YEA.08 and YEA.09 – Ace Battle Engine – Hide Menu Skills

Here it is! And no, it’s not sideview or anything yet. I’m taking a different approach this time around compared to how I did Battle Engine Melody. This script is basic battle engine. Add-ons can be added optionally at the user’s whim. By keeping the basic engine simple, it’s far easier to edit, adjust, and change to your liking without fear of breaking everything else. While Battle Engine Melody was truly capable of doing a whole lot of things, I felt a lot of people were afraid of modifying it to suit their tastes because of how huge it was. With everything broken down, users can choose to outfit it with how they want while having a base script to work off of.

Also included with today’s script is Hide Menu Skills! There’s not really much I can do as a screenshot for that.

Of the things I will add later on, it’ll be the return of the Melody language (for all you Melody lovin’ folks), graphical changes (which include a turn bar, visual battlers: sideview or whatever is adjustable, HUD changes), mechanic changes (ATB, CTB, PTB), and other various things to pick and place into your game.


For those who remember Kread-EX, he’s back and with a synthesis script! I felt really giddy inside seeing this one primarily because of of being a huge Atelier Rorona/Totori fan (can’t wait for the EN release of Meruru!) and seeing that he designed this strictly off of Totori’s synthesis system makes me really jumpy and wanting to show it off. Way to go Kread!

25 comments on “YEA.08 and YEA.09 – Ace Battle Engine – Hide Menu Skills

  1. I worked a bit with Melody (for Rhyme mainly) and I have to agree that it was too huge to modify quickly and efficiently, especially for anything related to the graphic interface.

  2. Now you begin, you can’t stop, isn’t it? ^^
    Really thanks for your hard work…there is a lot of scrit and Ace isn’t release yet!

    • Yeah, seriously, is there any other scripter with script compilations like these? I mean, script compilations with scripts working well together and modifying basic stuff as well as adding onto those basic things? I never came across one.

      • KGC, Modern Algebra, and OriginalWij are all scripters that come to mind with very decent script compilations. Whenever some of my scripts don’t work for people, I often steer the user to one of those three as they always have something similar and will work. I’m not the only one~

  3. You’re not the only one but overall I like your stuff the best, KGC is a close second. Not taking anything away from all the other good scripters out there from all RM communities across the world.

    • Yeah, right, there was KGC. Forgot about him. But modern_algebra (wasn’t that the orthography?) and OriginalWij, well, I knew those scripts, but I always stuck to yours, Yanfly, because they were just more … well … harmonic, can I say this?

  4. Glad to see you’re considering bringing melody language back. I was able to do so much with melody and not just with visuals.

  5. I’m thrilled you’re back to business, Yanfly. YERD was actually the thing that made me buy VX. Great job, and it’s definitely good that you’re breaking down the script to simpler parts.

    Might I throw in a couple of ideas for the future, mainly what I felt melody was lacking?
    A rework of your Aggro script would be in order, as well as the implementation of a scope-changer from allies to enemies, so that you can target anyone. I believe Yami in made a patch for Melody concerning that. It’s just too much untapped design space to be left unexplored!



  6. Well, yeah, I know I should do that. But then again, I don’t like things being only half-finished, that’s why I don’t even have the VX Ace trial yet. That means I can’t have a look at the scripts, can I? At least I assumed those *.rb files can only be opened with the maker itself. So, please forgive me my stupid questions, I’m just here to see what’s possibly coming. :)

  7. What are the odds of bringing sideview battles back, where the battling parties move around and stuff? I like what you’re doing so far, but it’s a huge pain coming up with monster graphics that are human and match your sprite. Being able to use charsets was SO nice!

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