More RPG Maker VX Ace Screenshots

The JP site for VX Ace added a few more screenshots.

Though they didn’t give any descriptions as to the new features, it appears that there’s a built in caterpillar system now. On top of that, a map name that appears in the upper left corner.

Curiosity got the better of me though, and I decided to map out the number of tiles shown onscreen at once. Here’s what I got out of it.

The screen is 17 tiles wide by 13 tiles high. Provided that the tiles are going to be 32 x 32 pixels again, this means it uses the same resolution as VX (544 x 416). Hopefully, there still exists some higher resolution options, but the chances seem unlikely at this point.

Another screenshot for battle. Looks like they still can’t fit more than states per row in the status window (sigh). Oh well, it’s the scripters’ jobs to make the game look more appealing anyway. Though, the backgrounds sure look nice this time around. Another thing to note from the screenshot is that the action command window in the lower right corner extends past 4 choices by default now. Also, from looking at the screenshot, looks like VX Ace decided to have text outlines instead of shadow effects.

Another thing to note is that the price dropped to 12,096 yen. ww


9 comments on “More RPG Maker VX Ace Screenshots

  1. I’ll definetely pick it up if it gets released in the states. It seems like there will be plenty of improvements. I just hope in this release they don’t take anything that was good about VX out.

  2. @Knightmare: Well, they are switching to RGSS3 (possibly Ruby 1.9, I hear), so that means that all the good scripts for RMVX may need to be rewritten or will be voided… so unless they fix major flexibility issues like tileset limitations, then you’re probably better off sticking to RMVX until somebody writes some nice scripts for RMVX Ace (or you could write your own…).

  3. Hmm. The one thing I was hoping for most was higher resolution options. Will be terribly disappointed if we’re not getting that…

    Otherwise it looks interesting. We’ll see.

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