could read and understand what i meant … ^^]

  41. Two questions – I’m really interested in using this in a game, but I want to make sure I’m not dreaming too much here.

    I’m a scripting noob, so excuse if these are stupid questions.

    1) Is there a way to make each of the combo skills you can use initiate their own combos? Like if, after you used the initiator skill, you picked Left Hook and then got a new set of combo skills going off of Left Hook, and that eventually built up to a special effect combining each skill you had picked. I was thinking of creating a system in which a character would put together certain components to create a final effect.

    2) Relatedly, would it be possible to include skills that don’t target the enemy? So could a combo special be a healing spell that affects a random ally, or something along those lines?

    If anyone can help with this, I’d much appreciate it – this script looks awesome nonetheless, but if this isn’t the case I have to look at another way to achieve these things.

  42. I can’t seem to get the combo window to pop up.

    is in my initiator skill..

    is in 86… does it need to be in 81-83? as well?

    the initiator skill is 84, and the actor knows all skills 81-84 and 85

    • Initiator Skill
      [combo max: 4]
      [combo skill L: 84]
      [combo skill X: 81]
      [combo skill Y: 82]
      [combo skill Z: 83]
      [combo special XY: 86]
      skill 86
      [combo only]

  43. Is there a way to modify the script to allow for more than 5 skills to be chained?
    Say, you could use the arrow keys to allow for more.

  44. So, how do I add certain animations when a combo is set off or regular attacks for that matter? Other than that, the combo input works great. Thanks

  45. Alright, so I simply can’t get this to work. The initiator skill doesn’t do anything, the tags are right. Please help.

  46. I followed the steps in order. Im currently using Sideview battle system with portraits, and I do not get any scripting errors or bugs. But, for some reason there is no combo indicator or menu screen of the combo list or anything at all. It is as if the combo script does not work for my game. (note) I currently use RPG maker vx ace. Im wondering if another script conflicts with the input combo script or is there anything else I am supposed to create. Right now i’m trying to figure out how to create custom equipment slots with custom names. So far mine does not display anything like that.

  47. So I’m able to modify the size and position of the window and title, but can someone help me change the text size of each skill in the input window?

  48. hi, I wanted to use this script when the sorcerers in my game want to launch spells, I’m having problems because if I select the skill that has the tag for the combo performs without pressing the buttons, I saw that the demo is no longer available, you can create a new link to download the demo would be easier for me to understand where I’m wrong and then use it in my project.

    Sorry I’m using google translator, I hope that the text is clear enough

  49. I’d also like to make note that the actor has to know the skill first.
    For those who want to hide the combo skill or put it in a separate I’d recommend using Yanfly’s Battle Command List and setting the skill type there.

  50. It’d be great if we could have like a tutorial on how to get this thing working? an actual guide please? I need visuals too.

  51. i tries the script but when i test it i can’t show the combo input up when you choose attack there are combat log and execute show up but i can’t manage to do it. Can you have a futher guide

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