Famitsu Blog on VX Ace Parties

The Famitsu Blog updated again with more information regarding VX Ace. This time, the blog talks about parties in VX. Here are some points of interest. As it says, the first four members will participate in battle. The remainder, the reserves, will not. And according to the blog, it hints at a near unlimited size for the party, which before, the promotional page suggested there was a maximum of 8 members. Hooray! In the menu, reserve members are faded out (where in this case, it’s Ralph and his “dead father”, haha).

Caterpillar On.

Caterpillar Off.

The caterpillar system will still only display the first four members of your party. However, there’s also an option to turn off the caterpillar system through events and commands within the database. I’m guessing this is primarily for cutscenes or for people who just don’t want to have a caterpillar system at all. Either way, I can’t say this feature isn’t unexpected.

So what does this blog entry essentially mean to us? Well, for one, it states that there’s multiple members that could be added. The first four members can participate in battle and the first four members will also be shown in the caterpillar system. Thus, with that kind of functionality, it’s easy to conclude (and from looking at the screenshot) that there’s a party management option. Now, I wonder how that will look (as I hope the layout won’t be confusing). The other good news here is that the blog hints at having a maximum party larger than 8 people to near unlimited, to which, I’m guessing means up to as many actors as you can make. Hooray again!

The other thing the blog entry confirms is that the game uses the same dimension sizes for face art. Seeing as how the face art for Ralph and his “dead father” are from VX, any face art used in VX can be brought over to VX Ace. Less work for people converting their games over to VX Ace. Another plus.

3 comments on “Famitsu Blog on VX Ace Parties

    • Also that image also suggest that the VX rtp gonna be included in this one like 2k3 with the one from 2k isn’t it?. I just want to see the battle system, i would love a party swap like the one on Battle Engine Zealous.

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