YEA Bug Fixes V


Script(s) Updated:

Convert Damage V 1.02 – Bug Fixed.

I wasn’t sure if people are going to notice the script list update, so I made a new blog post just to be safe.

Please report any bugs here, if you post in the individual script pages, they’re going to get ignored. Unless you want me to disable the page comments, I guess. 

We cannot guarantee that we can make other scripts compatible with THAT IS NOT Yami, Kread-Ex, or Yanfly scripts, please try asking the author of the other script instead. There’s a large chance they’re still active!

Aka, don’t ask for compatibility fixes unless it’s Yami/Kread/Yanfly scripts.

Please list the scripts you are using when asking us for a bug fix, unless you’re 100% sure that it’s this scripts fault! (The best way to know is test it in an empty project).  I don’t get any notifications for comments and don’t have the time to check each page 1 by 1. Please report bugs in here for the meantime.

62 comments on “YEA Bug Fixes V

  1. for State Animations, I’m having a problem where the animations will disappear when the state is applied again to anything else (or the same enemy/party member). To recreate it easy, make an enemy that only poisons (animation 50) and make a character that can use poison and do a test battle. If there are flashes, the enemy will still flash but the animation stops. Thanks!

  2. With Lunatic States – Punishment Package, I seem to be having an issue with the “Drain HP” Tag.

    I have a player skill that targets 1 dead ally. It brings said ally back to life with a state containing the Drain HP tag from the Punishment Package. The issue is that the formerly-dead ally is the one that gets the healing, not the party member who used the skill.

    I’m not sure if this is a bug in the script, or just something that can’t work with the script as it is right now. Either way, keep working on those wonderful scripts!

    • In fact, the healing works correctly, but not the display.

      change line 245:
      user.create_popup(text, “HP_HEAL”)
      state_origin.create_popup(text, “HP_HEAL”)

      now you know how to fix “Drain MP” as well :)

    • I looked through older posts and I noticed that one of the YEA posts said an upgrade to a script for VCAce so question withdrawn.

      However, it would be nice if YEA is listed on the about page.

      • Thank you Oriceles, but I am saying this should go in the about page.
        The about page lists all of them except YEA which is oddly absent

  3. This isn’t a bugfix, so feel free to ignore if you want. I was just wondering if there would be a quick/easy way to make initial TP in TP Manager be the value of a variable.

    Also I much more involved curiosity of Guard action recovering a value or percentage based on TP mode.

  4. This is kind of an oldie but I hadn’t seen any fixes for it yet. The class system has a couple bugs worth mention.
    1. When swapping between Primary/Sub classes, stats drop. There’s no absolute value for each level. (Ex: Lv 14 White Mage HP: 400 swaps to Lv 3 Black Mage HP 200 Then back to White Mage, whose HP is now…..Lower?)

    2. Still no stat inheritance for Sub Classes. If I equip a subclass, stats remain the same, even if the sub class is ridiculously overpowered.

    3. Sub Classes don’t gain any experience.

      • That helps tremendously. I can’t thank you enough for those.
        I hate to gripe but that middle one bugs me the most, honestly….
        Any ideas why that won’t work? I may very well have done something wrong in setting it up, in which case I can send you my script.

    • For #1, That shouldn’t happen unless there’s conflicting scripts.
      Because all the stats do is take a percentage and adjust the displayed ATK and DEF based on the class bonus.

      For #2, there’s no stat inheritance to begin with. That wasn’t a feature.

      • It states right in the script…

        # This adjusts the stat rate inheritance for an actor if an actor has a
        # subclass equipped. If you want to disable this, set the rate to 0.0.
        SUBCLASS_STAT_RATE = 0.25

        The wording of this seems to imply that if I have 100 HP with my Primary class and 100 hp with my sub class, it would inherit 1/4th of the subclass hp and my hp would be 125. But its not. It doesn’t change.

        This feature seems not to work, as I am having the same issue.

      • Looks like the scripts placement in the list will help solve this issue. I moved it closer to the bottom, and it suddenly worked correctly.

        Also, if you want to instead have an “average” of the two classes stats (rather than adding a percent of the second class) use the following script in place of the old one in the section # alias method: param_base.
        Its around line 646ish. And change the rate at the top of the script to 1 instead of the default 0.2

        alias game_actor_param_base_cs param_base
        def param_base(param_id)
        result = game_actor_param_base_cs(param_id)
        unless subclass.nil?
        s_level = subclass_level
        result += subclass.params[param_id, s_level]
        result /= 2
        return result.to_i

  5. In Battle System: Free Turn Battle, showing a message window mid-battle will hide the actor status window until next turn, or until someone takes damage.

  6. well, I found a bug using 3 scripts together (Core Engine + Party System + Visual Battlers)

    if you start a game with 2 or more characters in your party, then remove one of them (using the party system menu) and start a random battle, the game crashes with the msg:

    Script ‘Sprite_Battler’ line 80: TypeError occurred.

    no implicit conversion from nil to integer

    its weird becuz if you start the game with 4 characters in your party and DO NOT REMOVE THEM till some random battle occurs, the bug wont happen (even if AFTER this first random battle you remove some char and start another random battle)

    BUT if you remove 1 character of your party BEFORE any random battle occurs, then the game will crash with the same msg above

    If you start a game with only 1 char in your party, obviously, no bug will happen

    Note that all 3 scripts used to test this bug are original and have not been modified
    I’d test in a totally new project and only change the number of start members in party

    (and sry about my bad english, but I guess its enough to anyone understand what i mean)

  7. Another bug in convert damage (with Battle Engine)
    if you set a COUNTER % to 100% of a character, then start a battle against an enemy which have more AGI than you (can be battle test or in-game, doesnt matter), and then press right arrow (just to do nothing and pass the turn), when the enemy hits you, the game will crash with the following msg:

    Script ‘Convert Damage’ line 507: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method ‘no_convert’ for nil:NilClass

    Note: You MUST have low AGI than your enemy, and also has ATK enough to actually do some damage, if the atk miss, or gets NULL msg, it wont crash
    basically, the bug only occurs when you set RIGHT ARROW to do nothing, if you command to attack, or even wait or guard, the bug wont happen, it just happens pressing RIGHT arrow to do nothing (which requires Battle Engine script)

  8. Is Certain Hit supposed to not be an option for convert damage? I’m not sure if this would be a bug or not, but having Certain Hit be an option for convert damage would sure be pretty awesome. lol

  9. Yanfly, I’m having an error with your steal script. It won’t let my game launch. How do I Install it correctly? Is there another script I need to use it? When I try to start a game it says error on line 102 and something about “unless core engine”. If it helps, I have your visual battlers script installed.

  10. I understand this isn’t a conventional compatibility issue, but I am using Enemy Death Transform and Swap Monsters, and if I set an enemy to transform into a swap dummy upon death, the swap does not occur. I assume this is due to the Swap Monsters script stating that it swaps at the start of battle. I was wondering if there is a line or two I can just take out of the Swap Monsters to make it check for swapping more often that just the start of battle? or if Enemy Death Transform could be made to support multiple transformation outcomes?

  11. Hi everyone,

    I am using Battle Engine Symphony from Yami and Ace Enemy HP Bars, but everytime after the battle ends, i am getting this error message:

    Anything to do in the HP bar script?

  12. I just found this site and I’m really looking forward to using your scripts… but I have a quick question.

    I had an idea… and I’m not sure if one of your scripts can do it or not.
    Basically, it would run off the class system (which I know you have), but the catch would be that ONLY the main character could change his class, and he would only get new classes by recruiting other characters of that particular class, however they, like the main character, would level up their skills with JP, but be unable to change from that default class.

    Is something like that possible?

  13. Hmmm I just started using the Yanfly Core and Battle engine with the ATB add on for my RPG Maker VX ace. Can i just ask a noob question? Why is it that some skills, when I put on repeat, repeat their animations too but sometimes other skills they just repeat the damage.

    Eg. i made an omnislash animation to do 9 slashes. so i wanted the monster to receive 9 sources of damage but it ended up doing “9 slashes/one source of damage” 9 times. So it became 81 slashes with 9 sources of damage.

    Whereas another skill had only 4 slashes and so i put it to repeat 4 times does the 4slash animation once but the damage came up 4 times.

    Can anyone explain to me the problem here? Thanks

  14. When using Weapon Attack Replace v1.01, dual weapons doesn’t seem to be working. It only activates the skill of the primary (top) weapon.
    Could it possibly be fixed? Thanks in advance.

  15. Also examining some other scripts, Follow-Up Skills only seems to work with a single skill even when using percentages with the skill. Is that a glitch or intentional?

  16. On YEA- Battle Engine the Buff/Debuff popup are displaying an square near the status name, I’ve tried to fix this but I couldn’t find what is causing the error, is not related with other scripts because me and another guy have tested the script in a clean project.

    Link to topic:

    Tigerbite have fixed the issue but he doesn’t remember what exactly did for fix that, I’ve looked over the lines he said but I don’t see something weird, maybe because my scripting experience is 0.1%.
    How can I fix the issue?

    If possible please say how to fix the issue in rmvxace topic, if you don’t say the fix it there, doesn’t really matter, is just because I’m looking very frequently the forum for receive support.

    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Daemonium

  17. Hello, Yanfly.
    Im using the core engine to use forced actions. When I go into a battle the “Battle Start” picture is a bit offset to the left. And when I’m on the title menu the left and right part of the background picture are cut off a bit. Can you please help me with this?

      • You can modify the resolution to your needs in the script, it’s defaulted to 640×416 in YF’s script. If you use the modified resolution for your game, you naturally will have to enlarge the images you use for backgrounds and so on, same goes for window positions. Most scripts are configured to place windows based on the default 544×416 px grid/resolution, so you can either revert the resolution in the core script to 544×416 or search the scripts that create windows for the x and y values of the desired windows and adjust them.

  18. In Skill Restrictions, if you have an ability set to limited uses and it hits all enemies or all allies, it will count as a use for each target hit, rather than just one use for the cast itself.

  19. I’m having a problem that may or may not be related to one of your scripts: all my actor’s parameters are set to a value of one, regardless of their values set in the database, meaning that most stats like MHP or MAT appear as “1” and percentile-based stats like Hit Rate or Target Rate appear as 100% in-game, regardless of database settings, equipment bonuses, states, or anything else. Enemies also appear to be affected, but I cannot be certain, as I cannot view their stats in-game.

    The problem first appeared after installing several of your scripts. I backtracked and removed the scripts one-by-one, but no matter which script I removed, the problem persisted. Just to be sure, I double-checked what few events and common events I had, and even ran through the database in search of blank references (such as when something refers to skill ID 102, when you only have up to 100), but everything was in order. I even tried removing all my custom resources. However, everyone still has 1’s across the board. New projects don’t have this problem, so the problem is exclusive to this project.

    Just for the record, I haven’t imported any scripts other than YEA scripts, and they’re all up-to-date.

    I am truly stumped. The only thing I have to go on is that it started after importing some of your scripts, so I’m asking if any of this could be related to one of your scripts, or at least sounds familiar. If you need additional information, I can provide it, but this post is absurdly long as it is, so I’ll stop here for now.

    • I took a new project and imported the scripts data file. Testing here revealed that the problem is connected to Buff and State Manager v1.07 (apparently I missed that one on my initial sweep). A fresh download of the script (same version) solved the problem – strange, as I don’t recall ever tampering with the script.

  20. My 2 problems are the following:

    #1 – At the top, any text that is different and I’ve to do selection, will end screwed. This is even worse if I’m using skills that target the allies because each char has a different name …
    #2 – The screen of the char at bottom right appears screwed. Basically, the first char of the battle that you can select will be fine but then it will be the top and the bottom and any following will just a be a part in the middle as you can see in the pic of the url.

      • I do but none that affects battles directly except Victor’s Materia System but even with that off the error is still there.
        I even tested without any of other scripts aside YEA ones, just in case[I tested one by one on and off and even with just YEA scripts only on at a new project and at this old one too], and both errors are still there :(

  21. There is a bug in your class system script

    If your warrior learns skill A at level 30, and your mage learns skill B at level 30 as well,

    so you make level 30 as a warrior and learn skill A,
    then you make change to a mage, you shouldn’t learn skill B (i turned your ‘maintain level on) if we don’t have your script and use

    $game_actors[12].change_class(001, true)

    this script instead.

    now my character can jump around every class and learn every skill…

  22. I found a bug with Death Common Events. If I use common or troop events to kill an actor that is tagged to run a common event on death, I get the following error:

    “Script ‘Game_Interpreter’ line 119: FiberError occurred.

    double resume”

    No idea what that means, but I did manage to narrow down the cause to what I’ve explained above.

  23. I recently released my game, and very few, but some nonetheless, players are experiencing the following script error:

    “Script ‘CastAnimations’ line 195: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined method ‘item’ for nil:NilClass”

    Any ideas Yanfly?

  24. I’m not sure if this is fixed on core or not, but there’s new bug in VX Ace related to setting custom prices in shops. When custom prices are used, system still calculates selling price on item’s default price, not one set in shop.

    That leads to exploit, where you set small price for otherwise expensive item (e.g. to simulate economy where some things are cheaper in one place than the other) and player can farm up cash by continuously selling and buying this item. I’ve fixed it for my game, but still feel to mention it there.

  25. If you kill a monster with a counterattack while using Yami’s CTB system and Yanfly’s battle system, the an error occurs in this section of Yami’s script (line 815 iirc):

    # alias method: execute_action
    alias scene_battle_execute_action_pctb execute_action
    def execute_action
    unless BattleManager.action_forced?
    @subject.last_obj = @subject.current_action.item unless @subject.last_obj

    I’m assuming that this would be the case if you killed an enemy with a reflected spell, as well. I haven’t had a chance to see if it still errors out if the enemy kills the heroes with a counter.

  26. Hi, sorry for my bad English in advance :)
    I have some problems with Lunatic States script.
    Notetags used by a state are incorrectly applied to every states on the same actor.
    For example, if an actor has a state with notetag (which reduces damage by 100) and he currently has 4 states(3 irrelevant states), then the damage is actually reduced by 4*100.
    This problem happens to all notetags in the script, even if only this script is installed.

    • I finally figure out how to modify.
      replace line 505:
      for state in states; run_lunatic_states(:react); end

      and replace line 508:
      for state in states; run_lunatic_states(:shock); end

      there already is a loop in run_lunatic_states(), so the original script runs a loop in a loop and make every notetags to apply as many times as the number of states.

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