Terms of Use

Any original material made by Yanfly on Yanfly Channel is free for use with both free and commercial RPG Maker games. I don’t demand royalties or special liberties if you choose to use the original content in your commercial games (but a free copy of your game would be nice~).

Editing these scripts is perfectly okay as long as you still provide the proper credit. Any non-original content posted, linked, or shared on Yanfly Channel will require you to contact the respective parties for permission of use.

I think this is simple. I’d like to keep it simple. Please don’t do things that’ll make me complicate it.

92 comments on “Terms of Use

    • I don’t think it’s particularly jerky to demand money for your work, if the quality is good enough.
      With that being said, Yanfly has definetly earned the title Good Guy Yanfly.

    • There’s nothing wrong with asking money for their effort. I have a motto for things I make; If it didn’t cost money tomake, then I will make it free, but if it cost money, I will charge a qaurter of the total for it.

  1. Yanfly. Most scripts that are in my game, are created by you. Scripts of great qualities. I’m flattered to comment on your blog. I want to place an order, but how do I contact you? Once again thank you for your creativity and continue your fabulous work that you deserve and should be known by all “Makers”!

  2. Hi Yanfly,

    I am seriously considering making a donation… Do you have a paypal link or something for this?


  3. Yanfly
    I’ve read the terms of use, but you can set me free to use your scripts in commercial purposes ?

    I will give her credits correctly.

  4. Because I want to use without sending a free copy of my hard work for him.

    Please Yanfly and want answers from other users.

  5. yanfly i love your scripts, i have a strange request if you have the time. im looking for a shape shifting system that will change the actor to another actor during combat only, changing the users abilities, face graphic in combat and he actors class. for example, a character changing into a werewolf during combat, gaining werewolf abilities and face. also would it be possible to get some kind of duel wield/ two handed addon to your equipment engine or is it already there and im just blind lol? thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.

    • You could do all of this with simple event things if you do it whenever a battle process is brought up, using the change actor commands. It would be a bit of a hassle to do it every single time, but really, there’s not any scripting required.

  6. Hello I’m a French graphist who began designing my commercial game and not having time to learn the ruby at high level so your scripts really help me =)
    I can not make donations for the moment but but I’d give you a time I have done sales.
    As a bonus there will be a character nammed Yanfly in the game ;)
    Development may take some time because I draw all the characters decors etc…
    I would spend for your free copy and the rest.

    Sorry for the english and keep the good work.


  7. I wanted to thank you for the time you put in to you scripts I don’t normally post but, I feel more than comfortable saying thank you! P.s. I like that they are easy to understand

  8. Yanfly, your scripts are a god-send to a new developer like myself. I will absolutely give you a free copy of the first game I use them in, and any subsequent ones. Thank you so much… you’ve taken an engine that is already incredible, and added so much versatility and power to it. Note to any Enterbrain staff who may happen to see this post: HIRE THIS GUY AS A CONSULTANT, if you can get a hold of him, and he is willing. That is all.

  9. How you would like to be mentioned in the credits ? For each script or a global mention in the end showing your name and blog??

    Congratulations for the amazing work and attitudes and you are saving many lives ;D Very Thanks !!!

  10. Holy smokes, I just found this today. Your work is absolutely amazing! How long did it take to make all of this? Anyways, thank you, and I’ll remember to add you to the credits. Would you mind me adding you as a Superboss? Lvl 100 Boss Yanfly.

  11. I loved all your scripts, around 99% scripts that I’m using are from yours. Keep making more! I wish you more blessings to come! :)

  12. Hey Yanfly….
    My game company uses quite a few of your scripts and we love them. We are just getting started and unfortunately there are a few people who have been bombing our facebook page because in a game play trailer we made there was not a credit to you. We have not even finished making the game. Should we put a credit to you on our trailers? I did not think it was required but I dont see it as a problem if you want it on there. Let us know what you want us to do… Also we really appreciate you and the work you do.
    Thanks a billion.

  13. I am missing a script from your old VX Battle script.
    The animated battlers is missing in your script data!
    When will you make one? =D

  14. Thank you so much for all the scripts it’s helped me out a bunch! I’ll be sure to see to it that you get a copy of my finished game :) I only have one request about your scripting or for a script itself. I want to use the old RM2K resources for RMVXAce, I’ve heard countless times that you can just blow up the image 200% but there has to be more to it than that, because my images look all screwy… now if there was a way to directly script the database so it recognizes these files that would be great… ^-^” only problem is I don’t know where to begin with the scripting. Lemme know

  15. *sniff* Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. Just got a rude awakening when a friend told me Victor Sent charges for the use of his scripts in commercial games…. I wanted to cry when he told me that because my whole game was powered by his scripts.

  16. Yanfly, we just released our first game, The Radioactive Chicken Heads: Badd Bunny Breakout, which incorporates some of your menu and message scripts. It’s published and we just got the disc copies; we’d love to send you one to thank you for all your help. If you want to email us with your mailing address, we can get that out to you ASAP. It’s also available for free download on our website. Thanks again!

  17. seems fair… if ya come back around can ya make a special light effects like khas but with your own stuff cause i love all your scripts and it would be nice to stay with your stuff cause at least i know it works correctly :) ty for your time <3

  18. Hello, anyone know what is this thing in every script:
    # ▼ Editting anything past this point may potentially result in causing
    # computer damage, incontinence, explosion of user’s head, coma, death, and/or
    # halitosis so edit at your own risk.
    i know that this really fearful part: “Editting anything past this point may potentially result in causing
    computer damage, incontinence, explosion of user’s head, coma, death, and/or
    halitosis” this is creeping me out, i would say that if i edit anything down, the program could crash.

  19. Hell Yeah! All contributors should and will get a copy of my game or a least a small gratuity per script used. You guys take time out of your busy schedule to create custom scripts and help out when needed. You deserve it.

  20. Hello Yanfly! Thank you for making awesome scripts! I used some of yours for my project, but I’d like to give you a copy of it! It’s my first game and your scripts helped me a lot though it’s not very good since it’s my first game ; v ; ) I do hope you enjoy it though and tell me what you think when you get to play it!! But how do I send it to you? >__< ) Thanks again for the help!

  21. Hey Yanfly! Just wanted to say thank you! Your script definetely one of the best of i have seen, and in top of that i love that you don’t demand money for the use! <3 thanks

    • Yes. Didn’t you read it?
      “Any original material made by Yanfly on Yanfly Channel is free for use with both free and commercial RPG Maker games.”
      “[…] is perfectly okay as long as you still provide the proper credit.”

  22. Just wanted to know if there was a way I could contact you (Yanfly) in regards to getting you a copy of a game where I used your scripts :)

  23. You’ll sure at least get a free copy of my game when it’s released. I also offer you the ability to create an npc giving a side quest in my game as a token of my gratitude for your awesome work. Just contact me to discuss about that if you’re interested :).

  24. Thank you so much Yanfly for this script it’s perfect in every way! I’ve been looking for this kind of battle system because I absolutely love the battlers although maybe I’ll use battler sprites in a different project. Anyway I’d love to send you a free copy once my current project is done but how would you like to me send you the copy? Email?

  25. Yanfly, I’m still new to RPG Maker VX Ace, and I actually just finished creating my first game. I must say that the scripts you created were more than helpful! I couldnt get them all due to an error on the downloads… But what I could use, I did; and they drastically improved the overall gameplay. I credited you for the scripts I used, but I would like to send you a copy of the game. If I could get your e-mail, I would greatly appreciate it!

  26. Dear Yanfly,
    I hope it doesn’t bother you, but I have some of your scripts saved on my computer. As there have been issues getting all the scripts online again, I have created a Tumblr blog just to house the scripts. I really like your scripts and hope this is alright with you and helps, but if it isn’t, please let me know and I will take them down.

    Here is the link to the blog:

    • Dude, you da best. I doubt he would have a problem with someone doing his job for him, but I’m not yanfly, so I dunno. Still, this has been a huge help to me at least.

  27. Can somebody tell me where can I reach Yanfly through email ,facebook or anythin ? It would be kind of important !

  28. Thanks a bunch for the use of this. I’ll be sure to drop you by a copy of my game I make with this :)

  29. Im using a lot of your scripts!
    When i finish my game wait for the free copy!
    Hun… is there a way to make galv’s animated battlers compatible with yours battle menu?
    (adding more characters to the battle)
    Also theres a character named yanfly but, its a girl! :P

  30. Well, I have a good idea that I’m gonna be using at least a few of your scripts. I’m currently making a dark game set in a dystopian environment. I’m not gonna lie, if you’ve ever played either of the Shadowrun games on the snes or genesis, you will tell that I took my cues from those games pretty heavily. When I complete it(i’ve only begun, so it’s gonna be awhile, lol) I’ll definitely send you a copy. Thanks!

  31. First comment in 2015? That’s cool.

    Just wanted to see if you were still around, Yanfly! Loving the awesome scripts! I took a break from development for a couple years, but I’m back now! And after looking around for some scripts to add (and to disect so I can make my own, with credit of course) I wound up on your site once again. Guess that goes to show how much of a legend you are!

    How would you like to get a copy of my game upon completion? Email? If it’s a free game I’ll probably just comment here with a TempSend link, else I’ll need to know how to get in touch with you.

    Have a wonderful year, Yanfly. All the best wishes to you and yours!

  32. I didn’t know where else to post but I wanted to know. Do you have a battle HUD script that changes the display? Or do you know one that works with your scripts? I discovered the YanPac script but it didn’t do anything after I applied the notetags. I don’t seek anything complex just something that has a better set up than the default.

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  34. Yanfly, how would I go about sending you a free copy of my game? Do you have a steam account I can send a gift code to when it’s done? (It won’t be done for a while now, but I doubt you’ll see this for a while.)

  35. Hello Yanfly,
    I am making a small game for a school project but my teatchers wanted me to search for an expert to ask some questions.
    I use a lot of your plugins and really enjoyd them so it was only logical to ask you.
    I hope you wil see this, :)
    From Emiel (btw sorry for my bad english I’m still learning it at my high school.)

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